McAfee Total Protection vs McAfee Internet Security: Difference and Comparison

McAfee is one of the industry’s oldest and most trusted antivirus brands. The internet is no longer the same as it was a few years ago. Today, you need to be more sharp-eyed than ever. The fraudsters persistently seek an opportunity to steal your delicate data and privacy.

They even adopt several sophisticated methods for that specific purpose. So, an excellent antivirus program is required to avoid all kinds of digital threats and keep your data and privacy of yourself and your family in safe hands.

McAfee is award-winning virus protection that thwarts all kinds of digital threats by the scammer. It furnishes protection for all platforms, including Windows, macOS, Android, and IOS.

It keeps your PC’s performance at an ideal level as it executes different functions like blocking auto-play videos on the website blocking viruses, malware, spyware, and all unwanted programs.

It prevents dangerous downloads too. It helps in keeping you away from all kinds of vulnerable web pages.

Key Takeaways

  1. McAfee Total Protection is a premium security suite that offers comprehensive Protection against viruses, malware, and online threats.
  2. McAfee Internet Security is a more basic package that provides Protection against viruses and online threats but needs some of the advanced features of Total Protection.
  3. Total Protection is a better option for those who want complete Protection, while Internet Security is a more affordable choice for basic security needs.

McAfee Total Protection vs McAfee Internet Security

McAfee Total Protection provides advanced protection against viruses, malware, spyware, and other online threats. McAfee Internet Security provides antivirus protection, real-time scanning for malware, spyware, and ransomware, and protection against phishing and spam emails.

McAfee Total Protection vs McAfee Internet Security

McAfee ensures the protection of your device, which ultimately results in the extension of your peace of mind. You can easily enjoy security all the time too.

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Comparison Table

Parameter of ComparisonMcAfee Total ProtectionMcAfee Internet Security
What is itIt is McAfee premium antivirus a program that offers almost everything that McAfee Internet Security does and more. McAfee Internet Security provides
you with a graphical user interface
that is not only easy to use but is
also self-explanatory.
What does it doDefend against viruses, online threats, and ransomware attacks, Provides device optimization and keep safe from fraud websites.
The online security feature protects you while browsing and avoids spam and possibly harmful downloads.
URL sharingIt has safe URL sharingIt does not have safe URL sharing.
Wireless SecurityIt has Wireless Security.It does not have Wireless Security.
FeaturesMcAfee Total Protection is one with more features compared to McAfee Internet Security.It merely works as an antivirus solution.

What is McAfee Total Protection?

McAfee is overall a better option because of its extra protection provided by ultra-advanced security tools. McAfee Total Protection has a personal firewall that monitors your internet connection and protects you from fraudsters so they cannot sneak in.

McAfee Total Protection also takes into account identity theft Protections. Total protection has safe URL sharing and even twice the backup capacity of internet security. You can enjoy the tranquillity of mind with McAfee Total Protection.

It protects against viruses, spyware, and ransomware attacks, safeguards your details, and even stops you from reaching vulnerable and unsafe web pages. McAfee Total Protection is one with more features.

It also has wireless network protection. McAfee Total Protection preserves your computer so that no one can get access to it. You can put all of them into encrypted storage for total protection if you have important files you do not want to share with others.

mcafee total protection

What is McAfee Internet Security?

Mcafee Internet Security merely acts as an antivirus solution. It helps detect viruses and malware in your system and even protects you from getting into vulnerable sites while browsing. It is a cybersecurity application.

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One of its best protection tools is its online security features. It does not possess wireless security. Mcafee Internet Security is a household name in the field of antivirus software.

It proffers various tools to protect your respective device or PC. Once set in your device, it can easily detect before the virus gets into your system. It always keeps your device secure from threats that could infect your system.

It even scans your emails to block out spam and any potential fraud, such as phishing attacks or vulnerable attacks.

Main Differences Between Mcafee Total Protection and Mcafee Internet Security

  1. Mcafee Total Protection even has encrypted storage that you can use when you do not want to share your file with other people. Mcafee Internet Security does not have encrypted storage to hide files.
  2. The backup capacity of Mcafee Total Protection is twice that of Mcafee Internet Security.
  3. Mcafee Total Protection has Safe URL sharing. And safe URL sharing is lacking in the case of Mcafee Internet Security.
  4. Mcafee Total Protection also has wireless network protection. And Mcafee Internet Security does not have a wireless network.
  5. Mcafee Total Protection is one with more features. And Mcafee Internet Security takes care of threats to your system by keeping it clean.

Last Updated : 11 June, 2023

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24 thoughts on “McAfee Total Protection vs McAfee Internet Security: Difference and Comparison”

  1. There are clear differences between Total Protection and Internet Security. Understanding these differences is important in choosing the right level of protection.

  2. I still believe that McAfee Internet Security would suffice for regular internet users. Not everyone requires all the extra features of Total Protection.

  3. McAfee Total Protection’s advanced features make it stand out. Protecting against viruses, malware, and ransomware is crucial in today’s digital world.

  4. McAfee Total Protection’s encrypted storage is a great feature, especially for those who handle sensitive information on their devices.

  5. I’d choose McAfee Total Protection for the peace of mind it provides. The added features give an extra sense of security in today’s online environment.

  6. McAfee Total Protection is the ultimate choice for those who seek complete protection. Its comprehensive features provide peace of mind in such a dangerous online environment.

  7. It’s reassuring to know that McAfee Total Protection also includes identity theft protection. That’s a significant additional layer of security.

  8. It’s good to know that McAfee Internet Security is an affordable choice for basic security needs. Not everyone can afford the total protection package.

    • I understand your point, Kyle. Indeed, not everyone may need the complete protection, so an affordable option is quite valuable.


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