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Difference Between Java and Core Java

From the morning till evening, whoever we talk to in a metro city, all the young people talk about Java, Core Java and other programming languages. The world is moving on to these applications and the tools based on these programs.


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Core Java is also Java, but it is Java’s standard version. Though there are many editions in Java, core java is the foundation.

Even students in school can learn this Core Java. To learn Java, we must have some knowledge of Object Oriented Programming.

Java vs Core Java

The difference between Java and Core Java is that Java is a programming language for developing applications and applets. Core Java is the primary and raw form of Java used for designing application software for desktop and server environments.

Java vs Core java

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Parameters of ComparisonJavaCore Java
PlatformCross PlatformComputing Platform
ApplicationMobiles, Websites, Servers and allEnterprise levels in desktop and server
Programming LanguageObject Oriented ProgrammingJava Standard Edition
PackagesJava, Lang, awt, JavaxJava. Lang.
LevelBasicAdvanced, which deals with in-depth


What is Java?

Java, we can see this everywhere, like in the mobiles, parking tickets, computers and literally in everything. From the moment we wake up till sleep, we live with Java and work with Java.

Java is straightforward, but it is compelling. Not one or two but millions of devices all around the world are using this.

It is readable, and all the android apps are made with this Java. There is a famous slogan about Java that when you write the program once, you can use it anywhere, and there is no need to recompile it repeatedly.

This means we can use java in any appliance that supports Java.


What is Core Java?

In other words, this is Java’s purest form. We have heard the term API, which extends to the Application programming interface.

Many general-purpose APIs are used in this language. This also uses some of the special-purpose APIs.

When we go deep into this core, java is not just a programming language but a complete package or an amalgamation of some libraries. As this is a part of Java, this has wide applications in both general and particular purpose applications.

The name itself indicates that it is java but at the core level. So, using this, we can learn java’s core functionalities and the deeper levels of Java.

This also covers most concepts like wrapper classes and lists like array lists, linked lists, etc.

core java

Main Differences Between Java and Core Java

  1. Regarding the differences, Java has all the programming based on one of the high-level languages called object-oriented programming. It contains all the syntax that is derived from the C language and also the C++ languages.
  2. And in the same primary case, core java is part and parcel of Java. Hence it is widely used in the various ways of developing portable codes, which have a wide range of applications on desktops and also in environments of servers.
  3. The platforms of Java and Core Java are also different. Java uses a cross-platform for devices that are compatible with java.
  4. And when we compare Java with other programming languages, java has some implementation dependencies, which is why Java is designed. Core Java also uses Java as a computing platform for developing java applications for servers and desktops.
  5. Java is a secure programming language, and it is also robust. Java is chosen as an independent platform programming language, so it is used in millions of applications like websites, servers, payphones and many others.
  6. Core java is nothing but the standard edition of Java. That is the reason it is named Java Standard Edition Java SE.
  7. This has a wide range of applications at an enterprise level, like desktops and also for servers.
  8. Learning Java requires only basics and can be learned by beginners. In the latter case, core java includes some concepts of object-oriented programming, multi-threading, polymorphism and others.
Difference Between Java and Core Java

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