Narcissist vs Egotist: Difference and Comparison

Concerning oneself and others bring in a lot of positive as well as negative remarks. The personality of a person depends on how they rationalize others with themselves.

When we think about ourselves, we have always been called ‘”Selfish”, “narcissist”, “egoist”, “egotist”, “introvert”, and you name it. Having that said, the admiration of oneself and the height of conceit comprise the personality types: Narcissist and Egotist. 

Key Takeaways

  1. A narcissist has an inflated sense of self-importance and a lack of empathy for others, while an egotist is excessively self-centered and self-absorbed.
  2. Narcissists manipulate and exploit others for their gain, while egotists are more concerned with their image and reputation.
  3. Both narcissism and egotism can negatively affect personal relationships and professional success.

Narcissist vs Egotist

A self-obsessed person is called a narcissist. Too much love for oneself is also narcissism. Narcissist people are said to have Narcissistic Personality Disorder. It is a mental health condition. An egotist can be a person who wants his/her to be at the centre. Egotist people are referred to as attention-seekers.

Narcissist vs Egotist

A narcissist is known for imagining themselves—they constrain themselves with their aggrandizement. If a person is called a narcissist, that means they have a self-absorption personality disorder.

It consists of prodigious self-absorption and idealistic expectations from oneself, as well as from others. Over and above, narcissists have been classified by the American Psychiatric Association as having a narcissistic personality disorder.

On the contrary, the egotists are the ones who always wanted to be at the centre. Their conversation includes at least a tint about themselves. They always have high self-confidence and realistic expectations. Having that said, they are categorized under the egomania personality.  

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonNarcissist Egotist
Meaning A narcissist is a person with a self-obsessed or vainglorious personality. Narcissists talk or laud about their own behaviour and extreme self-love. It is also termed Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD).Egotists are extremely self-seekers and selfish who enlighten their own views as favourable. An Egotist is a person who wants to engross his/her opinions among others. 
History A narcissist is a mental disorder founded by the British essayist and physician members of Havelock Ellis in 1898. The term ‘Egotist’ is derived by the philosopher Henry Sidgwick in 1874, giving “acme individual pleasure” meaning”. 
TypesAccording to the medical history, in 2015, NDP has come up with two different types- Grandiose and Vulnerable narcissist. Egotists are distinct into three words- Psychological egoism, Ethical Egoism and Rational Egoism.
Behaviour Narcissists have the behaviour of self-obsessed. They neither share opinions nor things with others. A narcissist is erratic and fickle when talking with others. Narcissists are grandiose altruistic, and extremely introverted. Egotists are self-centred, selfish, self-motivated and attention seekers. An egotist is an extrovert, wants others to believe his opinions. They are so comparative- analogous to their opinions with others. 
Symptoms or Signs Narcissist sounds indifferent in other’s life, complicated relationship, self-obsessed, ergonomic, superlative, introvert and excessive self-importanceEgotists sound selfish, and never listen to others opinions, self-motivated, engross their opinions and never consider themselves flaw.

What is Narcissist?

A narcissist is defined as an introverted person who imagines one’s image as prideful with unrealistic expectations. Backing up the history, it initially comes from Greek mythology.

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Narcissus fell in himself, but it was excessive. The overdone love for oneself started with the pool reflection of Narcissism back then. This has caused not only one’s mentality but also others’.

Moreover, without bothering anyone, only showering excessive love and selfishness on themselves sums up the definition of a Narcissist. In the wake of excessive admiration for oneself, the American Psychiatric Association came up with the term; narcissistic personality disorder(NPD).

Their traits mostly include excessive self-absorption, self-admiration, leadership, and arrogance. According to the studies, it has two variants; Grandiose and vulnerable.

Grandiose narcissists prefer to be self-admired, hegemony, and arrogant. In addition, Vulnerable narcissists tend to have neuroticism, feelings of shame, and introversion.

The combination of vulnerable and grandiose narcissism makes up Pathological narcissism which shows the fear of abandonment, chronic feelings of emptiness, suicidal thoughts, and self-mutilation.

Basically, they don’t care about others’ opinions but only want to admire themselves. They are better off with no one around. 


What is Egotist?

However, there is a lot of trivial misattributed meaning to the term egotist. Egotists always look for themselves in conversations, thoughts, opinions, and daily nemesis. 

The term originated from Greek, with the meaning ‘self’ or ‘I’ belief. Their ability to conceive about themselves blindfolded others’ accomplishments, though.

Unlike narcissists, these extroverted egotists talk about themselves in a way to promote their viewpoints. When egotists can not take up the negative comments, they will come across as Narcissists.

To be precise, if the person is boastful to the point of being obnoxious, namely stringing to their conversational bow, about themselves. An egotist is an attention-seeker who thinks, does, and talks about oneself.

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Their every thought extrapolates with themselves. On the whole, their traits include self-confidence, extraordinary pride, self-centeredness, and stubbornness. They lionize themselves to the core, where no one can compete but get along. 


Main Differences Between Narcissist and Egotist

  1. Narcissists are introverts who are self-obsessed. On the other hand, Egotists are extroverts in nature who are selfish, motivated by self-interest, and self-centred about themselves.
  2. Narcissists listen to people’s choices, whereas Egotists never give ears to someone’s opinions.
  3. Narcissists have two types- Grandiose is self-esteemed and Vulnerable narcissists are shy, among others. Albeit egotism comes with three types- Psychological egoism is selfish, Ethical Egoism is self-centred in their morality, and Rational Egoism is self-interest.
  4. Narcissist behaviour is self-obsessed, and egotists are selfish and self-motivated and frame their opinions favourably. 
  5. Historically, Narcissism is considered to be a mental disorder mostly found in men. An egotist is termed an “Individual pleasure”. 
Difference Between Narcissist and Egotist

Last Updated : 22 June, 2023

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  1. It is interesting to learn about the differences between narcissists and egotists and the historical background of these terms.

    • Absolutely! Understanding the origins and distinctions between the two can help in identifying these traits in people around us.


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