Difference Between Liberal and Progressive

We come across many people in life. We used to speak with them. They would share their opinions, thoughts about the topic that we discussed or give us some new information.


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This will help us in the long run. The two cases in which the conversation can help a person to get a better view are liberal, and the other one is progressive.

The conversation can be stretched based on these two behaviors of the person.

Liberal vs Progressive

The difference between Liberal and Progressive is that when you come across a liberal person, they will be open-minded and won’t judge the other person who is seeking in front of them. Progressive people used to take other people’s interests. Being liberal will help a person when they are in politics. Progressive will help the children when they are classroom so that they can learn many new things related to life. 

Liberal vs Progressive

People who are being liberal will accept everything around them with an open-minded attitude. This quality will help them when they are in politics.

There they have to accept another person’s opinion as well and cannot oppose them. People always wished for a liberal nation where they could tolerate everything without having any religion.

In a word, liberalism is gradual progress which when applied, will change the laws in the society. 

Progressive is a term where other people’s interests will be taken into consideration. There is also a golden rule available for progressive as well.

The golden rule is they used to respect all the people and try to value the difference in them, and also, they will deal with those differences in such a way that it won’t hurt the other person.

Also, it will deal in a way in which it should be dealt with. 

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonLiberalProgressive
DefinitionPeople who are open-minded and accept other people’s behavior and ideasIt is used to represent other people’s interests.
Derived fromOld FrenchLatin Progredi
Saying YesUsually, liberal people won’t say yesProgressive people used to say yes
Saying NoUsually, liberal people used to say noProgressive people won’t say no
LawFor liberal people, the main principle that they follow is equality before the lawThese people won’t follow equality before the law

What is Liberal?

Liberal people will accept the behavior and opinion of different people other than their own opinion. They will be favorable to whatever the topic that they are discussing.

They won’t oppose them. They will accept the other person’s opinion along with their ideas as well. These people will also have some liberal views in politics and religious areas as well. 

A liberal-minded person will always be open-minded in whatever topics they discuss. They won’t judge the person who is speaking on their opposite side.

They also like new ideas which they love to hear from other people. They don’t mind whether the idea is traditional or not. They love to hear them. It is simply called generous or large.

Sometimes this can be defined with a liberal attitude. Having a liberal attitude will be good especially when you are going to enter the politics area.

A liberal attitude will help them to tolerate something for the change. There are numerous synonyms available for being liberal and one such synonym is generous.

They are also many words available for calling liberal-minded people and some of them are open-minded, lenient, tolerant, and broad-minded.

The word liberal is also associated with nationalism as well. This means there they will individual freedom. In history, liberalism means they believe in democracy

What is Progressive?

Progressive is a term that is used for representing ordinary people’s interests. Here people will have some favorable attitudes towards the urban industrial society.

An antonym, progressive means regressive. In a progressive state, the thing that we discuss or see will get more improvement and change in a good way.

But in regressive whatever we discuss or see will get worse. To know the opposite of it, we should first understand the word progressive.

Progressive culture used to get more attention all the time. For example, in a company, the employees used to get a progressive cultural experience.

In the government sector, progressive people used to establish a transparent and accountable government. Progressive will also be applied in the classroom as well.

In Classroom, students used to learn actively. This will account for being progressive. The students also speak with other students this will create some interaction between them.

When they cooperate and interact, they will learn to know more about tolerating policy as well.

Also, they will solve real-time problems in the school which are sometimes not related to studies but they will be applied in the future.

This practice will help them to tackle those problems easier without getting stuck in between. Progressive can be stated in tenses as well.

Such as in the present, past, and future. If something is old-fashioned and out of date then that doesn’t come under progressive. 

Main Differences Between Liberal and Progressive

  1. Liberal people will be open-minded and accept other people’s opinions and behavior. On the other hand, Progressive people used to take other people’s interests into consideration.
  2. The word liberal is derived from Old French. On the other hand, the word, Progressive derived from Latin Progredi.
  3. If you carefully observe liberal people, they won’t say yes. On the other hand, if you observe progressive people they used to say yes.
  4. When you speak with liberal people, they used to say no. On the other hand, progressive people won’t say no.
  5. Liberal people always put equality before the law. On the other hand, progressive people don’t put equality before the law. 
Difference Between Liberal and Progressive


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