Mario Kart vs Mario Party: Difference and Comparison

Gaming is one of the best things to put your mind to rest and take a break from your busy lives; gaming consoles have evolved a lot, and people worldwide are making a career with gaming, making it a full-time job earning millions of dollars.


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Nintendo was the first gaming company to manufacture one of the best gaming consoles with a coloured screen. Nintendo manufactured both handheld and TV consoles.

The first console was manufactured in 1983, called the Nintendo Entertainment System, which gained popularity all over North America and slowly in parts of Europe; with that success, Nintendo manufactured Game Boy, a handheld system in 1989, a blazing success for the company.

Then the company produced the colour Game Boy, which offered an LCD screen with a relatively decent quality of colours, and this successful company never looked back.

Nintendo was also the company that gave birth to the all-time favourite Mario Bros. That broke all the gaming records. Mario was also introduced in different forms and many games. The best-selling were Mario Kart and Mario Party.

Key Takeaways

  1. Mario Kart is a racing game that involves driving go-karts and using power-ups to hinder opponents. At the same time, Mario Party is a party game involving various mini-games and challenges.
  2. Mario Kart is played by racing through tracks and competing with other players, while Mario Party is played by competing with other players in various mini-games and challenges.
  3. Mario Kart focuses more on skill and strategy, while Mario Party focuses more on luck and social interaction.

Mario Kart vs Mario Party

Mario Kart is a video game distributed by Nintendo Inc. It has characters from the Mario series that compete in a go-kart race where each player collects items to win the game. Mario Kart can have up to 8 players. Nintendo develops Mario Party, which features Mario characters competing in a board game online. It offers players mini-games and can have up to four local players.

Mario Kart vs Mario Party

Mario Kart offers different playing modes like Grand Prix, Battles, and Teams, but Mario Party only offers a single gaming mode.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonMario KartMario Party
MeaningIt is a series of Mario Bros manufactured and distributed by Nintendo. It is based on the go-Kart racing theme where 8 to 9 characters compete and collect items to win.It is also a series of Mario Bros manufactured and distributed by Nintendo Inc. It is based on a board game where characters compete with each other to secure the first position and reach the top.
ThemeBased on Go-Kart racingIt is based on a board game.
Playing ModesAvailable both online, offline, and multiplayer Available offline and multiplayer
No of playersIt offers a max playing limit of 8 players.It offers a max playing limit of 4 players.
Availability on MobileMario Kart is also available on Android and IOS devices except for Nintendo consoles.Mario Party is not available on mobile phones.
Mini GamesIt does not offer mini-games between levels.It does offer mini-games like Climb the tower etc., in between levels.

What is Mario Kart?

Mario Kart is one of Nintendo and Mario brothers’ best-selling games, first released on August 27, 1992, and came a long way by introducing fourteen generations of Mario Kart with modifications and new circuits to maintain the game’s soul.

The game is based on go-Kart racing, where all the Mario characters, like Mario, Luigi, Peach, Yoshi, and Wario, complete each other through a series of circuits and levels by collecting items to win the race.

Mario Kart is also available as online gaming to play, compete against each other and enjoy the game. It has a limit of 8 characters.

One of the most remarkable features of the game is collecting various power from a box that lies on the circuit itself that contains much power like Banana peels, throwing shells, and using mushrooms to pull up the speed.

 There are many more years of playing, like the Grand Prix, where players compete for the cup. The game contains time trials based on the time. It includes battles where players play in teams to compete against each other.

mario kart

What is Mario Party?

Mario Party also tops the Nintendo and Mario brothers list by selling the same number of copies as Mario Kart.

The Mario Party was first released on December 18, 1998, and the latest release on October 5, 2018; it is based upon a real-time board game where four players compete against each other with different power.

The gameplay of Mario’s Party is as simple. It contains the board where players play and try to collect as many stars as possible by rolling a die to progress.

The players earn coins by either stealing or collecting after every round. A mini-game first appeared in Mario Party 2, where the players compete again for the stars and coins.

Mario Party has only five Mario, Luigi peach, Yoshi, and Wario, that also came after in the later generations of the game. The Party is also available as multiplayer or online to enjoy with your family and friends.

 Mario Party is available on all gaming consoles and hand handheld consoles by Nintendo. It is also available on the most recent Nintendo console that is in the Nintendo Switch.

 Mario’s Party became one of the most loved games, and Mario’s Party and Mario Kart still compete for the first position.

mario party

Main Differences Between Mario Kart and Mario Party

  1. Mario Kart is based on a go-kart theme, where the players compete with each other on a series of circuits and collect power-ups from the course to reach the first position. In contrast, Mario Party is based on a real-life board game where players compete to get on the board’s top.
  2. Mario Kart has a playing limit of 8 players, whereas Mario Party has a playing limit of 4 players.
  3. Mario Kart offers extensive game-playing modes like Grand Prix. The players compete with each other around numerous circuits; it also contains where the players team up and play against each other; it also offers difficulty levels like 50cc and 100cc, whereas the Mario Party provides only a single playing feature.
  4. The Mario Party offers some minigames after every level to collect the star and reach the first rank and is the most loved feature of the game, whereas Mario Kart does not offer any minigames.
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