Difference Between Nike Pegasus and Pegasus Turbo

Nike has been one of the leading companies when it comes to sports equipment. Since the launch of their first iconic pegasus shoes in 1983, they have been consistent in delivering top-quality shoes to players all around the world.


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While the choices of sports shoes offered by Nike are more than enough, Nike’s Pegasus and Pegasus Turbo are two specific models which are similar but offer considerable differences too.

Nike Pegasus vs Nike Pegasus Turbo

The difference between Nike Pegasus and Pegasus Turbo is that Nike Pegasus are casual training and running shoes recommended for most people whereas the pegasus turbo is specifically designed for professional runners and hard trainers. The pegasus turbo shoes offer Nike’s latest technologies including ZoomX foam.

Nike Pegasus vs Nike Pegasus Turbo

Nike Pegasus is Nike’s oldest and most successful lineup of shoes since 1983. It was designed for runners as it provided comfort, good flexibility, and stability at the same time.

There have been a total of 30 shoes in Nike’s Pegasus lineup.

Nike Pegasus Turbo’s first pair of shoes were introduced in 2018 which was a serious upgrade over the already popular pegasus lineup.

Pegasus Turbo comes with Nike’s best foam technology, lighter weight, and extremely high flexibility specifically designed for hard trainers and professional runners.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonNike PegasusNike Pegasus Turbo
Launched inThe first Pegasus was launched in 1983.The first Pegasus Turbo was launched in 2018.
WeightA single shoe weighs less than 300 grams.A single shoe weighs about 200 grams.
Shoe TypeCushioning.Lightweight.
FlexibilityOffers moderate flexibility.Highly flexible.
Foam Uses Nike’s React foam.Uses Nike’s ZoomX foam.

What is Nike Pegasus?

Nike introduced the Pegasus in 1983 as shoes for runners. At the time of its release, pegasus gained popularity in a very short time.

Providing excellent sole quality, good flexibility, and durability with comfortable structure, pegasus has always been best-in-class.

In the last 38 years, pegasus has undergone major technological shifts and improvements with each new version of the lineup. There have been over 30 versions of Pegasus since its release.

It is by far the best-selling running shoe of Nike.

Pegasus shoes are known for their clean-cut and simple look. Pegasus shoes were built for long-distance running. They also have good cushioning and a very small upper tongue with ten-millimeter heel setoff.

The latest offering by Nike’s Pegasus, Pegasus 38 has built-in aesthetical designs. It also comes in a variety of colors such as black, platinum, and navy blue, etc. Nike Pegasus is also suitable for non-athletic wear.

In 1987, Pegasus launched their versions in smaller form factor specific for children. Furthermore, in 2004 for the first time in Pegasus history, the women’s version was also adapted keeping in mind the anatomy of the female foot.

The women’s saddle was made more comfortable and the medical support was further increased. Pegasus for both children and women have been a part of the pegasus lineup ever since.

What is Nike Pegasus Turbo?

Nike introduced Pegasus Turbo in 2018 following the success of the original pegasus for over 3 decades. Pegasus Turbo offers Nike’s best-ever components in the model including ZoomX combined with React Foam cushioning.

Till now, there have been only two versions of the lineup including the original Pegasus Turbo and the latest Pegasus Turbo 2.

Pegasus Turbo is known for its lighter and sleeker form factor than the regular pegasus. Pegasus Turbo is noticeably lighter than the other shoes in its segment and it will make the wearer feel more responsive and faster while running.

Even though it’s a running shoe, Nike has not compromised on the style either.

While the overall form factor and balance of the shoe are excellent, some consumers did complain about slight instability, especially on wet concrete.

Since the lightweight and flexibility are the highlighting points, stability does get affected a little but it’s not a deal-breaker for most people.

With the latest Pegasus Turbo 2, The upper material and construction of the shoe are completely new which results in a wider forefoot fit, higher toe-box, and better ventilation.

It is available in many colors including White, Blue Void, Football Grey, and Photo Blue, etc.

Main Differences Between Nike Pegasus and Pegasus Turbo

  1. While the pegasus returns about 60% of the energy, the pegasus turbo promises about 85% energy return which results in better performance.
  2. Even though pegasus shoes offer good flexibility, they are not subpar with pegasus turbo which offers best-in-class flexibility.
  3. Pegasus shoes are more stable and rigid as compared to pegasus turbo shoes.
  4. Pegasus’ sole is not as light as pegasus turbo. Hence, pegasus turbo is lighter in weight.
  5. Pegasus shoes are available in many models and colors whereas pegasus turbo being a new lineup includes only two models.


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