Difference Between Narcissistic and Ego-centric

Some people have more conscience when compared to others. One might have a colleague who is more self-centered than the majority of people.


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How would they tell if he or she is simply that or has over the line into narcissism? Sometimes, it can be the result of being ego-centric.

Narcissistic vs Ego-centric

The difference between Narcissistic and Ego-Centric is that an ego-centric person is exclusively concerned with their interests. A narcissistic person, on the other side, has an exaggerated sense of self-worth. Both these terms are very different from each other in certain aspects.

Narcissistic vs Ego centric

A narcissist is somebody who has an exaggerated sense of self-importance, a strong desire for adulation, and a lack of consideration for others.

As a result, they may become emotionally aggressive or deceitful. A narcissist is a person who suffers from a mental disease.

Egocentric persons frequently lack compassion for someone else. They are unable to see things from a different perspective than their own.

An additional characteristic of this conduct is the ‘fictitious audience.’ Egocentric persons frequently anticipate how their friends will react towards them.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonNarcissisticEgo-centric
ConnotationNarcissism seems to be a self-centered psychological condition marked by an excessive preoccupation with someone’s demands, frequently at the detriment of everyone else.The incapacity to distinguish among self as well as other is referred to as egocentrism.
As a PersonA narcissist is a master manipulator who is always searching for something else in response.An ego-centric seeks just to be correct, to enforce their personal viewpoint.
TraitsTo assert power, narcissism manipulates the feelings of others. To accomplish this, they may appear kind and charming initially, but one will notice how their demeanor and objectives shift with time.The actions of the egocentric individual are less complex. They can appear immature, even childlike.
AdvantagesThe narcissistic behavior is constantly confident. And then in human civilization, boldness is usually rewarded.An advantage of egocentrism for the early youngster can lead to the discovery of the cognitive processes.
DisadvantagesAccording to current research, excessive narcissism in individuals may result in a prolonged rise of stress hormones, resulting in greater physical illness.Ego-centric individuals have difficulty to engage with others or build effective relationships over time.

What is Narcissistic?

Narcissism can appear as a behavioral condition. However, as previously said, this behavior might be observed in a more limited manner or, opposite, come into a clinical classification.

The narcissist, on the whole, has a tremendous need to be the focus of attention.

In essence, they have illusions of grandeur and touch on megalomania. It’s the truth that narcissists require the company of others to support their sense of superiority.

They impersonate others to appear to be someone. 

Narcissists have little empathy for or concern for the sentiments of others. Furthermore, one of their most distinguishing features is their lack of compassion.

A narcissistic person is ambitious as well as full of enthusiasm. Because of these characteristics, a narcissistic person can easily gain authority.

Nevertheless, such a personality must always be appreciated and loved by others. Hence it is true to say that narcissistic people enjoy being the focus of attention.

Among the most prominent negative characteristics of a narcissistic individual is a lack of oversight.

What is Ego-centric?

When a person is egocentric, he is so preoccupied with his demands that he considers it difficult to comprehend others. Since the person can’t distinguish between himself and others, such a person cannot sympathize with them. 

Since they can’t distinguish between themselves and others, such a person cannot sympathize with them. It is a psychological phenomenon since the person fails to see the world for what it is and wants to see it from his point of view.

This can affect the person’s perception of reality.

Egocentrism can be seen at many periods of a person’s life. Nonetheless, some people retain this line of thought when they get fully mature. They are generally regarded as immature, with an incapacity to empathize with the viewpoints of others. 

In truth, they are primarily concerned according to their viewpoints. Another sort of bias is commonly associated with egocentrism. This is an analogy. It leads these individuals to realize that others share the same views they do.

Main Differences Between Narcissistic and Ego-centric

  1. Ego-centric people do not have to believe that someone else is less valuable or that they all have influence over others; they simply spend much less time worrying about people. Whereas time will be spent worrying about someone in narcissism, but also with deceptive and utilitarian passion.
  2. An egocentric individual sees the world through his or her own eyes. An egotistical person is exclusively concerned with his own needs. A narcissistic individual, on the other hand, seeks the favor of everyone else. They have an exaggerated concept of self-consciousness.
  3. An egocentric person finds it difficult to understand and sympathize with others. On the other hand, a narcissistic person makes no attempt to comprehend others because they think they are different.
  4. Egocentrism isn’t a mental illness and is considered a personality trait in most cases. Whereas narcissism is occasionally recognized as a psychological disorder. It seems like a more advanced version of ego-centrism.
  5. The distinction between an egocentric person and a narcissist is that when both are self-centered, the ego-centric people believe they are insusceptible, whereas narcissism comes from a place of vulnerability cleverly hidden by their disguise, even though it’s a mask of humility and kindness.
Difference Between Narcissistic and Ego centric


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