Difference Between Men’s and Women’s Razors\

We come across different kinds of razors when we go to a supermarket to buy a razor. We can find different razors for men and women with different shapes and colours.

Men’s vs Women’s Razors

The main difference between men’s razors and women’s razor is the design and made for the comfort of the individuals. Their razors have a difference in shape and size and blade angles compared to men’s razors. Women’s razors are costlier than men’s razors. Women’s razors have a moisturizing strip along with the blades.

Mens vs Womens Razors

They design the razors in a way such that the razors provide them with utmost comfort. Men use razors mostly to shave facial hair or beard. And men’s razors have edged heads and slim heads.

They use razors to remove hair on hands and legs. Women’s razors have wide heads to make shaving smooth by increasing the area of contact for legs and razors.

Comparison Table Between Men’s and Women’s Razors

Parameters of ComparisonMen’s RazorsWomen’s Razors
UsageMen use razors majorly to shave facial hair.Women use razors to shave body hair.
HeadsEdged and thin headsWide and rounded heads
Blades angleAngles will be different as the facial surface will be even.Whereas women used to shave legs and hands, the angle needs to be changed as the skin will be uneven.
ColourBlack, deep blue, and dark colours.Pink, light blue and light colours.
PriceCheaper than women razors.Comparatively, Women’s razors prices are higher than men’s.

What is Men’s Razor?

Men’s razors are used to shave facial hair and testicles too. Men usually start using razors from adolescence to remove their testicles hair. They need to be very careful when they shave their balls.

Men’s razors have edged heads, which are best for shaving the face. And men’s razors have less area of contact compared to women’s razors. Men’s razors don’t have any dedicated grip and moisturizing strip.

We have different kinds of men’s razors. We have straight-bladed razors, Multi-bladed razors, and electrical razors (trimmers). In the olden days, we used single straight-bladed razors. Now people use Multi bladed and electrical shavers to shave facial and testicles hair.

What is Women’s Razor?

A women’s razor is a tool to shave body hair which includes legs and hands hair, pubic area hair. Usually, women’s skin is soft and smooth. So they have different designs and razor structures from men’s razors.

They have lubrication strips along with the blades or a moisturizing lotion will be provided with the razor. This feature in women’s razors prevents cuts and gives a smooth shave. But they typically last for the first shave.

Women’s razors have a different structure, they have a different handle shape and have rubber to the handle. Women’s razors come with moisturizing shaving cream or lubricating oil.

Main Differences Between Men’s Razors and Women’s Razors

  1. Women’s razors have a moisturizing strip or lubrication cream to give a better shave without cuts. While men’s razors don’t provide such features.
  2. Men’s razors last longer than women’s razors. Men’s razors are usually available in black and darker colours. Women’s razors are available in pink and lighter colours.
Difference Between Mens and Womens Razors


Women’s razors cost a bit higher than men’s razors. You can easily distinguish between men’s and women’s razors when you go to a market.

Men’s razors are specially designed to serve the purpose of men’s and women’s razors are designed for their needs. Women’s razors are a bit costlier than men’s razors due to some extra features like lubrication.


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