Difference Between Mind and Soul

Humans have complexity in their existence not only in anatomy but also in the spirituality, body parts and their functionings are two different thighs. Human body can be said as the amalgamation of mind and soul.


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A person has different organs for different works done in body and the body. These organs work as machinery in humans, but the spiritual essence of the thinking process is not a work done by machinery.

The mechanism of the body is almost similar in every human being like heart pumps blood, lungs helps to breathe, brain helps to react, etc.,

but still every person is said to be different from each other, the reason for this, is probably the thinking process and different physical appearance.

People have desires to fulfil, but nobody knows the exact process of production of that desire. It is believed that when a person admires something, he wants to achieve that thing, but how that admiration is produced again remains a question.

The thinking process, choices, admirations, beliefs, etc. everything is different in every person, as they have different souls and minds.

Thinking is not the actual mechanism of the brain. Although the brain and mind might be synonymous , they are different from each other.

Mind vs Soul

The difference between mind and soul is their functioning. Mind and soul are two different things but they are connected to each other. They play an important role in shaping the thinking process of humans.

Mind vs Soul


Comparison Table

Parameters of comparisonMindSoul
Responsible forThinking, consciscous, imagination, emotions, etc.Producing desire, morality in humans
ExistenceSometimes inactive in peopleAlways present
RoleThink, imagine, process,etc..Spiritual purity of humans
Power ofBrainBody
PerceptionsActive when body is activeInactive when body is active


What is Mind?

Mind is something which helps to shape the training process, consciousness, percetions, imagination, intelligence, emotions, etc..

It is often referred to as the faculty of thinking. Mind is often confused with the brain, but the brain and mind are two different things.

Mind is a power of thinking which the brain has, the brain is just an organ which has a mind in it which enables a person to think wisely, it maintains a consciousness.

Signals of actions and reactions are chemically transmitted from brain to other body parts, but how and what to think is a procedure of mind.

The conversion of thinking or reasoning to action or reaction happens internally in the body. The process of fulfilling desires is maintained by mind.

The command of anything is given by mind, it is the mind which decides how things should be achieved. It gives a radical approach and reasoning of actions.

Mind is said to be the universe within the human, the power of the mind is not confined to just thinking on a regular basis or just maintaining the consciousness of the body, but it can do wonders if used wisely.

For example Sir Isaac Newton gave law of gravity just by a falling apple. His mind forced him to think that there is some law which enables the apple to fall in the same direction every time.  

The path chosen to fulfil the pleasures and desires, decision making, reasoning, thinking, etc are all part of working of mind. Every living person has a brain but it is not compulsory that every person has a healthy mind.


What is Soul?

Soul is said to be the spiritual nature of a person. Soul is often associated with spirituality and thus it enables a person to connect with the divinity. Every alive person has soul. There are different theories and perceptions about the soul of a person.

Soul is not any organ of the human body, rather its presence is more a hypothetical existence. Soul is the power of body, which enables the person to produce certain desires irrespective of good or bad.

All the desires, pleasures,etc stems from soul soul is often defined as the essence of man. It is said to be eternal, the soul is something which enables a person to differentiate between right or wrong on the basis of morality.

Unlike mind, soul helps a person to categorise things in good and bad spiritually, soul is intangible and yet very powerful,

there are different theories related to soul like it is said that when a person is active the soul is sleeping, and when the person is sleeping soul is active through dreams.

Every living person on earth is said to have a soul.

Without souls humans would be just a corpse, thus it is believed that purity of soul is what matters the most, as only pure souls reach the divine and rest of them enter new bodies to settle the score of their deeds done by the past life form.   

Soul defines the nature of humans. Soul plays an important role in the death and birth of a person because it is believed that the soul is the life of the human body.

A person is considered dead as soon as his soul leaves the body permanently. Soul also plays an important role in things like exorcism.


Main Differences Between Mind and Soul

  1. Mind is the power of the brain whereas the soul is the power of the body.
  2. Mind is more radical. On the contrary , the soul is the spiritual essence of a person.
  3. Mind is decides the actions to fulfil the desires but the soul stems the desires.
  4. Mind chooses the path but souls give direction of right and wrong on the basis of morality.
  5. Mind is active when a person is active and inactive when the body is inactive but the soul is inactive when the body is active and it is active through dreams when the person is sleeping.
Difference Between Mind and Soul


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