Mini Cooper vs Mini One: Difference and Comparison

BMW, which stands for Bayerische Motoren Werke AG, is one of the most popular luxury vehicle and motorcycle brands. It is a German multinational company that was established in 1916.


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It was founded as a producer of aircraft engines. It produced aircraft engines from 1917 to 1918. It again started producing engines from 1933 till 1945.

One of the most commonly known producers of luxury cars is BMW. Among the various models, this giant auto company produces, the two most popular models are Mini Cooper and Mini One.

Key Takeaways

  1. Mini Cooper is a performance-oriented model with a more powerful engine and sporty features compared to the Mini One.
  2. Mini One is an entry-level model focusing on fuel efficiency and affordability.
  3. Both cars are produced by the British automotive brand MINI, offering distinct driving experiences and features to suit different preferences.

Mini Cooper vs. Mini One

Mini cooper is one of the most commonly used BMW models. It has a petrol engine of 1598 cc. Five people can sit in this car at the same time. There are six gears in this car. It is easy to drive. Mini one is another BMW model. Its petrol engine is 1398 cc. Four people can sit in this car at the same time. This car has electric brakes.

Mini cooper vs Mini one

These cars have been in the market for 41 years now. Many small car lovers across the globe buy them. Most of the users of these cars leave them.

These cars are two car variants with their own characteristics, features, and specifications. For anyone interested in getting a small luxury car, Mini Cooper and Mini One are among the best options available.


Comparison Table

Parameter of ComparisonMini CooperMini One
Petrol EngineThe Mini Cooper has a 1598 cc petrol engine.The Mini One has a 1398 cc petrol engine.
Horsepower TorqueThe Mini Cooper is equipped with an engine that pushes 122 horsepower.The Mini One is equipped with an engine that pushes 98 horsepower.
DimensionsThe Mini Cooper is 3699mm long, 1683mm wide, and 1414mm in height.The Mini One is 3699mm long, 1683mm wide, and 1407mm in height.
Boot SpaceThe boot space of the Mini Cooper is 125 liters.The boot space of Mini One is 160 liters.
WeightThe weight of the car is 1240 kg.The weight of the car is 1135 kg.


What is Mini Cooper?

BMW is a very popular and well-known brand for luxury cars globally. Among the various models of cars, Mini Cooper is one of the most common ones.

The first-generation Mini came into existence in 2001. There were three different models of it. These were Mini One, Mini Cooper, and Mini Cooper S.

The Mini Cooper is available in different variants. The petrol engine of this car is 1598 cc. It is developed with a 1.6L engine. With regards to the engine, it can provide torque as high as 160Mn at 4250 rpm.

The car’s petrol engine delivers 120 BHP of power at 6000 rpm.

Talking about dimensions, the length of this car is 3699mm, its width 1633 mm, and its height 1414mm.

It has a seating capacity of 5 people. The boot space of the car is 125 liters.

The car has 6 gears. Driving this car is easier as changing gears is very smooth. This makes driving in traffic a lot better.

Moreover, the Mini Cooper has a soft top that automatically opens and closes depending on the weather conditions. The process of opening and closing the soft top takes only 21 seconds.

The Mini Cooper might not be the best option when taking long rides. This is because the suspension is a little stiff. The tank can hold only 40 liters of petrol.

The car isn’t very suitable for big fellows. They might have space issues. Also, the luggage space is very less. Only a few briefcases may fit in the car.

mini cooper

What is Mini One?

Another very popular model of the BMW built-in 2001 is the Mini One. Since its manufacture, this car has been loved and owned by most small luxury car lovers.

The Car has a petrol engine with 1398cc. It is pretty smooth, with a 6-speed manual transmission. The performance of the car is very powerful. Mini One can deliver a power of 75 BHP at 4500 rpm.

In regards to the dimensions of the car, the length is 3699mm, the width is 1683mm, and the height is 1407mm. The seating capacity of this car is 4 people. The boot space is 160 liters, and the fuel tank capacity is 40 liters.

The car has ultra-responsive steering, which makes riding it during traffic pleasurable. The interiors of the car are very pleasing aesthetically. Other features include airbags, fog lamps, electric brakes, etc.

mini one

Main Differences Between Mini Cooper and Mini One

  1. The petrol engine of the Mini Cooper is 1598cc, whereas the petrol engine of the Mini One is 1398cc.
  2. The height of the Mini Cooper is 1414mm; on the other hand, the height of the Mini One is 1407mm.
  3. The weight of the Mini Cooper is 1240kgs whereas the weight of the Mini One is 1135kgs.
  4. The Mini Cooper delivers 120 BHP of power at 600 rpm, whereas the Mini One delivers a power of 75 BHP of power at 4500 rpm.
  5. Mini Cooper has a boot space of 125 liters. On the other hand, the Mini One has a boot space of 160 liters.
  6. Mini Cooper has an engine that pushes 122 horsepower, whereas the engine of the Mini One pushes 98 horsepower.
Difference Between Mini Cooper and Mini One
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