Difference Between Marriott and Sheraton

Some people enjoy budget traveling while some people enjoy their luxurious stays. Those who love to stay and enjoy a delightful experience at luxurious hotels must have known about the world’s largest hotel chain Marriott.


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Marriott not only offers a great and memorable stay but also owns a significant number of hotel brands under them.

Sheraton is one of the hotel brands which is part of Marriot international. Though Sheraton is a part of Marriot, they have certain differences in their deals and stays.

Marriott vs Sheraton

The difference between Marriott and Sheraton is that Marriot is the chain of hotels that is present all over the world, whereas Sheraton is the hotel brand that is a part of Marriott International. Marriott has partnerships with many other brands such as AC hotels, Fairfield, Design hotels, etc., whereas Sheraton is a part of Marriott and shares certain loyalty programs with other partner hotel brands.

Marriott vs Sheraton

Headquartered in Bethesda, USA, Marriott is a chain of hotel brands that own hotels at exotic locations and has more than 32 hotel brands under them.

Marriott offers various high saving-deals and discounts for their guests. They have several features such as smoking rooms, pet-friendly, no cancellation fees, free wifi, more payment options, etc.

Sheraton is headquartered in White Plains, USA, and is a part of Marriot International. It has certain features, the same as Marriott. They have many discounts on small things such as spas and breakfasts.

They have limited free wifi, have penalty charges for some kinds of cancellations, are a bit cheaper than Marriott, and limited smoking rooms.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonMarriottSheraton
DefinitionMarriott is the largest and luxurious hotel chain in the world.Sheraton is also a hotel brand that is a part of Marriott international.
FeaturesMarriott comes with various types of luxurious stays, smoking rooms, available wifi, pet-friendly, has more payment options, and no cancellation fees before 48 hrs stay.Sheraton also has fewer features than Marriott, such as fewer payment options, cancellation charges, limited free wifi, etc.
HeadquarterIt is headquartered in Bethesda, USA.It is headquartered in White Plains, USA.
PriceThe rates of Marriott are comparatively higher.The rates of Sheraton are comparatively cheaper than at Marriott.
DealsMarriot has many deals and bigger discounts which are offered for the big item deals.Sheraton offers various deals like 10-20% discounts on early bird bookings, breakfast deals, spa discounts, etc.

What is Marriott?

Marriott is a chain of hotels that own many hotel brands and some most aspirational hotels at exotic locations in the world. Its global portfolio, which owns top brands such as Ritz Carlton and St. Regis etc., says it all.

The one who loves their travel with all the luxury and 5 star stays, Marriot is their first choice.

Marriot has many features such as they are pet-friendly, have smoke rooms, have free wifi for their guests. There is an executive lounge in some hotels which are available for only Gold, Platinum, and Platinum Premier rewards members.

Marriot also has a lot more payment options and great and high-saving deals. The bigger discounts are applicable for bigger deals.

On top of that, Marriott has free cancellation charges before 48 hours of stay. They are headquartered in Bethesda, USA, and have 30 brands acquired under them. They are located in different locations around the globe, such as Africa, Australia, Europe, the Middle -East, South America, etc.


What is Sheraton?

Sheraton is a hotel brand that is a part of Marriott. They are headquartered in White Plains, USA. They are available in all the locations, same as Marriott.

They also offer various deals and discounts when it comes to the stays, like a discount on breakfast, spa, etc. They have fewer payment options when compared to Marriott.

Other features like smoking rooms, limited free wifi, pet friendly, loyalty programs are all offered in Sheraton. When it comes to cancellation charges, Sheraton is a bit different than Marriot, and one has to pay the penalty when canceled the pre-paid room bookings.

One can get executive lounges, 5-star luxury, loyalty programs, and many more offers. 


Main Differences Between Marriott and Sheraton

  1. Marriot is the largest hotel chain in the world that provides luxurious 5 start stays, whereas Sheraton is a hotel brand that is a part of Marriot International.
  2. Marriot has relatively higher prices, whereas Sheraton is available at cheaper rates as compared to Marriot.
  3. Marriot has more features offered for Customers for their delightful stays, whereas some features are very limited in Sheraton.
  4. Marriot is headquartered in Bethesda, USA, whereas Sheraton is headquartered in White Plains, USA.
  5. Marriott has bigger discounts which are applicable for bigger item deals, whereas Sheraton comparatively offers 10-20% discounts on various deals such as Breakfast, spa, early-bird bookings, etc.
  6. Marriot has no cancellation charges if it is done before 48 hours of stay, whereas Callencellation charges are applicable in many places of Sheraton.
Difference Between Marriott and Sheraton


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