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Difference Between Nike Revolution 5 and Pegasus 37

Famous brands tend to be innovative in the design or features of their models. The sole purpose of these innovations is to make the difficult process easier.


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The same goes for the two shoe models of Nike are Revolution 5 and Pegasus 37. They are made keeping in mind the needs of a person who is involved in fitness-related activities.

Nike Revolution 5 vs Pegasus 37

The difference between Nike Revolution 5 and Pegasus 37 is that Revolution 5 is the 5th edition of the Revolution series while Pegasus 37 is the 37th edition of the Pegasus series.

Both Revolution 5 and Pegasus 37 are shoes manufactured by the brand Nike. These shoes are trendy among youth and used for various athletic activities.

Nike Revolution 5 vs Pegasus 37

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Nike Revolution 5 is a type of running shoe manufactured by a prestigious brand known as Nike. Nike Revolution 5 got fame for itself for its smoothness and comfortable features.

It can also be put in the category of rubber shoes. Nike Revolution 5 comes in various sizes and designs.

Pegasus 37 are also the type of sneakers. These shoes are known as Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 37.

The color range Pegasus 37 is wide and the same goes for the size in which these shoes are available. These shoes are commonly worn by males. It is one of the best-sold models of Nike.

Comparison Table

Parameters Of ComparisonNike Revolution 5Pegasus 37
LaunchedThe shoes known as Revolution 5 came out on 15 January 2020. The shoes known as Pegasus 37 came out on 28 April 2020.
ManufacturerRevolution 5 is the shoe that belongs to the revolution series launched by Nike. Pegasus 37 are the shoes that belong to the Pegasus series launched by the same brand Nike.
WeightThe weight of revolution 5 is 209 grams that are almost 0.461 pounds. The weight of Pegasus 37 is 500 grams that are almost 1.102 pounds.
UsageRevolution 5 are shoes that are mostly used for running purposes due to their lightweight. Pegasus 37 provides multiple uses such as running, walking, climbing, jogging, rope jumping, etc.
AvailabilityNike Revolution 5 is available in the market only for men and women. Pegasus 37 is available in the market for men, women, and kids as well, but is less trendy among females.

What is Nike Revolution 5?

Nike Revolution 5 is a shoe mostly used by runners. It can be used for various exercises.

The material used to make Nike Revolution 5 is textiles and the midsole of the shoe is made of soft and smooth rubber.

These shoes are very durable and can be worn by a person for different purposes apart from exercising. Many people use revolution 5 regularly for multiple occasions.

Revolution 5 shoes provide breathable support for feet with a perfect grip. It uses the material made of a lightweight knit pattern to provide a passage for air to travel.

A person is suggested to wipe these shoes with a dry and clean cloth. The cushioning in revolution 5 is the significant feature that lures runners to get a pair.

Revolution 5 shoes are cheap compared to other Nike shoes in the same criteria.

These shoes provide secure ankle feet which means that they protect the feet from severe injuries. Nike Revolution 5 shoes are the 5th version of the revolution series.

Some users have claimed that Nike Revolution 5 isn’t good for running more than ten miles per week.

These shoes should be used for a short distance when running or jogging. But if a person is tight on budget, he can go for the pair of revolution 5.

What is Pegasus 37?

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 37 shortly known as Pegasus 37 are the sneakers sold worldwide. Pegasus 37, just like Revolution 5, is used for exercises and training at multiple fitness classes.

As the name suggests, it is the 37th edition of its series which has undergone many upgrades and changes. Pegasus 37, if compared to its predecessors, is the best version of the existing shoe.

But it doesn’t mean that every single feature of Pegasus has been changed. The durability and flexibility remain the same as the previous versions.

The weight of Pegasus 37 is almost 500 grams. The heel-to-toe measurement depends on what size is being purchased.

The breathability feature is also available in Pegasus 37. The react foam used in the midsole makes it thicker and the air unit which is attached to the forefoot gives springy toe-off.

The long react midsole resembles the Zoom Fly’s midsole. The foam material used in Pegasus 37 is best for long walks.

When a person walks or runs wearing Pegasus 37, he does not feel sloppy or slow. The upper body of these shoes is made of textile mesh which is also a different feature from previous models.

All summed up, Pegasus 37 is the best option at the given prices.

Main Differences Between Nike Revolution 5 and Pegasus 37

  1. Some users have stated that Nike Revolution 5 is not capable of running more than 10 miles/week while Pegasus 37 are the shoes that can be worn out to the hilly areas.
  2. Nike Revolution 5 is purchased equally by both males and females while Pegasus 37 has a little masculine look and is less purchased by females.
  3. Nike Revolution 5 are available for males and females only while Pegasus 37 also comes to be purchased for kids along with man and woman.
  4. The dimension of revolution 5 is mostly 25.4*38.1*15.24 cm. on the other hand, the dimension of Pegasus 37 varies since they are available for men, women, and kids.
  5. Nike Revolution 5 weighs 0.461 pounds. On the other hand, the weight of Pegasus 37 is almost 1.102 pounds.
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