Difference Between Leadership and Management (With Table)

Whenever a certain event takes place, it requires a lot of elements so that it is successful. However, for an event to succeed, many people work hard, and they work together. These people form a crew, and each person is assigned a certain task. However, while assigning the tasks, it is assigned according to the qualities present in the particular person.

Hence, some people possess leadership qualities while some people possess better management qualities. Some people are good at being a leader, while some people are good at being managers. Thus, leadership and management are two of the most crucial elements.

Leadership vs Management

The difference between leadership and management is their meaning. Leadership means the quality of being a leader and guiding and mentoring a certain group of people. On the other hand, management means the administration of a certain event, activity, organisation, companies or any institution.

The quality of being a leader of a certain group and mentoring them regarding the respective motive and guiding them throughout the entire process is known as leadership. The leader of a certain group influences the entire crowd, and he or she, with his or her actions and words, try their best to guide their crew and help them succeed in the respective process.

The administration of resources and other activities that take place is known as management. If an event is properly managed and all the activities involved in it take place without any disturbance, then it leads to a successful event. There are tasks assigned to the people in the management department as well.

Comparison Table Between Leadership and Management

Parameters of ComparisonLeadershipManagement
MeaningThe quality of being a leader of a certain group and mentoring them regarding the respective motive and guiding them throughout the entire process is known as leadership.Administration of resources and other activities that take place is known as management.
People are calledLeadersManagers
Objective To do the things that are appropriate and guide people to do so.To do things appropriately.
Type of ObjectiveThe objective is a type of transformation.The objective is a type of transaction.
TasksTo acquire the information regarding the skills present in their teammates and motivating them. To assign several tasks to their teammates according to their skills and qualities.

What is Leadership?

Leadership is a quality that is present in a person. It means mentoring a group of people that want to achieve a certain goal. Leadership qualities are present in some people, but it is not present in everyone. Being a leader of a certain group requires courage, patience, knowledge and many other qualities.

Many people in history have proven to be great leaders. Leaders are also known as governors or administrators. In history, many leaders have fought for a cause and established their independent groups to do so. Winston Churchill, Mahatma Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln are some of the prominent examples of leaders in history.

Other than courage, patience, knowledge and determination, a true leader must also have qualities like perseverance, good communication skills, an optimistic approach, flexibility and strength to face any situation that comes across. They must also have good listening skills so that they know their teammate’s views and opinions.

A true leader makes sure that they do not walk alone and let their followers stay behind. They make sure that their followers stay beside them and fight for their respective causes. One must also possess sportsmanship spirit and must have faith in their followers and themselves.

What is Management?

Management is the administration of the tasks and events that must take place to carry out a certain bigger thing. Management involves several people that are assignment with different types of tasks according to their skillsets. Once the tasks are assigned, people work together and complete the event.

Management includes various steps that must be implemented. It includes setting the right tactics and techniques and then assigning them to the people according to their skillsets. After that, one must also make sure that they make use of the necessary resources and implement them.

Management of an event is a huge task, and the success of the event completely depends on the management. Many people study management at colleges and schools. Many schools and educational institutions have included management as a core subject for students to study as well.

The amount of management required is directly dependent on how big the respective event is. A huge event with a large audience will require more management with more resources and planning. A small event would require fewer resources and thereby fewer people to work.

Main Differences Between Leadership and Management

  1. People with leadership qualities become leaders. On the other hand, people with management qualities become managers.
  2. The priority in leadership is the crew or the people who are guided by the leader. On the other hand, the priority in management is work and completion of the tasks.
  3. In leadership, the people other than the leader are known as followers. On the other hand, in management, people other than the manager are known as subordinates.
  4. The objective in leadership is a type of transformation. On the other hand, the objective in management is a type of transactional objective.
  5. In leadership, a leader must know the skills and qualities of their followers and must motivate them. On the other hand, in management, a manager assigns the tasks to their subordinates according to their skills and qualities.
  6. The planning done in leadership by the leader is often long term. On the other hand, the planning done by the manager in management is often short term.
  7. In leadership, a leader motivates and gives inspiration to their followers. On the other hand, in management, a manager controls and supervise the subordinates.


Both leadership and management are important, and they are necessary for several causes. A leader and a manager both are equally important. History has witnessed several leaders and administrators that have brought many changes in society.

Many people often consider one of the two people inferior or superior, or they just categorise them as inferior or superior, but both leaders and administrators are equally crucial for different causes.


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