Difference Between Jam and Preserves

Food products are one of the most searched things on the internet. This fact cannot be turned down by anyone.

We need pleasurable experiences in all aspects of our life. But, when it comes to food, we will go the extra mile and want to try all the different forms and different varieties of food with our taste buds.

Jams and preserves are products of one such kind.

They make our food even more delicious. The flavor it gives makes our mind and body refreshed sometimes.

They became a part of our regular food habits also.

Jam vs Preserves

The main difference between jams and preserves is that jams will be pulpier when compared to preserves in which there will even be lots of chunks of fruits. Both have their delightful taste though.

Jam vs Preserves


Comparison Table Between Jam and Preserves (in Tabular Form)

Parameter of ComparisonJamPreserves
FormMore of syrup formMore like chunks of fruits or vegetable pieces in a small amount of jelly syrup
The concentration of fruits usedLesser fruits than sugarMore of fruits components than sugar
UsesCan be used with food and can be used as a spread over the foodcan be a dessert
Fruits usedMashed fruits are usedChunks of fruits are used
Most commonly used flavorsOrange, mango, mixed fruitsOrange and mango
TasteBlend of sugar and fruitsMore of actual fruit taste as it contains lots of real fruit chunks


What is Jam?

Jam is one of the best choices for food accompaniment. Jam is made from mashed fruits when mixed with the sugar and heated to certain temperatures.

When left to cool the sugar and fruits blend to form a product called jam.

This jam can be used as a spread over food items like bread. The jam will be more pulpy and juicy.

It will be a mixture of natural fruit taste mixed with sugar. Most of the time the jam will contain 45% fruits and 55% sugars.

The making of jam can be traced back in history to the period when sugarcanes were the largest growing plant. The people tried to preserve the mashed fruit in the cane juices which gave rise to the delicious product, which we now call as Jam.

Chutney is a type of jam used in Indian cuisine which is prepared without pectin contents in it and flavored with different types of species.

The best fruits of choice for making jam are those which contains more acid.


What are Preserves?

Preserves are the preparation made out of fruits kept in honey, molasses, or maple sugars. It contains more of chunks of fresh fruits with a few additives.

It gives the almost vivid experience of eating fresh fruit from the farm but with a tint of the additives taste of choice.

They can be eaten as dessert after the main course delicates. It is one of the topmost products marketed in the food industry.

The history of preserves can be traced to around the 16th century when Spanish who came to west indies preserved food with a special method. Mary, The Queen of Scots, when suffering from seasickness was given relief from it using a fruit preserve called Marmalade.

As preserves contain more of the fresh taste of the fruits, they are preferred for applications like cooking and baking.

The fruits that can be of great use in the preparation of the fruit preserves are strawberry, apricot, citrus fruits, peaches.

The preparation of the preserves not only depends on the ingredients but also on the cooking methods.

Vacuum kettles make perfect cookware for the preparation of the fruit preserves.

The fruit preserves can be used in a variety of ways like,

  1. Cracker spread
  2. Salad dressings
  3. Marinades
  4. Muffin and quick bread
  5. Dessert glaze
  6. Smoothies
  7. Sandwich spread
  8. The icing on the cake
  9. To make better curry
  10. Pinwheel sushi

The method of preservation of fruits varies with different places depending on the culture of the people, availability of the preserving substances, and need for preservation.

There are some common variations in the preserves, that are prepared in some places. These variations of preserves can be,

  1. Confit
  2. Conserves
  3. Fruit butter
  4. Fruit curd

In India, the most valuable fruit preserve is said to be Aonla preserve because of its therapeutic properties.


Main Differences Between Jam and Preserves

  1. Jam is made from fruits and sugar with more sugar content than fruits. Preserves contain more fresh fruits with a few additives like sugar syrup, honey, molasses, or maple sugar.
  2. Jam is used as a food accompany for food items like bread. Preserves can be used as both foods accompany and dessert.
  3. The physical form of jam will be pulpier. Fruits preserves contain larger chunks of fruits and hence they are a little bit hard and not pulpy.
  4. The taste of the jam will be like fruit flavor mixed with sugar and other additives. Preserves will preserve the natural taste of the fruits which it contains.
  5. The jam can be used to complement the taste of quick dishes like bread. Preserves as it contains the natural fruits more and retains its taste, they can be used in the preparation of food items both in cooking and baking to give the desired flavor.
Difference Between Jam and Preserves



According to some studies in the United States, jams and preserves are those of the food products which are being consumed in larger amounts, especially by the working class of people, from 2011 to 2019.

But the question arises that whether those food there are consuming are meeting the nutritive requirements of the people especially the growing children in those population.

Some people prepare the preserves and jams for themselves at home with care on their health.

It is not taken for granted that all the commercially produced jams and preserves are not good for health. There has been lots of improvement in the standards of the commercially produced jams and preserves.

Homemade jams and preserves not only increase the quality but also gives the aroma of homely flavor which makes consuming them a pleasurable experience.

Key Differences Between Jam and Preserves (PDF Format)

Download the key differences in .PDF format, to read or print them later:

Difference Between Jam and Preserves



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