Difference Between Nike Air Max and Vapormax

Any person would love to keep up with the latest trends and fashion. A crucial part of this modern-day fashion is shoes or sneakers.


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Shoes are a part of the attire we wear while we go out somewhere. It can be used for formal and casual purposes, and Nike is a major player in these essentials. 

Nike Air Max vs Vapormax

The difference between Nike Air Max and Vapormax is that the sole or cushioning of the Vapormax is filled with columns of air, while the Nike Air Max does not possess any such cushioning. The Vapormax by Nike has taken a significant leap from traditional Nike shoes by filling the soles with maximum air.

Nike Air Max vs

Nike Air Max is one of the most popular shoe series in the world. This line of shoes was introduced in 1987, and it has retained its position as a top shoe series ever since. A lot of famous models were later introduced by Nike in this line of shoes

The term Vapormax is used to describe the model of shoes produced by the giant corporation Nike. This model was released in March 2017.

In the line of Air Max shoes, the Vapormax greatly altered the design of the shoes. The soles were discarded, and air pouches were used instead.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonNike Air MaxVapormax
ModelNike Air Max is the series, under which several models are produced.Vapormax is a model by the Nike Air Max series.
LaunchIt was introduced in 1987.Vapormax was released in 2017.
MaterialThe traditional shoes used foam or rubber for the soles.No foam or rubber was used.
Air pouchesLittle or no air pouches are present.Covers the sole completely with air pouches.
FlexibilityNot as flexible as the Vapormax.This is the most flexible shoe model by Nike.

What is Nike Air Max?

The term Nike Air Max is used to refer to the line of shoes produced by the company Nike. The Nike Air Max shoes are a type of sneakers that are used for sports and casual purposes.

It was primarily introduced to appeal to sports enthusiasts. The shoes are worn by athletes and fans too.

The Nike Air Max line of shoes was introduced in the year 1987. This model was an instant hit, and the reason was the shoe’s midsoles.

As the name of the series suggests, the Air Max series introduced the use of compressed air in the midsole areas. The air helps to provide great comfort to the users.

The idea for this significant model was from Tinker Hatfield, who has designed a lot more shoes for Nike. The airbags in these shoes provide a lot more comfort than traditional shoes.

A small unit of the airbag was included under the first Nike Air Max 1 model. 

Though this model was introduced for athletes and running, the Nike Air Max 1 was a hit among a lot of hip-hop stars and fans. The stars began using these models, which inspired their fans to buy the same shoes.

Followed by Nike Air Max 1, there were several other models, including the Nike Air Max Light, Air Max 93, and Air Max 97.

What is Vapormax?

The term Vapormax can be quite out of context for a lot of non-shoe or sneaker enthusiasts. But among the sneaker collectors, it is considered as precious as anything.

Vapormax is the recent addition to the Nike Air Max line of shoes. The crucial aspects of Vapormax that were changed were well received by the public.

Nike has always been the most radical game-changers in the area of shoes. With the Air Max series, they introduced the use of small airbags under the shoes to provide more comfort.

The Vapormax was an extreme change since the 1987 release. The midsole area under the Vapormax is filled with several units of compressed airbags.

The soles are free of any foam or rubber and are powered by air units. This idea of abandoning the past fashion of foam soles and adopting air-filled soles was a critical decision taken by Nike.

The Vapormax model by Nike was launched in March 2017 to a great reception.

The comfort of the Vapormax shoe is unmatchable. Filled with air units, the Vapormax is the most cushiony and comfortable shoe made by Nike. It is much flexible too. This model gathered interest from a lot of people and was a hit.

Main Differences Between Nike Air Max and Vapormax

  1. Nike Air Max refers to the series of shoes produced by Nike. Meanwhile, Vapormax is one of the recent models produced by Nike under the line of Air Max shoes.
  2. The Nike Air Max series was launched in 1987. The Vapormax by Nike was launched in the March of 2017.
  3. The usual models of Nike Air Max use simple foam or rubber for their soles. Vapormax avoided the use of rubber or foam for the soles.
  4. There are very few units or no usage of air pouches in regular Nike Air Max. The soles of the Vapormax shoes are filled with air pouches.
  5. Nike Air Max shoes are not usually flexible enough. The Vapormax is the most flexible Nike shoe ever.
Difference Between Nike Air Max and


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