Iron vs Bronze: Difference and Comparison

Iron and Bronze are two types of metals that have to get used overages for various purposes. Iron and Bronze have few differences between them and various similarities also.

Key Takeaways

  1. Iron is a metallic element, while bronze is an alloy made of copper and tin.
  2. Iron has magnetic properties and is stronger than bronze, but bronze is more corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant.
  3. Bronze was utilized in the Bronze Age before the widespread use of iron, which later defined the Iron Age.

Iron vs Bronze

Iron is a natural metal that is used in a wide range of modern metal products and is less dense. Another definition is a source of minerals in the human body. Bronze is an artificial dense metal and an alloy that is made of tin and copper, which was used in ancient days to make metal products.

Iron vs Bronze

Alloy is a mixture of two metals!! Hence, Iron metal is the natural one that directly emerged from nature. As discussed before, bronze is a denser metal than Iron, which means that bending it will be more difficult.

Bronze gets found earlier than Iron in 3000 BC. It gets used from that time till now. Bronze gets melted because of two substances mixed with it.


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Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonIronBronze
Density Iron is less dense than bronze metal.
Bronze metal is denser than Iron metal.
Alloy It is a natural metal and not considered an alloy.Bronze is an alloy made up of tin and copper
StrongIron gets strong in the case of carbonized Iron type than Bronze.Bronze is weak in the case of carbonized Iron
WeakerIron is weak than Bronze in case it gets not carbonized.Bronze gets stronger than iron if it’s compared with non-carbonized Iron.
Melting PointIron metal has more melting points than bronze metal. Bronze metal has a comparatively low melting point than Iron metal.

What is Iron?

Iron is a metal that is also a source of minerals in our bodies. But they both differ in their way. The topic is the difference between Iron and Bronze but lets us continue with Iron.

The iron in the body is up to 60 percent with hemoglobin. Iron metal is available nowadays in each metal product in different ways. 

The properties of Iron and Bronze are similar, but the similarity isn’t enough. Iron is a metal that reacts in the pure stage and is hence mixed with various elements.


What is Bronze?

Bronze is a metal used by people like our ancestors in the early days. Bronze is an alloy mixed with two metals, copper and tin, which makes it denser.

Bronze’s pure form is less reactive than Iron because of the alloy combination accepted by the bronze metal. Further, Iron can also be mixed but may lose its ductility at some points.

There are two kinds of carbonization one is less, and one is in more amount. Both work differently with iron and make it weak or strong.


Main Differences Between Iron and Bronze

  1. Iron is in the carbonized form, and then bronze may seem weaker. On the other hand, the bronze medal gets stronger than the Iron if the Iron is in its original form.
  2. Iron is less old than bronze.
Difference Between Iron and Bronze
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