Difference Between Moccasins and Loafers

Footwear predominantly refers to garments worn on the feet. Footwear in the manner of shoes primarily serves the purpose of alleviating locomotion and ward off injuries. It can also be used for fashion and style statements for oneself or for displaying a person’s social status in society.


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Moccasins vs Loafers

The difference between moccasins is loafers is that moccasins have laces and loafers don’t. The laces are not meant for tying a knot but serve the purpose of adding a design to the footwear. There are other differences between the two regarding their origin, design, fabric, style, and heels.

Moccasins vs Loafers

The term Mocassin mainly refers to a type of shoe that is generally made of deerskin or any kind of leather. The leather needs to be used in the sole, sides, or top, depending on the design. The shoe consists of a sole, leather side, and top, with a stylish design.

The term Loafer mainly refers to a type of shoe that is generally made of leather. These are a type of slip-on shoes. They have a comfortable sole and optionally come with heels too. However, loafers predominantly do not have laces. They can be used for casual, semi-formal, and formal occasions.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonMoccasinsLoafers
OriginMoccasins, on the other hand, were shoes worn by Native American hunters and tradespeople.Loafers have their origins in Scandinavia.
LacesMoccasins can come with additional tassels or laces entirely for a  designing purpose and not tying.Loafers do not have laces.
FabricMoccasins are known to have been originally made out of deerskins and rubber soles.Loafers are always supposed to be made from leather.
StyleDepending on the fabric and color, moccasins look more or less formal.Loafers are the more casual style of the pair. 
HeelMoccasins are predominantly flat.Loafers may or may not have heels.

What are Moccasins?

A moccasin is a type of shoe that is mostly manufactured using deerskin or leather, which is soft. It comprises a sole which is made using leather. The leather used is the one that has not been worked.

The shoe is normally connectedly stitched at the top, at times with an additional layer of Layer. Moccasins are meant to be soft as well as flexible. Moccasins come in a wide range of designs and styles. 

The shoe’s upper part has embroidery, patterns, artificial laces, or jewelry. Moccasins can be used indoors as well as outdoors. Moccasins were a type of shoes that were worn by the North Indians living in America. The footwear was worn by hunters, people involved in trade, as well as common settlers.

It was in the latter part of the second century that the moccasins had gained popularity. It went ahead to become popular footwear for sports, casual occasions, and formal occasions as well.

They also come in the category of slip-on shoes. Black, brown, white, and burgundy are some of the popular and most like colors in Moccasins. These types of shoes can be worn with or without socks, depending on the choice of the person wearing them.


What are Loafers?

A Loafer is also a type of slip-on shoe that can be worn with or without socks. There’s no specified way. These shoes are manufactured using leather or suede. A loafer is more of like a moccasin with an addition of a flat heel.

According to reports, the origin of loafers can be traced back to Scandinavia. They primarily belong to the category of casual shoes. But these too can be used for indoor and outdoor uses.

They go with not only a casual but a formal wardrobe as well. Suede loafers are versatile along with being adaptable. Patent leather Loafers are ideal for formal occasions.

Loafers come in abundant designs and styles. Although, unlike moccasins, they do not have any laces. There are different types of loafers such as – Penny Loafers, Tassel Loafers, and Gucci Loafers. Black, Brown, Burgundy colors are also the most popular and preferred colors for Loafers.

There are a few other excellent color choices, too, such as Navy Blue, White, Emerald green, to name a few. Loafers are supposed to be soft, comfortable, stylish, and versatile all at the time. Because the footwear being kind of an all-rounder is one of the most popular and preferred footwear. 


Main Differences Between Moccasins and Loafers

  1. Moccasins were traditional footwear worn by hunters, traders, and common settlers in North America. Loafers were originally worn by fishermen in Scandinavia.
  2. Moccasins optional come with additional embroidery or tassels or laces entirely for a designing purpose and not tying. Loafers do not have laces, either for tying or style.
  3.  Moccasins are known to have been originally made out of deerskins and rubber soles. Whereas, Loafers are always supposed to be made from leather.
  4. Even though both shoes are meant to be casual and formal, moccasins are more on the formal side than loafers.
  5. Moccasins, in general, do not have heels. On the contrary, loafers may or may not have heels.
Difference Between Moccasins and Loafers


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