Difference Between Kurds and Persians

Both the terms Kurds and Persians are the ethnic groups belonging to the country of Iran. In terms of culture, they both have a difference in it and they also follow different traditions and languages.


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Kurds are not as progressive as Persians and are considered minority groups. The Kurds and Persians have many differences between them which are based on the religion they follow, language they speak and many more.

Let us know more differences between the two in detail.

Kurds vs Persians

The difference between Kurds and Persians is that the former is a minority ethnic group whereas the latter belongs to the dominating ethnic group. The two groups are majorly found in the country of Iran. The Kurds and Persians are differentiated on the basis of their tradition and culture. The Kurds are known to follow Kurdish culture living in Kurdistan and the Persians belong to Persia which is not known to be modern Iran.

Kurds vs Persians

Kurds are the ethnic group of people who do not have any independent religion of their own. These people are not confined to one place or country as they can be spotted anywhere.

They are considered as the indigenous groups of the Mesopotamian plain. The Kurds speak Kurdish language and are known for their distinctive language.

Persians on the other hand are a highly dominant ethnic group of people. They speak the Persian language and follow independent religion as well.

The Persians are also considered as the main group of Iran who are still remembered as warriors from ancient times.

Comparison Table

Parameters of Comparison Kurds Persians 
History  They are considered ancient to the Mesopotamian plain  These are the lineages of the Aryan group 
Language  Kurdish  Persian  
Religion  No independent religion  Follow their religion  
Belong to They have a population of around 30 million and are considered the largest ethnic group in the world who do not have their state They live in Persia which is now known as modern Iran 
Considered as Minority group, who were dominated by other ethnic groups Majority group, who dominated most of the ethnic groups

What is Kurds ?

Kurds are a group of people belonging to the middle east who are affiliated to Kurdish culture or Kurdistan which is a region in Iraq. They are also known to be from the Mesopotamian plain.

Millions of Kurds are considered as one of the world’s largest ethnic groups which do not have a country. They inhabit places like Syria, Iran, Iraq, Turkey etc. Including present day, Armenia.

Previously, they are also known to have inhabited mountain areas of Lake Van and Lake Urmia. During 16th and early 18th centuries. Kurds were ruled by the Ottoman Empire which was an imperial state controlling most of southeast Europe, west of Asia etc.

During this time the Kurds lived in the regions along with several other ethnic groups. The Kurds faced domination since the beginning by other ethnic groups and still they do not have any country of their own.

The language spoken by these people is Kurdish also known as Sorani. They don’t have any independent religion to follow. In Turkey, the Kurds are referred to as the people who are residing there having Kurdish origin.

They are known to be covering almost 15-20% population of Turkey but they are primarily situated in the east and southeast of the country.

What is Persians?

The Persians are the Iranian ethnic group who cover almost half of Iran’s population and Persian is also the Latin term for Iranian. The language spoken by these people is Persian which is widely spoken in Iran, Afghanistan, some parts of Uzbekistan etc.

This language is native to the Pars province which is located in the south of Iran. The Persians are considered as a dominant ethnic group who migrated to the regions of Persis by the 19th century probably.

The name ‘Persian’ comes from a region named ‘Persis’ from where Cyrus the great came even began his campaigns to unite other regions which were present in the Iranian peninsula.

Talking about the history of Persians, the first empire was based in the west of Asia and founded by Cyrus the Great. This empire became the largest empire of ancient history.

The Persians are also known for their inventions such as horizontal windmills for pumping water etc. They were also involved in building techniques for refrigeration and underground ventilation methods.

The Persians are considered as the people who dominated for a very long period of time. In today’s time they are remembered as warriors from ancient times.

Main Differences Between Kurds And Persians

  1. Kurds are minority ethnic groups who were dominated by other ethnic groups whereas Persians are dominant ethnic groups. 
  2. Kurds are indigenous people of Mesopotamian plains whereas Persians are descendants of Aryan people. 
  3. In terms of an independent religion, Kurds do not have one but Persians follow Zoroastrianism as their independent religion. 
  4. Kurds were not able to set up any proper living but Persian succeeded in setting up an empire as well. 
  5. The language spoken by these two groups are also different, Kurds speak Kurdish and Persian speak Farsi. 


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