MBBS vs MD: Difference and Comparison

They serve others with kindness and purity without fearing the virus. After the engineering profession, medicine is the second most common profession chosen by students after their higher secondary level.

MBBS is persuaded after class 12th. It provides an undergraduate degree in a bachelor of medicine and surgery. But if a person wants to become a specialithey needeeds to do MD.

Key Takeaways

  1. MBBS stands for Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, while MD stands for Doctor of Medicine.
  2. MBBS is an undergraduate degree focusing on the basic medical sciences and clinical training, while MD is a postgraduate degree emphasizing advanced clinical training and research.
  3. After completing MBBS, one can practice medicine as a general practitioner, while MD holders can specialize in a particular field of medicine such as cardiology, neurology, or gastroenterology.


MBBS is a medical degree which can be pursued after 12th class. To do MBBS, students must select biology as a main subject in 12th class. MD is another degree which can be taken by students after completing their MBBS. The purpose of this degree is to become a specialist in a particular medical field. The duration of this course is three years.


MBBS is referred to as bachelor of medicine, bachelor of surgery, a baccalaureate course for biology stream students who want to become doctors and serve others.


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MD, which is the doctor of medicine, is the course pursued after MBBS by eligible students who want to gain expertise in their respective topics.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonMBBSMD
DefinitionMBBS is also referred to as a bachelor of medicine, bachelor of surgery, a baccalaureate course for students who want to become doctors and serve others.MD, which is the doctor of medicine, is the course pursued after MBBS by eligible students who want to gain expertise in their respective topics.
Course durationThis course is for five and a half years and involves a one-year internship. This course is for three years, and it is done after MBBS.
Course typeIt is an undergraduate course.It is a postgraduate course type.
Selection EligibilityThe student should have completed their 12th with PCB or PCMB and passed the NEET exam.The eligible student should have completed their MBBS, a one-year training, and have qualified NEET PG exam.
Course focusIt focuses on general medicine study. This course is for specialization in medicine and surgery.
Stands for MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery)MD (Doctor of Medicine)

What is MBBS?

MBBS is opted for by students who want to serve the nation by becoming a doctor. They become a general physician after getting this degree.

MBBS syllabus contains pharmacology, anatomy, medicine, surgery, etc. MBBS is referred to as a Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of surgery.

Only students who had taken physics, chemistry, and biology or physics, chemistry, mathematics, and biology as their mainstream subjects after 10th are eligible to pursue MBBS.


What is MD?

MD course is chosen by those students who have completed their MBBS course and want to become specialists in a particular subject.

MD course duration is three years, and it is only for those students who have completed their MBBS course. And also need to qualify for the NEET PG exam with a decent rank to get a good institute for their MD.

In the MD course, one only needs to study one topic in detail that they have chosen to specialize in. After doing this degree, their salary also increases.


Main Differences Between MBBS and MD

  1. MBBS courses focus on general medicine study. But when one needs to do specialization in a specific topic, they opt for an MD course.
  2. MBBS gets you a bachelor’s degree after completion, whereas one gets a master’s degree after completing their MD course.
Difference Between MBBS and MD
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