MicroSD vs MicroSD HC (SDHC) Card: Difference and Comparison

We all have observed how memory card capabilities have risen, and you’ve undoubtedly also witnessed how the thinner and smaller microcards have followed suit. MicroSD, as well as microSD SDHC storage cards, are available in addition to SD and SDHC storage devices. The micro SD and micro SD HC SDHC cards are similar to their larger competitors in every way except size. As a result, the distinctions between microSD and microSD HC SDHC are the same as those between SD as well as SDHC cards.

Key Takeaways

  1. MicroSD cards store up to 2GB of data, whereas MicroSDHC cards can hold 4GB to 32 GB.
  2. MicroSDHC cards use the SDHC file system, while MicroSD cards utilize the FAT16 file system.
  3. MicroSDHC cards offer faster data transfer speeds, providing better performance than MicroSD cards.

MicroSD vs MicroSD HC SDHC

The difference between MicroSD and MicroSD HC SDHC is that MicroSD cards have the largest storage capacity of 4GB. But MicroSD HC SDHC storage cards, on the other hand, begin at a 4GB base storage version and go all the way up to 32 GB. The capacity constraints are caused by the way the storage is divided, designated, and utilized, not by hardware limitations.

MicroSD vs MicroSD HC SDHC

The MicroSD card is indeed the ‘s tiniest consumer-oriented flash storage card. It employs a simple set of electrical wiring towards the regular SD card (short for Secure Digital). Through the use of an adaptor, microSD cards may now be used in normal SD card ports. MicroSD was offered as a compact storage option for mobile devices.

MicroSD cards contain the very same fundamental technology as SD cards, even with the same electromagnetic circuit interconnections, despite their significantly smaller size. MicroSD cards may now be inserted into adapters and used in current SD card ports on PCs, eliminating the requirement for a new MicroSD slot.


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The MicroSD HC SDHC card, which stands for Secure Digital High Capacity card, is a showcasing of the normal SD card with a storage capacity of up to 32 GB. SDHC is not compatible with older legacy SD reading equipment since it works differently than a conventional SD card. The SD Association established three-speed classifications to aid in the identification of MicroSD HC SDHC device write speeds. This Class Performance Rating is represented by a 2, 4, or 6 encircled by a huge “C” on the card.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonMicroSDMicroSD HC SDHC Card
SpeedIt ranges from 2 MBPS to 6MBPS in a class 1 MicroSD card.From 25 MBPS to 300 MBPS depending upon the class and type of SDHC card.
Dimensions11 nm x 15.00 nm32.00 x 24.01 x 2.1 nm
Full FormMicro Secure Digital Memory Card.Micro Secure Digital High Security Memory Card.
Size It is cheaper than the MicroSD HC SDHC cards and has a maximum storage upto 2 Gigabytes.It is costlier and has a capacity ranging from 4 GB to 32 GB and is mostly used in mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.
UsabilityAre outdated since 2020 and used to be used for mobile phones and feature phones.These are the latest and more durable as well as lightning fast when compared to MicroSD cards.

What is MicroSD?

The SD card is the very first series of Secure Digital devices intended to improve the MMC (MultiMediaCard) encounter. Mini, as well as micro SD cards, have indeed been produced to address the storage requirements of cell devices. MMC (Memory Card Association) is a storage micro sd card technology. Similar to Memory cards, but with a wider range of storage space, more ports, a lower transfer rate, and older technology.

A micro SD memory stick holds up to 2 GB of data. Its usual dimensions are 11 mm besides 15 mm. It has a peak input and output performance of 25 MB/s, which is deemed reasonable given its compact size. It is primarily used for storing images, movies, and basic applications on cell devices. One will set you back roughly $7.

MicroSD is a defunct technology that is not actively widely used. In almost every aspect, microSD HC has indeed supplanted it. However, if you still possess old microSD cards, have them with modern hardware if the lesser memory capacity is adequate. There are even compact card readers that convert your SD card into a USB drive, which you might use as a standby for small but significant information or to transfer files between computers.

microsd scaled

What is a MicroSD HC SDHC card?

MicroSD HC SDHC is also called a Secure Digital High Capacity card, and it’s similar to micro SD cards but with larger data storage ranging from 4 to 32 GB. This is still a highly secured card with much the same 11mm x 15mm regular size. It also features a faster transmission increase of approximately 150 MB/s and a possibility of 50 MB/s. Ranging in price between $6 to $20 varies according to the size of your micro SDHC device.

MicroSD HC SDHC or simply SDHC memory cards come in sizes ranging from 4GB to 32 GB. The transmission losses are caused by the way the storage is segmented, addressed, and utilized, not by physical limitations.

MicroSD HC card machines may easily achieve reverse portability with previous microSD cards since they are physically compliant. However, this is not the situation when using a microSD HC card in a microSD card scanner, since modifications in the calculation of data storage. MicroSD card readers are unable to determine the size of a microSD HC card and so cannot read or write data to it.

However, while SDHC cards are technically and electrically identical to ordinary SD cards, older host devices for SD cards are incompatible with SDHC cards. This is due to the fact that SDHC cards are pre-formatted with both the FAT32 storage type, whereas SD cards are FAT12, FAT16, or FAT16B.

Main Differences Between MicroSD and  MicroSD HC SDHC card

  1. MicroSD cards have lower storage capacities than MicroSD HC SDHC cards.
  2. MicroSD cards are cheaper than MicroSD HC SDHC cards.
  3. MicroSD cards are reverse compatible with standard SD cards, whereas MicroSD HC SDHC cards are not reverse compatible with SD cards, and neither are MicroSD cards.
  4. MicroSD cards are outdated and not used much, whereas MicroSD HC SDHC cards are booming in the business and very largely used.
  5. MicroSD card systems are FAT12 and FAT16, whereas the MicroSD HC SDHC card system is FAT32.
Difference Between MicroSD and MicroSD HC SDHC Card
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