Difference Between KitchenAid Classic Mixer and Artisan (With Table)

Baking as an activity is the most favorite one of many people. Apart from using it as a profession, many people do it for fun only or as a hobby. This activity requires the assistance of a number of tools to make the perfect end product. A mixer is an important element used in the process of baking in order to mix all the ingredients together really well or to whip the icing upon the product.  

A number of good mixers are available across the market for those people who are involved in this activity. KitchenAid is such a company offering a range of products in such category and KitchenAid Classic and KitchenAid Artisan are two of the best mixers offered by the company. While both of these have their own attributes, they are significantly different from one another. 

KitchenAid Classic Mixer vs Artisan Mixer 

The difference between KitchenAid Classic Mixer and Artisan is that these two differ vastly in terms of their capacity to hold material, motor capacity, build-up material, and many more. Although these two are offered by the same company, regardless of this, they differ from each other in many aspects.  

The KitchenAid Classic Mixer is the premium range of stand-up mixers offered by the company KitchenAid. According to the attributes offered by the manufacturer in this particular product, it can be said that this is a suitable mixer for a beginner. It offers a holding capacity of a total of 4.5 quarts. It has a 250 watts power motor which enables a person to do easy level baking.

While on the other side, Artisan Mixer is the other range offered by KitchenAid. It is different than the previous one in many terms. This particular mixer comes with a holding capacity of a total of 5 quarts and comprises a 325 watts motor. It also offers multiple additional accessories attached to the mixer. 

Comparison Table Between KitchenAid Classic Mixer and Artisan 

Parameters of Comparison KitchenAid Classic Mixer Artisan Mixer 
Holding Capacity  This mixer has a holding capacity of 4.5 quarts. This mixer, on the other hand, can hold up to 5 quarts. 
Power of Motor This mixer comes with a motor of 250 watts and is less powerful than the other mixer. This mixer, on the other hand, comes with a heavy and powerful motor of 325 watts. 
Variants  This has two variants, namely- Classic (standard) Classic plus This has two variants which are- Artisan (standard), Artisan mini 
Color choice It only comes in white color. This mixer is offered in a total of 27 different appealing colors. 
Handle attached  It does not have any such handle attached. It has a handle attached to it which makes it really easy to separate the remains of the base from the mixer.  
Built-up material Has a bruised finish of stainless steel.  Has a shiny and gleaming finish of stainless steel.  
Other attributes No such attributes.  A pouring shield is attached to this mixer.  
Affordability  Less expensive More expensive 

What is KitchenAid Classic Mixer? 

The KitchenAid Classic Mixer is a mixer offered by the premium kitchen appliances company KitchenAid. This mixer is presumed to be the most suitable in the hands of a beginner or a person working in a regular kitchen. This presumption arises due to the inner attributes encompassed in this particular product.  

It comes with a motor of 250 watts and a bowl having a capacity of 4.5 quarts. This makes it ideal for light use. This product can only be brought in white color. This has two variants, namely- 

  • Classic (standard) 
  • Classic plus 

It has a matte finish in its outer appearance and does not have any other additional accessories attached to it. In conclusion, this can be termed as a basic version offered by the company, mostly suitable for baking cakes, pancakes, and cookies.  

What is Artisan Mixer? 

Artisan is another mixer manufactured and marketed by the KitchenAid company. It is presumed to be more suitable for people who work on heavy stuff such as cooky dough and bread dough, etc. It is a powerful and more strengthened version of a mixer by the company as compared to the Classical Mixer. 

Its bowl can hold up to 5 quarts and a powerful 350 watts motor accompanies this product. It comes with additional accessories like- pouring shield and a handle which help to get rid of the excessive base matter. This has two variants which are- 

  • Artisan (standard) 
  • Artisan mini 

It has a sparkling exterior with a gleaming finish. This product is available in 27 different colors and is slightly more expensive than previous variations. Finally, if one is buying it for a little heavy use, it’s a good investment. 

Main Differences Between KitchenAid Classic Mixer and Artisan

  1. The most crucial difference between KitchenAid Classic Mixer and Artisan is that the former is a comparatively light weighted and beginner-level mixer while the latter is a premium mixer offered for mid-ranged professionals.  
  2. The Classical Mixer comes with a stable and strong motor of 250 watts. While on the other hand, the Artisan Mixer comes with a motor of 325 watts which is very sufficient in itself.  
  3. The Classical Mixer does not have a pouring shield attached to it, while on the other side, the Artisan Mixer comes with this shield. It works as an agent performing the function of separating the remains of the base from the mixer.  
  4. The Classical Mixer has two variations of the model, namely- Has two variants namely- Classic (standard) and Classic plus. While on the other side, Artisan comes with two variations, namely- Artisan standard and Artisan mini.  
  5. The Classical Mixer does not have a handle. Meanwhile, the Artisan does. 
  6. The Classical Mixer only comes in the color white, while the Artisan can be bought in 27 different colors.  


Mixers can be extremely useful when multitasking in the kitchen. It’s employed in nearly every phase of the procedure. Mixers are employed in the preparation of the icing on the top, from mixing the dry ingredients together to mixing this mixture with the liquid ingredients. 

KitchenAid is one of those high-end brands that offers a wide selection of mixers. This company’s two most popular and purchased mixers are the Classical and the Artisan. While these two are premium in their own area, these are widely different from each other in terms of appearance and inner features as well.   


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