Kingston HyperX vs Crucial Ballistix: Difference and Comparison

Depending on the different kinds of needs of different people, there is a variety of Random-access memories available all across the world, and they can be easily bifurcated into categories that suit the interest of various people.

Kingston HyperX and Crucial Ballistix are two kinds of random-access memories but are widely different from each other. It is important to know the differences that lie between these two in order to get the most suitable one for one’s computer or laptop. 

Key Takeaways

  1. Kingston HyperX and Crucial Ballistix are both types of computer memory, but they differ in their design and performance.
  2. Kingston HyperX is designed for high-speed performance and is optimized for gaming and other demanding applications, while Crucial Ballistix is designed for reliable performance and stability.
  3. Kingston HyperX is generally more expensive than Crucial Ballistix due to its higher performance capabilities.

Kingston HyperX vs Crucial Ballistix 

Kingston HyperX is a memory card that is made by Kingston Technology Corporation, a company in the US. The card has a first-word latency of 12.00ns. Crucial Ballistix is a memory card that was made by Micron Technology Incorporation to be compatible with all types of computers with a first word latency of 13.33ns.

Kingston HyperX vs Crucial Ballistix

The Kingston Hyper X is a significant yet widely popular product the Kingston technology corporation offers.


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This company is primarily based in the United States of America and captures huge a very huge share of the market when it comes to flashcards and memory cards.

In the year 2017, it launched a range of memory cards known as Kingston hyper X and almost revolutionized the market of memory cards. 

On the other hand, Crucial Ballistix is another chain of memory cards and flash drive products marketed by another American company known as Micron Technology Incorporated.

The product series was particularly launched in the year 2018, and it took very little time for this product to capture the eye of the consumers. There are certain features incorporated in this particular product that make it a unique one in itself. 

Comparison Table

Parameters of Comparison Kingston HyperX Crucial Ballistix 
Brand  This memory card is a product of Kingston technology corporation, which is a company based in the United States. This memory card is a product of Micron technology incorporation that is known for its popular variety of memory cards all across the world. 
Came in it came in the year 2017 it came in the year 2018 
Speed  Fast  Comparatively slow 
First-word latency 12.00ns is the first-word latency of this product 13.33ns is the first-word latency of this product 
Price  When it comes to the price, this product is comparatively expensive this product is comparatively less expensive compared to the previous one 

What is Kingston HyperX? 

Kingston Technology Corporation is the most reliable and trustworthy brand in the case of memory cards, flashcards, and computer drives, which grabbed almost 60% of the consumer market just a few years back.

The company was widely known for its memory cards that were compatible with almost all kinds of personal computers. 

In 2017, the company came up with the idea of a significant series of memory cards known as Kingston Hyper X.

The term hyper within the name of the product implied that the product was going to be something related to high speed and connectivity. The company delivered this exact promise throughout its range of hyper X products. 

Compared to other products of a similar line, hyper X ace is the race due to its access to high speed, allowing the user to give and receive the command in the minimum time possible.

The first word latency of the product happens to be 12.00ns, while the CAS latency of the product is 16. If looked at from the perspective of cost, this product somehow becomes more expensive than its other counterparts. 

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What is Crucial Ballistix? 

Crucial Ballistix is a memory card product offered by an American company, Micron Technology Inc.

The company was founded many years back, but the product, Crucial Ballistix, came into the market for the first time in 2018.  

Since then, there have been just three years since the launch of this product, and in this very short span of time, the product has earned a very prestigious name for itself in the market of memory cards and flash drives.

The product differs from its other counterparts in terms of compatibility with newly developed devices.  

It supports not just the computers that were manufactured previously but the computers that are going to be manufactured in the future as well. And this very attribute of this product makes it a unique one in itself.

The first word latency of the product happens to be 13.33ns, while the CAS latency of the product is 16. In terms of cost, this product is a bit pocket-friendly. It happens to be less expensive. 

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Main Differences Between Kingston HyperX and Crucial Ballistix 

  1. Kingston HyperX is a significant memory card of Kingston technology corporation, which is a company based in the United States, while on the other hand, the Crucial Ballistix is a product of Micron technology incorporation that is a very popular American company. 
  2. Kingston HyperX came in the year 2017, while the Crucial Ballistix came in the year 2018. 
  3. The first word latency of the Kingston HyperX is 12.00ns, while the first word latency of Crucial Ballistix is 13.33ns. 
  4. Kingston is comparatively more expensive than crucial for the reason that it is more popular and reliable in the consumer market due to its wide customer base. 
  5. The speed of Kingston is comparatively higher than Crucial. 


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