Microsoft Forms vs Forms Pro: Difference and Comparison

Many people these days, including students, working professionals, and companies, are conducting surveys that will be helpful for the growth of their companies or research work. The advent of technology made many people use digital forms these days, such as Google forms or Microsoft forms, as it is easy to use and more convenient.

Key Takeaways

  1. Microsoft Forms is a basic survey and data collection tool, while Forms Pro offers advanced features and analytics.
  2. Forms Pro supports integration with Dynamics 365, whereas Microsoft Forms does not.
  3. Microsoft Forms is available to Office 365 users at no additional cost, while Forms Pro requires a separate subscription.

Microsoft Forms vs Forms Pro

Microsoft Forms is an online survey and quiz creator tool developed by Microsoft, allowing users to easily create surveys, quizzes, polls, and questionnaires using a simple, drag-and-drop interface. Forms Pro is an advanced version of Microsoft Forms designed for businesses and enterprises.

Microsoft Forms vs Forms Pro

The Microsoft forms were launched in the year 2016 by Microsoft developers. It is a part of Microsoft office 365. It is primarily used in surveys as a means to collect responses digitally. Interestingly, the data collected in the forms can be exported to Microsoft Excel for presentation and other purposes.

Microsoft forms pro is the enhanced and advanced version of Microsoft forms. Just like Microsoft forms, forms pro is also used to collect and generate data. It is primarily used for survey purposes and also by schools to conduct quiz tests and so on. Also, forms pro is a professional one when compared to the old Microsoft forms.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonMicrosoft FormsMicrosoft Forms Pro
DetailsIt is a digital survey application software.It is an advanced digital survey application software.
Launch yearIt was launched in the year 2016 (June 20)It was launched in the year 2019.
DevelopersIt was developed by Microsoft.It was developed by Microsoft.
FeaturesUsed for conducting surveys and quizzes.It has features like sharing and analyzing the data collected.
OthersData can be exported to Microsoft excel.Forms pro is now called Microsoft Dynamics 365 customer voice.

What is Microsoft Forms?

With the advent of technologies, people started advancing to digital platforms, and for surveys, digital survey forms became a major helper. These digital forms are passed to a large number of people through email, links, and other messaging apps. Microsoft forms is one such application software used primarily for surveys and other purposes like quizzes, feedback forms, attendance forms, and so on.

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Microsoft Forms is a survey application software that Microsoft developed in the year June 2016 (June 20, 2016). It is a web-based platform. When compared with Microsoft forms pro, Microsoft forms have a normal and old interface and come with basic features like sharing the form with a shareable link. One can also view the basic response analysis, wherein one can see the average time taken to complete the form and the results.

One can also export the data collected in Microsoft forms to excel and also to share a point list. When it comes to sending and collecting responses, the Microsoft form can be shared through email and have options like sharing as a template and sharing to collaborate. One can also generate a QR code for the form created. Overall, Microsoft forms come with all the basic features that are necessary for creating survey forms.

What is Microsoft Forms Pro?

Microsoft forms pro is the advanced version of Microsoft forms that was launched in the year 2019. Microsoft changed the name of Microsoft forms pro to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Voice. It has some premium features like analyzing the data received and sharing the same. It also helps in tracking real-time feedback.

Some of the new features of Microsoft forms pro include the new display wherein one can see the “new survey” option and “new quiz” option. Same as Microsoft forms, forms pro also allows one to create forms and quizzes but with some extra features where one can automatically send their survey based on triggers, create a survey more efficiently and customize the email templates and analyze the response generated.

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Forms Pro is more into surveys and comes with additional features that can enhance the survey. Interestingly, Forms pro also has the feature of insights where one can analyze the insights auto-generated by Forms pro. The insights provide an overview of the survey form and additional insights like the association insights. One can also view the invitation status and the trend of the invitation. Same as the forms, forms pro also can be shared via mail, Microsoft flow, embed, link, and QR code.

Main Differences Between Microsoft Forms and Forms Pro

  1. Microsoft forms were launched in the year June 20, 2016, whereas Microsoft forms pro was launched in the year 2019.
  2. Both the survey software was developed by Microsoft. Forms pro comes with more advanced features when compared with Microsoft forms.
  3. Forms Pro can be used for sharing and analysing the data, whereas Microsoft forms can be used to conduct quizzes and surveys.
  4. Microsoft forms allow us to create a questionnaire, feedback form, and other basic stuff, whereas Forms Pro allows us to customize templates, create an advance response and give insights from our form.
  5. The forms have regular sharing features, whereas Forms Pro has an advanced sharing feature with an email template builder where you can customize the email and add data like the customer name.

Last Updated : 11 June, 2023

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12 thoughts on “Microsoft Forms vs Forms Pro: Difference and Comparison”

  1. The comparison table provided clearly outlines the differences between Microsoft Forms and Forms Pro, highlighting the advanced features that Forms Pro offers for survey creation and analysis.

    • Absolutely, Microsoft Forms Pro is certainly a professional tool, especially for businesses, with its enhanced data sharing and analysis capabilities.

  2. The rise of digital survey forms has provided an easy way for people to conduct surveys and gather responses. Microsoft Forms and Forms Pro offer different solutions for survey needs, with Pro offering more advanced features and analytics for businesses and enterprises.

  3. The ability to customize email templates and the advanced response options provided by Forms Pro offer a more tailored approach to engaging with survey respondents. This level of customization is a valuable addition for any organization.

  4. The features of both Microsoft Forms and Forms Pro are beneficial for different types of survey requirements. It is impressive to see the technological advancements made in the field of data collection and analysis.

  5. The introduction of Microsoft Forms in 2016 and subsequently Forms Pro in 2019 illustrates the continuous innovation by Microsoft in providing modern survey solutions. These tools offer great value for academics, businesses, and researchers.

  6. The comparison of Microsoft Forms and Forms Pro reveals the progression from a basic survey tool to a more comprehensive, advanced platform that caters to the needs of enterprise users. The shift towards integrating with Dynamics 365 demonstrates Microsoft’s commitment to enhancing its offerings.

  7. The advanced features of Forms Pro, such as real-time feedback tracking and insights analysis, are valuable for organizations seeking detailed responses and meaningful data. The interface improvements present in Forms Pro further enhance the survey creation process.

    • Indeed, the insights auto-generated by Forms Pro are particularly useful for understanding survey trends and the responses received.

  8. The evolution of Microsoft Forms to Microsoft Forms Pro has greatly expanded the capabilities for collecting and managing survey data. This advancement represents Microsoft’s commitment to meeting the diverse needs of its users.


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