Difference Between LS and LT Tahoe

LS and LT trims are components of the Chevrolet Tahoe. They are is a full-size SUV that gets made in the American company General Motors and gets used popularly in Chevrolet.


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LS Tahoe vs LT Tahoe

The difference between LS and LT Tahoe is that LT is an upgraded and advanced Tahoe whereas LS can not reach the bar set by LT. LT also costs more than LS for its advanced features and facilities. LT Tahoe is more sophisticated than LS Tahoe both in the terms of looks and features.

LS Tahoe vs LT Tahoe 1

Its entertainment system is impressive too. It has a six-speaker audio system and a touchscreen infotainment system.

It has many safety features as well as comfort features. It has seat heating systems and it is secure to use. Ten-way power front seats will take the experience to a great height.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonLS TahoeLT Tahoe
Features LS Tahoe does not have any features that can outrun the features of LT Tahoe.LT Tahoe has upgraded features that are better than LS Tahoe.
Power sunroofLS does not give any facility of a power sunroof.LT offers a power sunroof facility.
SeatsLS Tahoe comes with cloth seats.LT Tahoe has leather seats.
Parking assistance LS does not have this standard facility.LT Tahoe has standard ultrasonic rear parking assistance.
EntertainmentLS Tahoe does not offer any entertainment to the rear seat. LT has a DVD entertainment system in the rear seat.
ExpenseLS Tahoe is less priced than LT Tahoe.LT Tahoe is higher in price than LS Tahoe.

What is LS Tahoe?

LS Tahoe is a basic, standard trim that offers beyond necessity. It has 10.2-inch touchscreen infotainment and an HD rear vision camera.

Even though the seats are of clothes, the steering wheel is wrapped with leather.

Its safety measures are able to keep you safe and sound. Features like the following distance indicator, forward collision alert and front pedestrian braking system make the model safe to drive.

ls tahoe

What is LT Tahoe?

LT trim comes with great features at an affordable price. It includes a power liftgate that is hands-free and attains emblem projection.

It has the installation of wireless charging and the faculty of the universal home remote is also installed in this trim. Going on adventures in the LT Tahoe engine will give you a totally different and new experience.

It is a mid-ranged engine that is reasonable in price and affordable and its fuel management is also pocket friendly because of its installed structure of dynamic fuel management technology.

lt tahoe

Main Differences Between LS and LT Tahoe

  1. Parking feels easier, safer and more promising in LT Tahoe as it delivers standard ultrasonic rear parking assistance whereas LS Tahoe does not have this parking assistance.
  2. Entertainment is also better provided by LT Tahoe that has Bose nine-speaker audio system and also a DVD entertainment system in the rear seat but LS Tahoe has none of these to offer.


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