Difference Between M5 and M6 Drivers

M5 and M6 Drivers are both golf bat models. The lofts for both drivers differ.


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These models are used for both the left and right-handers. M5 and M6 models both are made in titanium and also carbon.

The stock grip used in M6 drivers is Lamkin dual feel. The M5 driver model was released before the M6 model driver.

M5 Drivers vs M6 Drivers

The difference between M5 and M6 drivers is that the M5 drivers, which are made in the UK are launched on 15 February 2019, and on the same date, the M6 drivers were launched. The swing weight of the M5 driver is D4, and the swing weight of the M6 driver is D3.

M5 Drivers vs M6 Drivers

The M5 drivers were launched in the UK for €499. These M5 drivers are used by men golfers, and they both are available for left and right-handers.

The material used to make is titanium and carbon. The golf pride MCC grip is used in the M5 driver the shaft weight is about 60-70g

The M6 has the same performance, and it has a speed injected twist face and hammerhead slot. The inertia generator improves aerodynamics.

The inertia generator in M6 drivers is smooth in turf, and they are friendlier towards handicaps, but some distance is lacking for some players. The M6 driver has a crisp feel at impact.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonM5 DriversM6 Drivers
Blade lengthThe length of the blade is 80mmThe length of the blade is 90mm
Loft optionIt has 9®.10.5® and 12® loft optionIt has 9®.10.5® loft option
Swing weightThe swing weight is D4The swing weight is D3  
Shaft optionProject X hazardous smokeFujikura atoms orange

What are M5 Drivers?

The M5 drivers, which were launched in the UK, were launched on 15 February 2019 and cost about €499. It is used by men golfers. The M5 drivers are available for both left and right-handers.

The material which is used to make the M5 driver are titanium and carbon. The head volume is about 460 cc.

The club length 0f of the M5 driver is about 45.75 inches. The swing weight is D4. The type of shaft is made up of graphite.

The loft and face angle can be adjusted in m5 Drivers. The shaft flex used is regular and stiff the looks has been improved than the older model.

The driver is more expensive than any other model. The M5 drivers are thinner and are attractive in shape.

When the M5 driver hits the ball, the sound produced is more solid and lower-pitched. There is a tour version of the M5 driver, which moves 1mph faster in the air, and the M5 is more adjustable.

The Tour version of M5 drivers is used by elite speed golf players. This model is close together on spin than the previous models.

It is mostly used by swing players who need to reduce the spin of the ball. The speed Injected face is the most useful update in this driver.

What are M6 Drivers?

The M6 drivers are known as game-changer. It is used for increasing the speed of the ball and to travel more distance.

The M6 drivers can be tuned individually. A speed injection is set inside the driver, which controls the speed of the ball near the limit, and it has sleek.

The clubhead speed is increased to travel more distance by the aerodynamic shaping. The inertia generator is used to reduce aerodynamic drag.

Each and every M6 driver is tuned individually. The top of the driver is given with mate carbon finish with silver color lining combination in it.     

The golf players, with the help of the M6 driver, can hit the ball higher and can also spin low. The M6 driver has the M6 driver has a twisting face technology that produces spin.

This driver is used for the consistency of a generator in it and a hammerhead 2.0. The loft for the M6 driver I about 10.5®.

The M6 driver does not have a headcover, and it does not have a tool. The M6 drivers are used by both left and right-handed golfers and are used by men golfers, and it is also used by handicaps.

The Indian price for the M6 driver cost about 23 thousand rupees.

Main Differences Between M5 Drivers and M6 Drivers

  1. Both the M5 and M6 Drivers are golf equipment, but the M5 driver costs higher than the m6 driver.
  2. The blade length of the M5 driver is 80mm, and the blade length of the M6 driver is 90mm.
  3. D4 is the swing weight of the M5 drivers, and D3 is the swing weight of the M6 drivers
  4. Both the M5 and M6 drivers’ length are somewhat similar, but it changes slightly and the M5 driver length about 45.75mm and the M6 driver length about 45.76mm.
  5.  The M5 driver is made up of 54% carbon compare to M3 drivers, but the M6 drivers are made up of carbon and titanium.


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