Difference Between Man Bike and Woman Bike

Bicycle manufacturers make varying bikes with different aspects to cater to men or women.

Since they have physical differences, they have different needs for the specifications of their bike to accommodate their body structure.

Man Bike vs Woman Bike

The main difference between men’s bikes and women’s bikes is mainly in their fit and frame structure. Men’s bike has a larger frame structure and a wider fit to suit their stature whereas women’s bike has a smaller frame structure comparatively since women have a smaller average height.

Man Bike vs Woman Bike

Men’s bikes are made to suit their stature and their bodies perfectly. They tend to be larger and wider.

These bikes are also developed to hold more weight. Since they also have long arms along with broader shoulders, their handlebars are positioned higher.

On the other hand, women’s bikes are made to accommodate a shorter and smaller body frame comparatively. Their seats are made specifically to suit their wider pelvic bones, which makes them more comfortable.

Their handlebars are also placed lower since they have shorter arms.

Comparison Table Between Man Bike and Woman Bike

Parameters of ComparisonMan BikeWoman Bike
Frame SizeLargerSmaller
Crank Length170 mm165 mm
Top TubeHorizontalVertical
Grips and BrakeTend to be wider and longerThey are smaller and shorter
Bike SaddlesThey are narrow and long.They are wide and short.
HandlebarNarrower and placed higher upWider and placed lower
Handlebar Size42 to 44 cm wide38 to 40 cm wide

What is Man Bike?

Bicycles tailored specifically for men have a structure that is made to accommodate more masculine characteristics like longer legs, wider and larger stature, longer arms, bigger hands, etc.

The various aspects of bikes are made according to their proportions.

Men’s bikes are a larger size in general since they are taller and broader. Men have longer torsos which is the reason why bike manufacturers make longer cranks for their bikes.

The average crank length is 170 mm, which makes it easier for them to maintain balance and reach the pedals.

Men’s bikes have a longer, horizontal top tube placed at a relatively high position to accommodate their longer heights and body shapes. This also makes it easier for them to ride in trousers or shorts.

Since the top tube is horizontal, the seat tube in the men’s bikes is not at a steep angle.

These bikes have wider handlebars because men have broader shoulders, so it allows them to have more control over the bike, which prevents toppling while also being comfortable.

Their seats and saddles are also longer and narrower.

These bikes have larger grips to suit men’s larger hands. Their brake levers also consist of a longer reach since men have longer arms.

What is Woman Bike?

Women’s bikes are made to tailor to their physical characteristics and needs. All the adjustments were made to make the bicycle more comfortable for them.

These bikes are smaller to accommodate their smaller stature. It also helps in the lowering of their center of gravity which results in increased stability.

Women’s bikes have a shorter crank length to make it easier for them to reach them because they have shorter torsos. The average crank length is approximately 165 mm.

Women have shorter hands because of which handlebars are narrower and placed lower, which makes it easier for them to have control over their bike and helps in navigating across corners with more ease.

The grips are also smaller, and their brake levers have a shorter reach.

Women’s bikes have wider and shorter seats and saddles which are manufactured to accommodate women’s wider pelvic bones.

Due to their shorter and smaller bodies, the top tube is vertical and placed at a lower level which helps them mount and dismount.

Main Differences Between Man Bike and Woman Bike

  1. The difference between men’s bike and women’s bike is that men’s bike has a larger frame whereas women’s bikes have smaller frames to accommodate to the distinctions in their stature.
  2. Men have a longer crank length of approximately 170 mm as they have comparatively longer torsos. On the other hand, women have shorter torsos, so they have a shorter crank length of about 165 mm.
  3. Men’s bikes have longer top tubes that are placed horizontally, whereas women’s bikes have shorter top tubes that are placed vertically.
  4. The grips in men’s bikes are relatively larger to accommodate their larger hands and broader shoulder. Men’s bike’s brake levers also tend to have a longer reach. On the other hand, women’s bikes have smaller grips, and their brake levers have a shorter reach to accommodate their smaller hands.
  5. Men’s bikes are fitted with narrow and longer saddles, whereas women’s bikes have wider and shorter saddles to accommodate their wider pelvic bones.
  6. Men’s bikes have a wider handlebar that is placed lower since they have long arms and broader shoulders. The handlebar present on women’s bikes tends to be narrow and positioned at a higher position for easier access for shorter arms.
  7. The handlebar stem is longer on men’s bikes, being 42 to 44 centimetres wide on average, whereas women’s bike has a shorter handlebar length, having an average width of 38 to 40 centimetres.
Difference Between Man Bike and Woman Bike


Men’s bikes and women’s bikes have quite a lot of different properties to help accommodate the different physical characteristics and needs of men and women.

Men’s bikes have a bigger size since men tend to have longer arms and legs. This is also why the average distance between the handlebar and the saddle is longer.

Women’s bikes have a smaller size in general, and this is because they are shorter and consequently have a shorter torso.

The distance between the handlebar and the saddle is smaller to make it easier for them. It is best to choose a bike that fits your physical needs and characteristics best.


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