Difference Between Methodist and Episcopalian (With Table)

There is a thin line between the two terms a Methodist and an Episcopalian. Many people have actually never come to know there does exist a difference between the two terms. A person may keep hearing the terms Methodist and episcopal from time to time, but both have only a slight and few Differences in them.

Methodist vs Episcopalian

The difference between Methodist and Episcopalian is that an Episcopalian celebrates the Holy Communion using grape juice and follows and preaches the Apostle’s Creed. In contrast to that, a Methodist celebrate with the Holy Communion with the help of wine, and they follow and preach the Nicene’s creed for a year now.

A Methodist is a person who preaches and prays according to the Nicene’s creed. They follow the communication within them to celebrate joyful moments with the help of a glass of wine. A Methodist is said to have a divine relationship with absolute solace between a Christian and a Bishop Church.

An Episcopalian is a person who preaches and prays according to the Apostle’s creed. They follow the communication within them to celebrate joyful moments with unfermented grape juice. An Episcopalian goes to a church where the communication is central, which means that the typical way of communication is kept neutral and central focused in the sanctuary at an altar.

Comparison Table Between Methodist and Episcopalian

Parameters of comparisonMethodistEpiscopalian
Practices of worshipPractice the preaching of the book of common prayer.Practice the preaching of the book of worship.
Holy Communication They celebrate through wine.They celebrate through unfermented grape juice.
Orders Of MinistryLaity, deacons, priests and bishops are the four orders of ministries.The laity, deacons and elders are the three orders of ministries.
Decision- makingDone by the General Convention.Done by the General Conference.
Followed Doctrines They follow the Nicene creeds and Apostle’s creed. They follow the Apostle’s creed.

What is Methodist?

A Methodist is a person who goes to a church that comes to understand the church of England. All the churches of a Methodist come under the world Methodist council’s jurisdiction. Methodists go to a church that is actually a Christian-dominated church that contains nine Dioceses and nine provinces. A Methodist uses the Anglican form of communication to communicate and preach with one another.

A Methodist goes to a church with a preach and calls themselves father and son as a divine holy spiriting into their aura. There are over 42 million Methodists in the county of 138. The Methodist Church was actually set by a movement made by John Wesley’s who sought the reform of England. However, this reform did come to an end and broke apart, developing into a massive unanimous church.

The worshipping of a Methodist is that most of the time is not so formal, which is usually governed by an assembly known as Synods. The Methodist follow a standardized form of communication which holds Wesley’s liturgy. Methodists follow and preach this culture earnestly with an open mind adopting all the beliefs and religion accumulated along with it.

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What is Episcopalian?

An Episcopalian is a person who follows Nicene’s creed. They go to a church based in the United States, having worldwide communication worldwide, also referred to as Anglican communication. The church where an Episcopalian is actually a mainline Christian Church having domination, a division, or a set apart from the nine provinces and dioceses.

An Episcopalian goes to a church with a priest, and they call themselves a father and son here to form a divine Holy Spirit. An episcopal follows and constitutes the principal act of worshiping on Sundays in their respective churches. They follow the communication of Lambeth quadrilateral as their Standardized communication among them.

An Episcopalian goes to a church that was long-established within the constitution that had created a government called the general convention. An Episcopalian is a vital relationship to a Christian Bishop church. It refers to allegations and related and scripted based on Anglicanism.

Episcopalian are people who have belief in the saying in one deity long to belong together. An Episcopalian follows a reformed and Systematic part along with Eminence. They preach and praise God as a channel for their worship by keeping the belief that they are sacred to him.

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Main Differences Between Methodist and Episcopalian

  1. People who preach Episcopalian inherit the doctrine which is operated by the church of England. On the other hand, a Methodist person is marked upon accepting doctrines of Christianity.
  2. An Episcopalian follows Nicene’s creed while a Methodist follows the Apostles creed.
  3. The decision-making in an Episcopalian community is done by the General Conference, whereas, in the Methodist community, the decision-making is taken under General convention.
  4. Holy Communication of an Episcopalian is celebrated through the unfermented grape juice, whereas holy communication is done through wine in a Methodist community.
  5. An Episcopalian is guided by the book of worship. On the other hand, a Methodist is driven by the book of common prayer.


Both an Episcopalian and a Methodist belong and preaches towards the Catholic community, and their churches are Catholic. Episcopalian follows the teachings taken from churches of England, whereas Methodists follow a kind of Christian doctrine that is historical in nature. The Methodist worship system is entirely different from that of an Episcopalian. Both these communities follow different types of holy communications among themselves.

In an Episcopalian community, same-sex marriage is not prohibited, whereas it is in a Methodist community. Even though being in the same category, both these communities pursue and have different thinking towards almost everything. Still, in the end, both have the common soul in them to preach, worship, and witness service for God with their belief.


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