Difference Between Milk and Cream

Milk and Cream- delicious and confusing as two different terms. Both of them very essential for human beings for a healthy life.


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We all know that dairy products are very important, from infants to the elderly age group of the population. Without dairy products, it is a tough life to live because there will be no sweet, no coffee, no hot chocolate, no ice cream, no milkshake in our life.

Milk vs Cream

The difference between milk and cream is that milk is a dairy product and cream is a component formed from milk itself. Milk comprises less amount of fats whereas cream has more amount of fats in it. Milk is an independent source of dairy consumption, whereas a cream is formed because of milk hence cream is a dependent dairy product of milk.

Milk vs Cream

Milk is a liquid that is reached in nutrients that are produced from the mammary glands of mammals like a cow, buffalo, and goat. Milk comprises many nutrients like lactose and proteins.

The cream is a buttery fat that is made out of milk. The Cream contains more fats than milk does.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonMilkCream
Amount of FatsMilk has less amount of fat compared to Cream.The cream has more amount of fat compared to milk.
Amount of NutrientsMilk has more amount of nutrients compared to cream.The cream has a fewer amount of nutrients compared to milk.
Method of ProductionMilk is produced out of mammary glands of mammals like a cow, buffalo, goats, etc.The cream is produced out of milk.
TypesMilk has different types like soya milk, full cream milk, no creak, etc.The cream has different types of cream like low-fat cream, full-fat cream, pasteurized cream, etc.
UsageMilk is used for making ice-creams, gravy, sweet dishes, cakes, milkshakes, etc.The cream is used for making gravy thick, adding a creamy texture to different varieties of dishes all over the globe.
PreferencesMilk is preferred more compare to cream.The cream is preferred less compare to milk.

What is Milk?

Milk is a dairy product that is produced by the mammary glands of mammals like a cow, buffalo, and goat. Milk is said to be the essential product for the intake of calcium and proteins.

Milk is a universal dairy product used to make sweet dishes and many curry and gravies for well-known dishes as well as regular routine-based dishes too. Milk is a universal asset for making every dish full of proteins and calcium.

Milk contains fat too, which is why adults and late teens avoid consuming it. Even lactose is present in milk which may cause acne, pores, etc., which is why people are finding and using substitutes of milk that have no lactose and fat or less lactose and fat.

There are different-different types of milk like soya milk, almond milk, full cream milk, skimmed milk, no cream milk, etc. Though with changing era, the importance of milk is not reduced from human existence.


What is Cream?

The cream is the topmost layer of milk which comprises the buttery layer with more fat compare to milk. The cream is used in soups and gravies to make it thicker and giving creamy, savory texture to different-different types of dishes around the globe.

The cream is produced out of milk which is why the cream is said to be a dependent variable over milk. The cream has more amounts of fats which again makes it no much in the diet of late teens and adults.

But some people want to have but with no fats pr fewer fats, which is why even cream has now updated its standard. And now it comes in the different standards like low-fat cream, no fat cream, etc.


Main Differences Between Milk and Cream

  1. Milk is an independent dairy product, whereas Cream is dependent on milk.
  2. Milk has more nutrients compared to Cream.
  3. Milk has fewer fats compare to Cream.
  4. Milk is produced out of the mammary glands of mammals, whereas Cream is produced by homogenization of milk.
  5. Milk is preferred more by the population compare to Cream.
  6. Milk is used in cooking dishes to provide rich texture, whereas Cream is used in cooking dishes to provide a creamy texture.
Difference Between Milk and Cream


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