Difference Between Love Marriages and Arranged Marriages

Committing to a relationship is a big deal. Even though these two are two different paths to the same goal. Marriages in a legal fashion are a contract between man and woman for living with each other. While, in other words, it may be a commitment to your partner for life long. 

The significant difference lies in preference and partner in both marriages. Aside from the fact that both have the same major goal. But, the process and factors are different.

Love Marriages vs Arranged Marriages 

The main difference between Love and Arranged Marriages is that Love marriage is that marriage based on love, affection, and commitment before marriage, while arranged marriage is based on commitment only and love after marriage. In a love marriage, partners are chosen and marriage is done on their own, unlike an arranged marriage. 

Love vs Arranged Marriages

Love Marriage is a marriage based on love, affection, and commitment before marriage. Spouses are fallen in love before marriage and wanted to commit to their relationship lifelong. The factors including preference in a spouse are solely in the hands of the spouse itself. And even spouses have the upper hand in every decision and arrangement, unlike an arranged marriage. 

Arranged Marriage is a marriage arranged by their parents or guardian. All preferences and factors while choosing a partner are first seen by their parents or guardians. Arranged marriages first need the consent of the parents or guardians usually, then the person who is marrying. Love and affection develop after marriage. 

Comparison Table Between Love Marriages and Arranged Marriages

Parameters of comparisonLove MarriageArranged Marriage
Arranged Love marriage is arranged by the bride and the groom itself. Arranged marriage is arranged by the parents or guardians. 
Love and affection Love and affection are already present in their relationship before marriage. While in an arranged marriage, it develops after some time. 
Level of comfortIn a love marriage, their comfort level is more.  Their level of comfort is very less than a love marriage. 
Understanding In a love marriage, they know each other before marriage. So, they understand each other more. While in an arranged marriage, they start to understand each other with the development of bonds. 
Development of relationship In a love marriage, their relationship develops more deeply than before. In an arranged marriage, their relationship develops from the start. 

What is Love Marriage?

Love Marriage is a marriage that is based on love, affection, and commitment before marriage. When two are in love and think of taking their relationship for a lifelong term. Then, they usually think of Love marriage. Love and affection are already present in their relationship. As well as commitment, but they take it a notch up with love marriage. 

Traditionally, people don’t prefer a love marriage. While in western trends, people prefer love marriages to arranged marriages. Nowadays, young people prefer love marriage because of understanding between each other before marriage. Even having love and affection before marriage gives them a sense of security in a relationship. 

And committing to such a relationship is relatively much easier. Moreover, Choosing their partners and knowing them beforehand is all in their hands. Mostly, all other decisions and arrangements are done according to their decision, unlike an arranged marriage. Marriage is solely based on love and affection between bride and groom before marriage not due to honor and duty. 

To an extent, it can be burdening in an arranged marriage due to the level of comfort and understanding initially. While in love marriage, it doesn’t matter as they are already bonded with each other. So their level of comfort is on another level as well as understanding. 

What is Arranged Marriage? 

An Arranged Marriage is a marriage arranged by the parents or guardians. They set up everything from choosing partners to arrangements. Every single thing is done with the consent of parents or guardians firstly, then the person who is getting married. 

Searching for preferable partners from different sources according to the type and preference. Everything including background, class, income all are checked by them before making any decision. Then coming to arrangements and decisions, parents or guardians have the upper hand as they are the decision-maker. 

Both the partners have to develop a relationship after marriage. However, love and affection have no part to play before marriage. Even there’s no level of comfort and understanding initially. Every emotion and feeling required in a relationship is developed after marriage. 

No such part plays a role before marriage. As they start from strangers to an official couple. Arranged marriages are usually a traditional way of marriage, which is not preferable by people today. As there are many factors that are not developed beforehand. It can be burdening after a point, but both paths have the same ultimate goal. 

Partners are bonded afterward and slowly develop their relationship, unlike a love marriage. Traditional people still prefer arranged marriage and generally people too. 

Main Differences Between Love Marriages and Arranged Marriages 

Both have the same goal; marriage. However, the foundation and basis of the marriages are different from each other. Even their relationship is different from each other before and after. Keeping all these in mind, these two terms are very different. But people do see them as equal even though they are not. 

  1. Love marriage is based on love, affection, and commitment prior to marriage, unlike an arranged marriage. 
  2. An arranged marriage is arranged by the parents or guardians, unlike a love marriage. 
  3. In an arranged marriage, partners are searched from different sources, unlike a love marriage. 
  4. In a Love marriage, Love and affection are present in a relationship before marriage, unlike an arranged marriage. 
  5. The level of comfort and understanding is different in both. 


Both paths lead to marriage. They have the same ultimate goal, while initially, they differ a lot. In every culture, marriage is regarded as a sacred event. So, many factors matter a lot. They can be different from each other. Love marriage is organized by the bride and groom herself. In contrast, an arranged marriage is organized by parents or guardians after searching for mates from various sources. 

In an arranged marriage, parents or guardians play a very significant role. From searching to set up everything is kind of decided by them. As they are usually considered as the decision-maker in such circumstances. They search for the partner, check their background, income, and other things, and set up everything for the marriage. 

Arranged marriage is a traditional way of marriage, while love marriage is a kind of western trend. But, nowadays, love marriages are more preferred by the people. In a love marriage, love and affection are already present in their relationship, unlike an arranged marriage, they need to develop their relationship from the start. Even the level of comfort and understanding is already there. That benefits their relationship. 


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