Meccan vs Medinan Suras: Difference and Comparison

Suras or Surahs are a collection of sayings that divide the holy book of Muslims, the Quran, into various chapters. These sayings are said to be wise words spoken to the prophet Mohammad by God.

Key Takeaways

  1. Meccan Suras originate from the early period of Islam in Mecca, while Medinan Suras come from the later period in Medina.
  2. Meccan Suras focus on faith, monotheism, and morality, whereas Medinan Suras address social, legal, and political issues.
  3. Medinan Suras are longer and more detailed than Meccan Suras.

Meccan Suras vs Medinan Suras

The Meccan suras are short verses from the final chapters of the Quran, which include the sayings of God to Prophet Mohammed when he was in Mecca. Medinan suras are the prophecies God said to Prophet Mohammed when he was in Medina. It is long verses about the Islamic law and legislation mentioned in the first chapters of the Quran.

Meccan Suras vs Medinan Suras

Meccan suras are the saying told by god to Pophrt Mohammad when he was living in Mecca. There are the initial chapters of the Quran according to their timing, but as the Quran is from long to short surahs, they are found at the end of the Quran.

The Medinan suras were the ones that were delivered to Mohammad by god when he migrated to Medina. the sayings cover one-third of the whole suras.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonMeccan SurasMedinan Suras
What are they?The Meccan suras were the sayings that were told by God to Prophet Mohammad when he was in Meccan.The Medinan suras were the sayings told to prophet Mohammad by God when he was in the Medina.
The verses lengthThe verses are short.The suras are prolonged ones.
ChapterThey are in the last chapters of the Quran.They are in the earlier chapters of the Quran.
Coverage of QuranThey cover about two-thirds of the whole suras.They cover about one-third of the whole suras.
What are they about?They are reminiscent of the soothsayers.They are about earlier history and laws.

What are Meccan Suras?

Meccan suras are the sayings of God that were told to the Prophet (Someone who can foresee the future) Mohammad when he was living in Mecca.

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Meccan Suras are short, they have short verses and are found in the later chapters of the Quran. However, these suras were timely stated first, and so are the very first sayings which were told to man by god.

The first of the suras are said to be presented in such a manner that they can be passed along orally. These suras were said to be the light for people.

What are Medinan Suras?

The median suras are the suras that are told by God to Prophet Mohammad after he had migrated to the medina. The Islamic community was much more developed in the medina.

These suras are also known as Madni Surahs, Surah Madniyah, and Madani Chapters. These suras are about the legislation, the laws that Islamism should follow.

The median suras are mentioned in the earlier chapters of the Quran as they are long verses. These suras are considered the latest suras as they were revealed to Mohammad after his migration to Medina from Mecca.

Main Differences Between Meccan And Medinan Suras

  1. Meccan suras are found in the end chapters of the Quran as the Quran is organized from longest to shortest. Therefore the Medinan suras are found in the earlier chapters.
  2. Meccan suras remind about the prophets of the pagans, which involve oaths and celestial bodies, while the Medinan suras are about earlier laws and prophets.
Difference Between Meccan and Medinan Suras

Last Updated : 19 August, 2023

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