Netbook vs iPhone: Difference and Comparison

When it comes to netbooks, they cannot be said to a laptop. This is due to the graphics quality, screen size, and performance of laptops that will blow away netbooks.

On the other hand, iPhone is simply a smartphone, but both of these devices can satisfy each traveler who is Internet hungry out there.  

Both these devices come to mind when purchasing a device offering Internet portability. Each offers its cons and pros, and to choose the better one, it is vital to know the difference. In this article, the main focus is on differentiating between netbooks and iPhones. 

Key Takeaways

  1. Netbooks are small laptops with limited processing power, while iPhones are smartphones.
  2. Netbooks run on Windows or Linux operating systems, while iPhones run on iOS.
  3. Netbooks are designed for basic computing tasks like web browsing and word processing, while iPhones are designed for communication, entertainment, and other mobile applications.

Netbook vs iPhone 

A netbook is a small, portable laptop that is designed to access the internet. This device was founded by Adam Osborne. It is affordable as it uses low processing power and low storage space. An iPhone is a popular cellular device that runs on iOS. It has a small screen and a slim design built for daily use. It was founded by Steve Jobs.


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Netbook vs iPhone

A netbook is a light, small, low-power notebook computer with less processing power than a full-sized laptop.

Still, it is suitable for running a web browser, connecting to the Internet wirelessly, and word processing. It falls into a classification of small-form computers. 

The iPhone is a smartphone which is manufactured by the company, namely Apple. In June 2007, the very first iPhone was launched, and since then, every year roughly an updated version is released. Originally, it was only available to the customers of AT&T

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonNetbookiPhone
InterpretationIt is a small laptop computer chiefly designed for accessing applications based on the Internet.It is a smartphone line marketed and designed by Apple Inc and uses the mobile operating system of iOS.
FounderAdam OsborneSteve Jobs
GPSHaveDo not have
ProcessorsFaster than iPhoneSlower than netbook
ExamplesJoli OS, Ubunto Netbook Edition, and EasyPeasy.iPhone 13 Pro Max, iPhone 12 Mini, and iPhone 13 Pro.

What is Netbook?

Most netbooks are extremely lightweight and do not consist of CD/ DVD drives. They were initially manufactured as computing options of secondary and targeted to the market of education. When it comes to cloud computing, this device is also ideal.  

However, netbooks have become increasingly famous, specifically among bloggers, students, and those who use laptops for mainly web access.

A netbook may also be called a mini-notebook, mini thin client, Cloud book, ultraportable, subnotebook, and ultra-mobile PC.  

Netbook generally runs on a Linux OS as some models might come preloaded with Windows Linux or XP. Some netbooks also run on Chrome OS, the latest OS manufactured by Google and exclusively designed for the netbooks line.  

Netbooks have multiple capabilities: Microsoft Office applications, multimedia, web browsing, and photo management.

In addition, they are ideal for cloud computing as it eliminates the issues related to software and computer incompatibility, printer failure, and data loss. 


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What is iPhone?

The iPhone combines an iPod, cellular phone, computer, and digital camera into one device with a touchscreen interface. It generally runs on the operating system of iOS, and when in 2021, the latest model (iPhone 13 ) was launched with a camera of 12-megapixel and storage of 1TB.

While it was not referred to as the first smartphone, it helped drive the global shift to mobile computing among businesses and consumers. Its chief rival has been Google Android-based devices from companies like Samsung.  

The iPhone of the first generation came preloaded with a suite of software Apple consisting of the Safari web browser, iPhoto, and iTunes.

Post office protocol 3, Internet messages, and access protocol services of the email were integrated with the device. Under an exclusive partnership of two years with AT&T by wireless apple launched it.  

But for hackers, it took only less than three months to unlock the device for usage or on any network of global systems for mobile communications.

By Apple co-founder at the Macworld convention on January 9, 2007, the announcement of the original iPhone took place. 

iphone clone

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Main Differences Between Netbook and iPhone 

  1. A bit of portability is sacrificed with netbooks, as a larger screen means a large device. It will not conveniently fit in pockets unless you wear oversized hip-hop pants of the 90s. Meanwhile, iPhone is designed to be portable and easily fits in pockets.  
  2. The larger size allows the netbook to have a mechanical keyboard of QWERTY. On the other hand, iPhone makes its touch screen keyboard QWERTY which is easier to operate.  
  3. In the capabilities of communication, the netbook is beaten by iPhones. An add-on, such as a USB dongle, is required for netbooks to access 4G. In contrast, as a phone iPhone is built with 4G support and 5G support (the latest model).  
  4. In terms of data-supporting capacity, the data-holding capacity for netbooks can go up to 160GB or more. On the flip side, the current model of the iPhone supports 128GB. 
  5. When it comes to screen size, netbooks would have seen the size of 9 to 10 inches. Hands down, in this department, it beats the iPhone as the Apple product only has a screen of 3.5 inches. 
Difference Between Netbook and iPhone



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