Difference Between Marshall Kilburn I and II

There are various kinds of speakers, headphones, earphones, air pods wireless, and otherwise but the Marshall Kilburn portable speakers are here for the win.


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These portable speakers are capable of handling not only contemporary music like hip-hop and pop but also the Blues and the Jazz are better enjoyed on it. The sound is balanced, versatile, and without much electric static.

Marshall Kilburn one and two are two such portable speakers with a sort of vintage look but very modern sound designs.

Marshall Kilburn I vs II

The difference between Marshall Kilburn I and II is the battery life on the latter even exceeds the battery life of 20 hours in the former one. The Kilburn II thus has a battery life of 20 plus hours and can charge up to 3 hours of playtime in just 20 minutes.

Marshall Kilburn I vs II

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonMarshall Kilburn IMarshall Kilburn II
Battery LifeThe battery life is of 20 hours.The battery life is of 20 plus hours
Audio PerformanceIt only has 20 watts in total for woofers and tweeters.It has multi-directional sound and it has 36 watts in total for woofers and tweeters.
Connectivity There is no such facility.It can connect to two devices simultaneously
Frequency Range62 – 20,000 Hz52 – 20,000 Hz
Water resistanceNo such feature.Somewhat water-resistant, thus can handle a little bit of drizzle.

What is Marshall Kilburn I?

If you are someone who likes retro and vintage designs then the Kilburn series is custom made for you.

The mesh, woven grille, and the Marshall logo on the front make it really stand out among its competitors.

The gold piping on the surroundings is really beautiful in both the color variants of black and cream.

The control panel is all analog and they are waiting to be probed and tweaked, the toggle switch, the knobs for adjusting bass, treble, and volume.

There are no wifi or internet connection features here, it only has a Bluetooth connection to one’s phone thus it is pretty old school in most ways.

The nearly 2300 mAh battery lasts for 20 hours and thus it is enough juice for the long party hours.

Coming to sound quality, it has a good balance of the volume, bass, and treble and also enough crispy sound quality to enjoy the blues and jazz. The price tag as of 2021 is pretty affordable given the features it packs. 

The disadvantages include the no internet connection facilities, given that now most things are controlled over the internet or streamed from there, it certainly is a major drawback.

The weight of three kilograms is not appealing to the younger consumers either. However, it is just perfect for those looking for an old-school, vintage music system that can play their favorites loud and clear and for long.

marshall kilburn i

What is Marshall Kilburn II?

The newer version of Marshall Kilburn has seen improvements in major areas as compared to the older version.

The major improvements are the 20 plus hours of playtime and the power of having 3 hours of playtime for just a 20 minutes charging session.  

The next one is the best improvement which is multi-directional sound and it is sure to immerse you in music be it indoors or outdoors. 

The sound quality is significantly better with 36 watts of power which is distributed among 20 watts for the woofers and the remaining 8 watts for the tweeters.

The Bluetooth here is the fifth generation APTX and can connect to two simultaneous devices up to a distance of 30 feet. The color option here is more as well with the grey variant being added to the prior existing black and cream

Even though the Kilburn II is bigger than its predecessor it is also lighter and the design too is slightly improved upon, with the sleek old-fashion look however remaining the same.

The water-resistance may not be top-notch, it can withstand a bit of the water, with itsIPX2 water-resistant technology. 

It, however, is not supported by any app and the controls to are all analog with the knobs for changing the volume or bass, etc are at the top just like the older version.

There is no internet support either so no streaming of music or smart voice assistant. 

marshall kilburn ii

Main Differences Between Marshall Kilburn I and II

  1. The battery life is longer with the Kilburn II than the Kilburn I and it also recharges quicker than the Kilburn I and can give a playtime of 3 hours in just 20 minutes.
  2. The water resistance, Marshall Kilburn II is somewhat a little water-resistant but the Kilburn I has no such feature whatsoever. 
  3. Coming to Audio Performance, the Kilburn II has 36 watts in total for the woofers and tweeters and the Kilburn I has only 20 Watts.
  4. The connectivity facilities are better in the Kilburn II and can connect to two devices simultaneously as compared to the Kilburn I.
  5. The Kilburn II is lighter than the Kilburn I even though it is bigger in size with respect to height. 
  6. The color variants on the Kilburn II is more than the Kilburn I which only has black and cream colors to choose from, while the former one has grey as well.
Difference Between Marshall Kilburn I and II
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