Difference Between Martin Luther King and Cesar Chavez

There have been several public figures and loved people who led a contented and happy life just by giving away love and concern to people of the lower class and backward societies. However, there was also the rise of dictatorships in several parts of the world in ancient times.

Martin Luther King vs Cesar Chavez 

The main difference between Martin Luther King and Cesar Chavez is that Martin Luther King fought for the discrimination and snatching of the rights of common people most of who belonged to the black community whereas Cesar Chavez strived for improving the farmers’ lives who barely get money for survival.

Martin Luther King vs Cesar Chavez

Martin Luther King was a very activist and socially active man. He was more aggressive and active in the African-American sector for the rights of the people and believed in treating all equally.

He, therefore, was focused on giving justice to the people and treating segregation for black people.

Cesar Chavez was also a man of big thoughts and principles. Chavez worked in the Mexican and American people’s rights who barely earned for their survival and livelihood.

Most of them were working farmers and some belonged to the labor side. Cesar Chavez also listened to the rights of common people.

Comparison Table Between Martin Luther King and Cesar Chavez

Parameters of Comparison Martin Luther King Cesar Chavez
Main emphasisMartin Luther King was a very social activist and worked to treat the discrimination against black people.Cesar Chavez was very aggressive for the rights of hardworking people like working farmers.
Strikes Martin Luther King went on a strike to not use the bus in 1955 and it became a massive strike.Cesar Chavez went on a strike to not buy the fruits and foodstuff in late 1968.
CommunityHe is known majorly for the improvements in the American and African communities.He worked for the welfare of hardworking people in the Mexican and American communities.
ImpactKing’s fight for segregation was socially active and didn’t impact much on America.He fought for people with daily wages and it had a lot of impact on America and neighboring areas.
Focus on factsHe fought for the equality of people who had no diplomacy and economics involved.All the fights of Cesar Chavez were based upon factual knowledge, law, and politics.

What is Martin Luther King?

Martin Luther King is known by the full name Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. He was born on January 15, 1959, in Georgia, Atlanta.

Martin Luther King was the son of a Baptist Minister and had several interesting facts like his name was changed and he was very active in all aspects of life and that was what made him a great personality in the future.

Martin Luther King passed high school at the age of fifteen and pursued a BA degree. Then, he saw the problems of people and faced his life spreading justice for them.

He married and had two sons and two daughters thereafter. He worked for the justice and betterment of the civil rights of the people and then has been working for the rights of black people and the segregation they had.

He worked for the American and African segment of people.

He made the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and treated segregation in the black community. King also gave rise to a series of important events in which the Montgomery bus boycott was a major one and lasted for two years.

He received the Nobel Peace Prize at 35 and was killed by enemies in 1968.

What is Cesar Chavez?

Cesar Chavez is known by his name Cesar Estrado Chavez. He was born on March 31, 1927, in Arizona, USA.

He belonged to a very hardworking family who themselves had a farm to work in. Later they moved to California in 1938 and became migrant workers.

It was from this time that Chavez knew how difficult it was to change the working conditions for the hardworking families like his own and he decided to work for their upliftment. He was a very socially active man and led a lot of protests and strikes that later made him an influencing personality of his time.

He did not go to high school and was not involved in further studies. He joined the US Army served for two years and left in 1946.

Chavez then worked for the farmworkers to get past their rights and strived to change the working conditions for them because they barely get to earn their living and Chavez too, was one of their kind. Chavez had the biggest and most effective strike of their time to not buy the fruits in 1968. He also made several influential moves.

He left the world in 1993 naturally. 

Main Differences Between Martin Luther King and Cesar Chavez 

  1. Martin Luther King won the Nobel peace prize but Cesar Chavez did not.
  2. Martin Luther King was primarily focused on segregation for a particular community whereas Cesar Chavez worked for all the community people.
  3. Martin Luther King was very aggressive and had armed protests whereas Cesar Chavez has mostly led non-violence protests.
  4. Martin Luther King was born as the son of a minister and did not face poverty from the beginning whereas Cesar Chavez belonged to a poor family working in fields to earn for living.
  5. Martin Luther King was killed in a conspiracy whereas Cesar Chavez had a natural death. 


Martin Luther King and Cesar Chavez, both were socially very active and listened to the problems of people and impacted a lot of lives of common people for their betterment. They tried and became successful in eradicating several social issues like the black community’s injustice and the working conditions for farmers and laborers.

However, Martin Luther King won the Nobel peace prize but Cesar Chavez was nominated three times for it but never got to win it. Martin Luther King and Cesar Chavez both stood upon their words and made their lives influential, making people get their civil rights. 


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