McDelivery vs UberEats: Difference and Comparison

Restaurants have been able to massively expand their business by adding the option of delivering freshly prepared meals to consumers. This adds a minimal fee to the cost of the order but greatly improves convenience.

Some restaurants have become take-out only, proving this is a sustainable business model.

Key Takeaways

  1. McDelivery is McDonald’s exclusive delivery service, while UberEats is a third-party delivery service with a wide range of restaurant options.
  2. McDelivery focuses on delivering McDonald’s food items, while UberEats offers delivery from various local and chain restaurants.
  3. UberEats may provide a larger coverage area and quicker delivery times than McDelivery due to its vast network of delivery partners.

McDelivery vs UberEats

McDelivery is a proprietary service offered by the McDonald’s corporation, allowing customers to order food and beverages from McDonald’s outlets. Uber Eats is a third-party food delivery service that partners with a wide variety of restaurants, including but not limited to McDonald’s.

McDelivery vs UberEats

McDelivery is the food delivery service by McDonald’s, which is the largest fast-food brand in the world. It has over 39000 locations in the world spanning over 100 countries.

McDelivery refers to home delivery of food from McDonald’s subject to an additional fee. It is supposed to be extremely fast and convenient.

UberEats is a food delivery application and service launched by Uber, a company that provides mobility-based services such as courier delivery, taxi services, freight delivery, etc.

Uber launched it in 2014 for a fixed additional, which was removed and now the fee is calculated according to factors such as distance and order value.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonMcDeliveryUberEats
Launch DateMcDelivery was introduced in 1983 in the United States and then expanded in other places. UberEats was started in 2014 with a different name but expanded quickly throughout the world.
AffordabilityMcDonald’s charges a fixed delivery fee and to use the service the order must be above a certain value.UberEats is relatively affordable and there is no fixed fee or order value imposed.
FunctionMcDelivery delivers only McDonald’s food to consumers.It is a network to deliver food from any restaurant that supports it to consumers.
ApplicationsMcDelivery has a basic Android application that works in conjunction with McDonald’s franchises nearby.UberEats has a very developed application where users can browse menus, restaurants and read reviews of restaurants.
AvailabilityIt is available in 27 countries worldwide.It is available in 45 countries and over 6000 cities.

What is McDelivery?

McDelivery refers to the application and service offered by the fast-food multi-billion company and chain of restaurants McDonald’s. It is available in 27 countries and in some of those countries, it is functional for 24 hours.

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McDonald’s already has a massive reach in the fast-food market and its delivery service only adds to this massive reach as it makes access to McDonald’s food much easier.

McDelivery has been terminated in some countries and the delivery service has been shifted officially to more popular applications and services such as DoorDash and UberEats.

The main benefactor to the success of McDelivery exists in the popularity of McDonald’s itself. It is the largest and most popular fast-food chain in the world, and its delivery service surely benefits from this fact.

McDelivery can be used via the McDelivery phone number, McDelivery website, and the mobile application. It gives the users options to order get the food delivered to them instantly or schedule it for some other time.

They can also do the same for pick-up orders. One thing to note is that not all products available on the menu of the restaurant are available for delivery due to the sanitary and temperature requirements of specific items.


What is UberEats?

UberEats is the food delivery application launched by Uber Technologies Ltd. It was released in 2014 but at that time it was named UberFRESH, which was removed and replaced in the subsequent year by UberEats.

It had a permanent and fixed fee of 4.99 dollars for every order which was replaced by a dynamic fee system comprising of distance and order value, in 2018.

UberEats is not only a food delivery application but also serves as a restaurant browser.

The application shows all the restaurants in the area with their menus, photos, user reviews, and ratings to help users of the application make a better choice in selecting restaurants.

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The app also schedules orders so that consumers can get their food delivered at the time they want. The app has support for all major payment platforms.

UberEats has been the subject of a lot of criticism because of its underpaid workers who aren’t even legally identified as the employees of Uber.

UberEats gained massive recognition when it sent food to the International Space Station in partnership with Yusaku Maezawa. UberEats is available in all major countries and cities with the network being distributed in over 6000 cities.

It is the most popular food delivery application in many of these cities.


Main Differences Between McDelivery and UberEats

  1. UberEats is not restaurant-specific and is available for all restaurants that support it whereas McDelivery is only available for McDonald’s franchises.
  2. McDelivery started delivering food many years before even Uber was established, therefore UberEats came much later.
  3. McDelivery has a fixed fee for every delivery that is different for different countries whereas UberEats has a varying fee calculation system.
  4. McDelivery is only possible on food orders crossing a certain minimum required value which is not the case with UberEats.
  5. McDelivery is available in fewer countries and is much less used by consumers as compared to UberEats, which is more expansive and more popular.

Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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