Difference Between Lactose-Free and Dairy-Free

Lactose-free and Dairy-free might sound similar, but they are different from each other. Some people refer this both things as the same, but they are not the same.


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Lactose-Free vs Dairy-Free

The difference between Lactose-Free and Dairy Free is Lactose-Free is made from real milk products, but the lactose has been removed from the products, but Dairy Free is not made from any kind of milk product. These products are made from nuts, plant products, and many other things.

Lactose Free vs Dairy Free

Lactose-Free is those products from which the lactose has been removed. Lactose is the milk sugar in the product. Lactose makes the product sweeter.

Dairy-Free products are made from plants or nuts. It is not made by any kind of milk product. These products are the best alternative for those who are allergic to dairy products.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonLactose-FreeDairy-Free
Presence of lactaseNoYes
SweetnessMoreNatural sweetness
Casein and wheyYesNo
Milk productYesNo
Appropriate for milk allergicNoYes

What is Lactose-Free?

Lactose-Free is the most suitable alternative for those who cannot consume lactose. These people are often known as Lactose intolerant. These products are made from pure dairy products.

People with milk allergies cannot consume Lactose-free as it still carries milk products. Milk allergic people should never consume these Lactose-free products as it can make them bloated.

Lactose intolerant people should consume lactose-free products, and they do not have to switch to dairy-free products as they can digest milk products.

A person who is lactose intolerant does not contain the enzyme which is needed to digest the lactose. The lactase gets into the colon area, and the lactose is broken down by bacteria.

lactose free

What is Dairy-Free?

Dairy-Free are those products that do not contain any kind of milk product. It is only made from vegan products and nuts. These products do not contain casein or whey.

If a milk allergic consumes any kind of milk product, then the person might feel bloated. In severe cases, the person might get rashes, and some can have trouble breathing.

Dairy-free does not involve any cheese, butter, or cream. It is made from all other vegan products and does not has any milk from any animal.

These products are best suitable for milk allergic people. These dairy-free products are vegan. There is no milk added to these products.

dairy free

Main Differences Between Lactose-Free and Dairy-Free

  1. Lactose-free is not good for milk allergies, but Dairy-free is good for milk allergies.
  2. Lactose-free is not vegan, but Dairy-free is vegan.
Difference Between Lactose Free and Dairy Free


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