Metlife Auto Insurance vs Geico: Difference and Comparison

It can be tough to choose car insurance because costs fluctuate depending on operating history, experience, and region, and firms offer a variety of incentives. GEICO and MetLife are two of the most well-known insurers, offering high-quality insurance in a variety of states.

In this article, collected typical prices from MetLife and GEICO are mentioned along with the differences between them to help take the sting out of looking for automobile insurance. The following article includes a variety of rating variables, such as credit score, driving record, and age, along with pointers and benefits of each insurance provider.

Examine these paragraphs to choose the best insurance for you.

Key Takeaways

  1. MetLife Auto Insurance provides a more extensive range of coverage options, while GEICO focuses on affordability and simplicity.
  2. MetLife offers personalized customer service through local agents, whereas GEICO primarily relies on online and call center support.
  3. GEICO provides more competitive rates for most drivers, while MetLife offers better discounts for certain groups, such as military personnel and federal employees.

Metlife Auto Insurance vs Geico

Metlife is the leading insurance company that provides vehicle insurance. The support they provide to their customers is average and in some areas it is considered below average. They provide a variety of choices. Geico is the top-rated vehicle insurance hub. They provide affordable deals according to the vehicle.  They have a very easy to use mobile application.  


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Metlife Auto Insurance vs Geico

Although MetLife’s homeowner’s insurance is well regarded, it’s difficult to suggest automobile insurance premiums and choices under specific circumstances. The company’s uneven client service ratings from area to area is a notable drawback.

On either hand, MetLife has a number of unique benefits that are difficult to come across with these other insurers. If you desire particular features or qualify for loyalty or corporate discounts, research and look at MetLife vehicle insurance packages.

Whereas Geico is a reputable insurance business that provides its clients with reasonable prices, outstanding customer service, and a simple user interface. For instance, Geico’s automobile insurance premiums were abnormally low for drivers with no previous mishaps.

The company’s services are similar to that of other big insurance hubs in many aspects. On the other hand, Geico distinguishes itself by giving customers much simpler online options for managing their insurance plans.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonMetlife Auto InsuranceGeico
DescriptionMetLife is from the nation’s leading insurance companies that also provide vehicle insurance. Special rewards can be claimed by clients using Met-rewards.It is a top-rated vehicle insurance hub. It provides a wide choice of vehicle insurance plan coverage and is recognised for outstanding customer service.
Price Yearly premiums are costlier than Geico’s plans.Geico’s yearly premiums are cheaper and are more value for money when compared to Metlife Auto Insurances.
Average Annual Premiums RangeRanges from $1414 to $6134Ranges from $1065 to $3508
Discount ComparisonDiscounts are distributed according to states and offer additional savings benefits.Discounts are available for federal workers, old people and teenagers too.
Customer Rating4/54.5/5

What is Metlife Auto Insurance?

MetLife is among the nation’s leading insurance companies that also provide vehicle insurance. While their prices are often higher than the norm, they provide custom-fit plans and various discount alternatives.

Senior motorists, new car buyers, and those searching for additional features may benefit from MetLife auto insurance coverage. However, client service evaluations are varied, and if service quality is your main priority, you could be better off with another choice, namely Geico.

MetLife has a better fiscal strength rating, indicating that it will be able to pay valid arguments without a problem. Their customer support scores, on the other hand, are mediocre or even below average in some regions, the worst part is from a previous couple of years, the ratings have shot down exponentially.

MetLife vehicle insurance is rated around average on a nationwide scale by J.D. Power but persistently below the mean in numerous regional areas. While their features and pricing set them apart, several of the country’s finest auto insurance providers provide more appealing choices.

They provide a variety of coverage choices, notably state-required liability automobile insurance. It provides numerous upgrades and unique characteristics in addition to standard options like the destruction of property culpability, bodily injury, and unlicensed driver coverage.

auto insurance

What is Geico?

Although Geico is renowned for its humorous advertising depicting cave people and geckos, it is also a top-rated vehicle insurance hub. It provides a wide choice of vehicle insurance plan coverage, is recognized for outstanding customer service, and has a user-friendly mobile phone app with a fluid user interface and great accessibility.

GEICO is capable of keeping its rates low despite providing much of the same policies as other major insurers by trying to sell directly to clients online instead of brokers. It’s a popular choice among budget-conscious shoppers due to its ease and low cost.

Geico has a range of pricing from medium to inexpensive, as well as great client service. In terms of benefits deals and offers, it is largely equivalent to other companies.

Progressive, State Farm, and Farmers Insurance also have mobile applications, but Geico’s offers more functionality and is better regarded. This app provides customers with simple ways to pay their bills, manage their insurance information, and access it.

Most of the policy choices offered by Geico are similar to those offered by other automobile insurance providers, but they may differ by region or automobile. Here is what Geico has to provide:

  • Protection against bodily harm and property damage.
  • Accident and full insurance are both available.
  • Unlimited liability for the uninsured and handicapped.
  • Coverage for medical expenses and personal injury protection.
  • For leased automobiles, gap coverage is insurance.
geico 1

Main Differences Between Metlife Auto Insurance and Geico

  1. Metlife premiums are costlier than Geico’s yearly premiums.
  2. According to customer ratings, Metlife Auto insurance clauses are not client friendly, whereas Geico provides interesting and affordable deals based on age and automobile.
  3. Metlife auto insurance customer support is below average and not good in many regions, whereas Geico provides excellent customer support even after sales to their clients.
  4. Metlife auto insurance does not have a mobile application dedicated to automobile insurance, whereas Geico has its own automobile insurance user-friendly mobile application.
  5. Metlife offers additional cashback on deductible benefits in the premiums that are available in select states only, whereas Geico offers additional benefits for vehicles with lights in the daytime and extra discounts for federal officers too.
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