Difference Between Microsoft Laptop and Macbook

Laptops and personal computers are some of the most used electronic devices in the world. They are required for every purpose nowadays.


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Every person wishes to purchase the right kind of laptop to obtain the utmost satisfaction. Microsoft and Apple are two reputed companies that manufacture laptops that turn out to be best sellers in the market.

Microsoft Laptop vs Macbook

The difference between Microsoft laptops and Macbook is that the operating system of Microsoft laptops is Windows 10 home or Windows 10 pro system, whereas the operating system of Macbook is known as macOS. The battery life of Microsoft laptops is comparatively longer as it lasts for 19 hours while the battery of Macbook lasts for 15 hours.

Microsoft Laptop vs Macbook

Microsoft laptops are very popular among middle-class families as they are priced reasonably hence are highly affordable. It also has a decent camera of around 720p.

Most of the Microsoft laptops are not touch screens, but the new models are touch screens.

The Macbook is available in only limited colors like grey, gold, and silver designs. Macbooks are preferred by elite classes as they have very high purchase and maintenance costs.

In terms of resolution, Macbook Air which is one of the premium brands, comes with 2560*1600 resolutions.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonMicrosoft LaptopMacbook
Colors availableThe Microsoft laptop has limited colors available like platinum, cobalt grey, and blue, and black.The colors available for Macbook are also limited. Gold, Silver, and Space gray are some famous colors available.
PriceMicrosoft laptops are priced at a reasonable rate hence are affordable for most people.Macbooks are available at a high price hence may not be affordable by many people.
WeightMicrosoft laptops weigh around 2.5 to 2.7 pounds.Macbooks are 2.8 to 3 pounds in weight.
Ports and Storage CapacityMicrosoft laptops offer slightly more variety in terms of ports. It offers two ports, one is USB-A and the other one is USB-C.The variety in terms of port in a Macbook is limited. It offers two ports and both of them are USB-C.
PerformanceMicrosoft laptops are not as good in performance when compared to Macbooks.Macbooks are performance-based laptops since they have an M1 chip embedded in them that enhances performance efficiency.
KeyboardMicrosoft laptops have generally flat keyboards that are less pleasing to users.Macbooks provide more satisfaction to users when it comes to keyboards as they have a Scissor Keyboard Mechanism.

What is Microsoft Laptop?

Initially, Microsoft didn’t manufacture laptops that provided utmost satisfaction to users. They were average kinds of laptops, but in the past 3 years,

Microsoft has come up with laptops that have attractive features and benefits. They are competing closely with Apple in this industry, aiming to have maximum sales that they do have since their laptops are comparatively cheaper than Macbooks.

Different apps like Microsoft teams, Chrome, Microsoft Word and Excel, Instagram, and Facebook, and much more work efficiently on Microsoft laptops without any sort of glitch. Some models of Microsoft laptops provide effective wireless support.

Most Microsoft laptops have at least 8GB RAM and a storage of 256 GB. The storage can be increased by paying extra money. The biometrics of Microsoft laptops are Windows Hello.

In India, there is a great demand for Microsoft laptops as they provide decent features at normal prices.

The battery of Microsoft laptops is highly efficient and effective. They last around 19 hours; hence the battery life is quite more than Macbooks and any other brand of laptop.

There are 2 ports in Microsoft laptops, namely USB-A and USB-C, thus giving a variety of choices.

What is Macbook?

Every person dreams of purchasing the latest model of the Macbook, but due to high prices, only the elite and rich classes particularly purchase Macbooks.

The performance of Macbooks is highly efficient when compared to any other brand due to the availability of the M1 chip.

The biometrics of Macbooks are known as Touch ID. The enclosure of the Macbook Air is Aluminum. Apple makes its Macbooks in such a way so that the display of the laptops is smaller when compared to other brands hence giving it a distinct appearance.

In terms of ports, Macbooks do not offer a large number of choices as it has two ports, and both of them are USB-C. The major merits of purchasing a Macbook are:-

  • The battery life of the Macbook is excellent.
  • The keyboard is highly advanced, thus giving more comfort.
  • The performance and graphics of Macbooks are amazing.

The various constraints of purchasing a Macbook are:-

  • The port variety that is offered is limited.
  • It does not support and favour Wifi 6.
  • It is highly expensive thus unaffordable.

Main Differences Between Microsoft Laptop and Macbook

  1. Microsoft laptops are available in colours like grey, black, and platinum, whereas Macbooks are available in colours like Gold, silver, and Space grey.
  2. The Microsoft laptops are priced at a reasonable rate. On the other hand, Macbooks are very expensive thus out of the reach of the common man.
  3. Microsoft laptops offer more variety in terms of ports as it has two ports, one is USB-A and other is USB-C. On the other hand, Macbooks have limited options when it comes to ports.
  4. Microsoft laptops are not as good in performance as Macbooks since Macbooks are performance-based laptops.
  5. The keyboard of Microsoft laptops is flat, whereas the keyboards of Macbooks are highly advanced.
Difference Between Microsoft Laptop and Macbook


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