Difference Between a King and a Queen

In Ancient India, many kings ruled various provinces and kingdoms. They all had one queen or many queens. The King of the state had the power to make decisions regarding all the important matters after consulting the group of ministers, whereas the queen can take care of people and advise the king to make decisions.

King vs Queen

The main difference between King and the queen is that the king is the supreme leader of a sovereign nation or territory, whereas the queen holds the position of the highest female in the nation or territory. In some nations like Egypt, the king is worshiped as a god while the queen is worshiped as a goddess.

King vs Queen

The king was the highest authority in the country. He had various powers and responsibilities. His obligations include not punishing the innocent and ensure that the guilty are punished as per his crime. His political power includes the appointment of a group of ministers who will eventually help him administer the territory.

The queen is the most powerful female in the nation or the territory. The queen in India enjoyed all the comforts and luxury and had no fixed obligations and duties. On the other hand, the Queen of Great Britain possesses an immense amount of power. She can even command the army and open Parliament sessions.

Comparison Table Between a King and a Queen

Parameters of ComparisonKingQueen
PositionGenerally, the king is the highest and most powerful person in the nation or the territory.The Queen is the most powerful female in the entire territory. In countries like Britain, the Queen is the most powerful person in the country.
CountriesIn countries like India, Egypt, and Morocco, the king is considered to be the supreme power.In countries like Great Britain, the queen is considered the supreme power.
PowerIn countries other than Great Britain, the king has all the political, social, economic, and military powers in his hands.In Great Britain, the queen has almost all the powers, whereas, in other countries, the queen has no defined powers but can influence the king to take a particular decision.
DutiesThe king has several duties and responsibilities towards the citizens of the territory.The queen has no fixed but some moral as well as social duties towards the citizens and also guiding the king in making the right decisions.
Another name A king can also be referred to as an Emperor. A queen can also be referred to as an Empress.
WarA king must go on a war to protect his territory.In most cases, the queen does not go on a war.

What is a King?

A king is never elected or voted into power in most cases and has the right to become a king since birth. The citizens cannot make him the king and have to acknowledge him as their king. The King does not have direct participation in the government. He receives and sends delegates to important events and conferences.

The word of a king is considered law as no one can change and flip his decision and not even protest against it in certain cases. He owns everything in his kingdom. He cannot be voted out by anyone, even the group of ministers. The wealth and state of the citizens indicate the prosperity of the king and the kingdom.

As per the Bible, the king is accountable to god for the welfare and wellness of his citizens. Here are some responsibilities a king has to fulfill:-

  1. He is the supreme leader of the army.
  2. He has to take the final decision on all the judicial matters.
  3. He has to formulate policies and laws.
  4. In some cases, he is considered as a god’s representative.

The major powers of a king are:-

  1. The king has absolute authority.
  2. A king has the right to give citizenship to any person.
  3. A king cannot be voted out from power.

What is a Queen?

A queen is the most powerful woman in the kingdom. In Great Britain, there is no king, so the queen has the ultimate power and enjoys every possible perk and benefit. In countries other than Great Britain, where the king has the ultimate authority, the queen has no defined set of roles and powers, but she can influence the king to take a specific decision.

In most cases, the queen does not go to war, but there are always exceptions, like the Queen of Jhansi, a province in India. She fought so bravely that the huge British army and its official also praised her courage. A queen has the power to make all the decisions regarding the welfare of the palace.

A queen is very close to the king’s heart, due to which no one can insult the queen, or he has to face the anger of the King. A queen is also sometimes won by the king when he defeats the rival nation in a war, thus also winning the queen.

Main Differences Between a King and a Queen

  1. A king is the highest authority in the kingdom, whereas a queen is the highest female authority in the territory.
  2. A king has to go to war, whereas a queen, in most cases, does not go on a war.
  3. A king takes all the important decisions regarding every social, economic, and political matter, whereas the queen assists him in his decision.
  4. A king is always a male, whereas a queen is always a female.
  5. The king’s words are the final words, whereas the queen’s words are not the final and have to ask the king to make the decision.


There are now very few countries in the world where Monarchy prevails. During the ancient and medieval period, almost all countries had a Monarchy system where the King and Queen had ultimate power.

In most of the countries, the king had absolute power and authority, whereas, in some countries, the queen also possessed great power. In all, both king and the queen are needed to successfully fulfill a Monarchy system.


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