Difference Between McAfee Total Protection and McAfee Antivirus (With Table)

McAfee is an American global computer security software company located in Clara, California. Well, it’s known for its antivirus packages and well-known stuff across the world. McAfee antivirus and McAfee total protection are also some widely preferred packages by the customers as well. But since prices differ from package to package, the facilities and amenities also differ from package to package.

McAfee Total Protection vs McAfee Antivirus

The difference between McAfee total protection and McAfee antivirus is that the first one is majorly used for the best overall protection of the device while the latter one is mainly for basic sort of protection. These two differ in degree of security and some service availability as well.

McAfee total protection is one of the tops and excellent malware or virus protection packages McAfee offers to its customers. It encompasses a personal firewall, cryptocurrency protection, password manager, parental controls, and vulnerability scanner. Also, it is expensive in nature since it comprises a variety of advanced features and services.

McAfee antivirus is a basic package McAfee offers across the globe. It does have many high-end features, but its scoring is 100 while in the case of malware protection. Also, it’s capable of blocking in my own and third-party lab tests. It is comparatively less expensive than the rest ones.

Comparison Table Between McAfee Total Protection and McAfee Antivirus

Parameters of ComparisonMcAfee Total ProtectionMcAfee Antivirus
DefinitionMcAfee total protection offers customers various high-end facilities, including vulnerability scanners, password manager and many more.McAfee antivirus is a basic tool that does offer high-end features. However, its scoring is 100 in protecting the device from malware.
BudgetMcAfee total protection is expensive since it contains high advanced features.McAfee antivirus is comparatively low since it’s a basic package.
NavigationThe learning to navigate between the tools may seem more complex.Since it’s a normal offer, it’s not tricky but needs learning.
ControlsParental control is present in this category.There’s no parenting control feature in McAfee antivirus.
ProtectionsIt protects cryptocurrency, advanced firewalls, and security tools.It doesn’t protect cryptocurrency and doesn’t have advanced firewalls.

What is McAfee Total Protection?

Well, everything is working on the internet. A PC contains a high degree of data that needs to be secured from unauthorised parties. McAfee total protection offers the user to access the package and secures the system from any malware or threats. It even focuses on defending from viruses that try to penetrate the system’s security.

It contains several tools that are advance in nature. Well, it offers many features. McAfee total protection covers the Cryptocurrency to be stolen or corroded, it has its own firewall and has excellent protection against viruses, and Scoring is indeed outstanding. Features like parenting control are also available.

But while buying this package, it’s important to know well about some cons. It’s expensive since it covers advanced features and can be a tricky thing to learn and access McAfee total protection. But total protection is an overall better option because of the extra protection it offers via firewalls, vulnerability scanners, advanced security tools.

The price in USD is around 110, and the protection score is 100%. Features like safe browsing, identifying theft monitoring is also available in McAfee total protection. Parenting control is also there to block inappropriate content for children. That sounds quite important and a necessary thing when things are visible in this era of Technology.

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What is McAfee Antivirus?

It’s evident that the market and Technology field is expanding like never before. So the cyber threats and malware are becoming powerful in corrupting the data of a system. McAfee, an American based agency, had rolled out several packages that, when enabled in your system, protects from viruses and act as a defender.

McAfee antivirus package offers the user a variety of services, but it doesn’t offer advanced features like vulnerability scanners, password manager, parental control, and cryptocurrencies protection. Indeed it’s a useful package with a low-cost budget and easy to learn and access as well.

First of all, it’s important to know the requirement. Well, if it’s for normal purpose, McAfee antivirus is the best suitable for your devices. Since the configuration is easy to learn and suitable for the user to handle easily, it comes with a low-cost package. In USD, it’s around 60 dollars whose scoring against the malware protection is 100.

It consists of safe browsing but doesn’t include feature available in McAfee total protection. It prevents downloading from unsafe websites to defend the system from virus. Also, it needs minimal use of resources. But the disadvantage is that it’s a bit of a learning curve and no advanced security tools available in the offer.

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Main Differences Between McAfee Total Protection and McAfee Antivirus

  1. McAfee total protection has cryptocurrency protection, passwords manager, vulnerability scanners, and personal firewalls, but McAfee antivirus has nothing in any of these.
  2. Total protection has an option of parent control that stops the kids to access and visit inappropriate websites and content, while antivirus has no parent control.
  3. The learning part and navigation is trickier in total protection because it supports a variety of services, so it becomes more complex, while antivirus is comparatively simple since it does not comprise high-end features.
  4. It’s considered excellent malware protection because of services like vulnerability scanner, password manager, and many more, while antivirus is a basic package.
  5. The McAfee total protection is costlier than the McAfee antivirus since it encompasses advanced features.


Technology is making and evolving everyone from landlines to cellphones and now smartphones. Things have gone wild lately. But on the other hand, malware, viruses are becoming stronger.

So it’s important to install this kind of antivirus to protect your device from corrupting. The data is everything in the Technology field. So it’s necessary to defend using firewalls, enabling advanced packages to make sure the information doesn’t leak or lose. Without this kind of antivirus, the device would lose precious data.


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