Lufthansa vs Qatar Airways: Difference and Comparison

Transportation is very crucial for people to move from place to place. Various modes of transportation have been used by men since early times.

Transportation by air is normalized with the invention of aircraft. Air is the modern mode of transportation suitable for this modern world.

Countries have their airways to help the people traveling to their country and other countries.

Key Takeaways

  1. Lufthansa is a German airline, while Qatar Airways is based in Qatar, offering different geographical hubs.
  2. Qatar Airways is known for its exceptional service and luxurious experience, whereas Lufthansa focuses on efficiency and punctuality.
  3. Lufthansa is part of the Star Alliance network, and Qatar Airways belongs to the Oneworld alliance, providing different partner airlines for passengers.

Lufthansa vs Qatar Airways

Lufthansa operates a fleet of modern aircraft, including the Boeing 747-8, the Airbus A380, and the Airbus A350, among others. Lufthansa is a member of the Star Alliance. Qatar Airways includes the Airbus A350, the Boeing 777, and the Boeing 787, among others. Qatar Airways is a member of the oneworld airline alliance.

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Lufthansa the German airline is one of the largest airlines networks in the world. It was previously a German government transportation company.

Lufthansa along with Air Canada, Thai Airways, Scandinavian Airlines, and United airlines founded the largest alliance in the history of airlines, the Star Alliance. This alliance serves 195 countries.

Qatar Airways is the official airline of the Middle East Country Qatar. It has a transportation facility for around 150 countries in the world.

Qatar Airways have employed more than 43000 employees. It was founded in November 1993.

It works with Doha as its headquarters. Qatar Airways is one of the members of the Oneworld alliance.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonLufthansaQatar Airways
FoundedJanuary 1953November 1993
Headquarters Germany Doha, Qatar
FleetsIt has a total number of 263 fleets and has services to 220 destinationsQatar Airways has a fleet size of 233 traveling to 173 destinations
Discount for Students Lufthansa offers no discount for students Qatar Airways has good offers for student passengers
Subsidiaries Lufthansa flight training, Catering service, Lufthansa consulting, etc.
They have a catering subsidiary, Qatar Airways cargo facilities, Aviation services are provided

What is Lufthansa?

The name of this Airways was derived from two German words “Luft” and “Hansa”. Lufthansa is a wide network of airlines.

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They provide good service to their passengers. They also have several subsidiary airlines.

Brussels Airlines, Austrian Airlines, Swiss Airlines, and Eurowings are Lufthansa’s subsidiaries. All these are owned by the parent company called the Lufthansa group.

Besides the subsidiary airlines, Lufthansa also provides other services like cargo shipping. They have their maintenance branch called the Lufthansa Technik AG.

They provide all types of aircraft maintenance work. They repair and refurbish aircraft.

They extend their service to many countries in the world. Their service is available in countries including Italy, Ireland, Hungary, the UK, Russia, India, America, etc.

Lufthansa also has its catering service providers. This service is provided under the brand name LSG Sky chefs.

They not only provide catering services in airplanes but also other services like flight management and airport lounge management. Their catering service is also extended to trains.

They have partnered with many other airlines also.

They interestingly cater to the International space station through the ESA mission. German astronauts get extra food as compliments.

Lufthansa also has an interest in restoring the heritage of aircraft. They have bought the parts of vintage aircraft and assembled them to restore an old model aircraft.

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What is Qatar Airways?

It is one of the privileged airways in the world. Though Qatar Airways were founded in November 1993, the service commenced only in January 1994.

It offers service to around 173 destinations around the globe. They have several 233 aircraft in service.

It is completely a government organization.

Just like many other airways they also offer cargo services. Their first cargo service was to the Cairo international airport.

They have subsidiaries like Qatar duty-free, Qatar Executive, Qatar distribution company, etc. They have their national animal, Oryx as their logo.

To meet the fluctuations in oil prices, Qatar Airways took a new initiative to use a kerosene and GTL fuel mixture as fuel.

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This became the first trial of a passenger flight to substitute natural gas as fuel. Qatar Airways has sponsored FIFA World Cup, shirt sponsor of FC Barcelona, Airline sponsor of Asian Games in 2018,

Philippines football league title sponsor in 2019, etc. They have also sponsored the UEFA Euro 2020 in February 2021.

Just like any other aircraft’s they also have First class, Business, and Economy classes. The seats in their first class have massage options for relaxing.

Entertainment facilities depending on the classes are available in each. They also provide Wi-Fi connectivity to their passengers.

Qatar Airways also have exciting offers for their customers.

qatar airways

Main Differences Between Lufthansa and Qatar Airways

  1. Lufthansa doesn’t charge their customers for ticket cancellation while Qatar airways charge passengers for canceling bookings
  2. Lufthansa doesn’t provide a power outlet to passengers in all planes while it is available in all the aircraft of Qatar Airways
  3. Lufthansa don’t have any discounts or concessions for students while Qatar Airways provides impressive discounts for students
  4. Lufthansa is not so generous with promotions and discounts but, Qatar Airways offer their customers good deals of discounts frequently
  5. Lufthansa has only a limited mode of payment. It doesn’t support google play or apple pay modes. Whereas Qatar Airways accept them both. So people find bookings with Qatar airways more flexible than with Lufthansa.
Difference Between Lufthansa and Qatar Airways

Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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