Difference Between Ivory and White

In today’s world, colours have a huge role to play in the lives of people. Colours hold the power of changing a person’s mood.


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Colours are also often used to express feelings or emotions. They act as wonderful communication tools.

Some colours are also associated with improving health conditions. 

There are three common characteristics that colour is based upon. These include the hue, saturation and light.

The main three colours that exist are red, green and blue. Any colour that we know of is, in reality, a mixture of these three colours mixed in different proportions or quantities. 

Among the numerous colours that exist white is a colour that always stands out and has its own importance. Within the colour, white exist different shades of white.

Two of the most confused colours are ivory and white. This confusion is one of the most common ones in the categories of colour.

For a common one, it often becomes difficult to distinguish between the two colours. 

Ivory vs White

The difference between Ivory and White is that Ivory is comparatively a softer shade and has the undertones of the colour yellow. On the other hand, white is a pure shade and it is the brightest hue since it is not mixed with any other colour. 

Ivory vs White

Comparison Table

Parameter Of ComparisonIvory White
ColourThe colour ivory has a little undertone of the colour yellow or cream.The colour white is very bright since it is not mixed with any other colour.
PreferenceIvory is the colour that is preferred in wedding gowns and dresses because it flatters to a pale complexion. White is not preferred in wedding gowns and dresses because brides believe that white could be too austere. 
ShadeIvory is one of the various shades of the colour white.White is a very significant shade in itself.
BrightnessThe colour Ivory is comparatively dull.The colour white is the brightest colour. 
Traditional theoryThe traditional theory holds that Ivory is the colour for non-virgin brides. The traditional theory holds that White is the colour for virgin brides. 
HueIvory has hues of yellow.White is void of hue.
KindIvory is a warm shade.White is a bright shade. 

What is Ivory?

Ivory is one of the most popular shades of the colour white. The colour white has quite a few shades falling under it like the eggshell, off-white, cream, ecru and so on.

Among the very shades of white, ivory is another common one. The shade gets its name from the colour of the tusks and horns of animals, specifically, the elephant.

The colour Ivory has slight undertones of the colour yellow or cream. The colour has gained rapid popularity because of its importance in the subject of wedding gowns.

Ivory has become one of the most common choices for all brides for their wedding gowns or dresses. 

The reason behind this that ivory looks more luxurious as well as is flattering to any pale complexion. Moreover, any kind of details or embroidery is better seen on the colour ivory as compared to the other shades of white.

In today’s wedding industry, ivory has become so popular that most of the ivory dresses are wrongly characterised as “white”. This is because people don’t even realise that the options of actual “white” dresses are very few in the market. 


What is White?

Among all the colours existent in today’s world, the colour white is one of the most important and popular shades that exist. It is the lightest colour on the spectrum as well as the brightest colour.

The colour white lacks any other hue. It does not have any other colour or shades mixed in it. 

When talking about wedding outfits, these days not a lot of brides prefer the colour white. This is because they believe that the colour white enhances the paleness of their skin.

Moreover, any kind of detailing like filigree work or embroidery does not come out very well in the colour white. 

In the olden days, it was believed that only virgin brides could wear the colour white on their wedding day. However, as time passed, this belief held less and less importance. 


Main Differences Between  Ivory and White

  1. The colour Ivory has a little tint of yellow or cream colour whereas, on the other hand, the colour white has no mixture of any other colour. 
  2. Ivory is a very warm shade, whereas, on the other hand, white is a very bright shade.
  3. Ivory is the colour that is used to make wedding gowns and dresses, whereas white is often not preferred in making wedding gowns and dresses.
  4. Ivory has hues of yellow or cream whereas on the other hand white does not have any hue.
  5. Ivory is a dull shade compared to the colour white whereas on the other hand white is the brightest colour known. 
  6. In the olden days, it was believed that ivory is the colour used by non-virgin brides, whereas on the other hand, it was believed that white is the colour used by virgin brides. 
  7. Ivory is one of the shades of the colour white, whereas, on the other hand, White is a bright colour in itself. 
  8. Ivory is more flattering to a pale complexion whereas, on the other hand, white is not that flattering to a pale complexion.
  9. Details on anything Ivory can be easily noticeable whereas, on the other hand, details on anything White cannot be easily noticeable.
Difference Between Ivory and White


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