Difference Between Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Wii U (With Table)

The Nintendo Switch is Nintendo’s replacement to the Wii U, a console for certain good thoughts and games that failed in execution. In any case, the Switch shares all the more practically speaking with the iPad or the large number of Android gadgets that have caught standard consideration. Nintendo’s handheld gadgets, the Nintendo DS and 3DS, had a lot of the spotlight, yet they never had the standard reach of the Nintendo Wii, which was delivered in 2006.

Nintendo Switch vs Nintendo Wii U

The difference between Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Wii u is that The Switch is generally pretty much as incredible as the Wii U — somewhat speedier, sure, yet they’re not in various systems. The two frameworks are additionally worked around 6.2-inch touchscreens.

Once more, the Switch’s is better. However, the idea is comparative. There are heaps of reasons, yet on a fundamental level, the way that the Switch is genuinely compact is the way into its allure. Yet, the Switch is an inversion of the idea: all the preparation occurs on the tablet, and on the off chance that you need to play on the TV, you plug it into a straightforward dock.

Wii U still apparently has the size and variety of its game library, and that is simply because the Wii U’s library is now pretty much as large as it’s always going to get. The Switch has had significantly less time to develop that, and it’s as of now quickly surrounding the Wii U.You could play most Wii U games on the tablet-style regulator as long as you remained nearby to the support, which dealt with the game preparing and radiated the pictures remotely to the GamePad.

Comparison Table Between Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Wii U

Parameters of Comparison           Nintendo Switch          Nintendo Wii U
CPU SpeedThe switch is comparably faster, with a CPU speed of 4×2GHz.Slower with that of comparison with CPU speed of 3× 1.24GHz.
Connection to an external device Cannot connect to an external device.Can connect to an external device.
Secondary screenNo secondary screen.It has a secondary screen.
USB PortsThere are about 3 USB ports in Nintendo Switch.There are 4 USB ports in Nintendo Wii U.
Streaming without subscription Cannot access streaming without a subscription.Can access streaming without a subscription.

What is Nintendo Switch?

The Nintendo Switch in the gaming world is a slightly different touch to a technique from the owner Nintendo itself. This gaming console tends to resemble Xbox or PlayStation and also interfaces with the mechanism of TV. Nintendo has always proven itself to market the most advanced features for gaming platforms.

Another fascinating feature of the Switch which strikes its user is that it can be removed from the Dock, and after being connected to one or the other side of the gadget can easily be used as an independent gadget itself for gaming purpose.

The Nintendo Switch has proven to be used as multifunctional for the purpose of gaming which makes it way smoother to handle for gaming. The Nintendo Switch also has a battery life more than that of the Nintendo Wii U and is capable of handling more work on the gadget itself.

Another striking feature of this gaming console that attracts gamers more than any other is the availability of a huge gaming library in the Nintendo Switch, which makes it easier for gamers to stream whatever games they wish to play.

What is Nintendo Wii U?

The Wii U is an eighth-age home computer game console that was delivered by the Japanese organization Nintendo in the year 2012. The Nintendo Wii U is considered a commendable replacement for Nintendo Wii for gaming.

The Nintendo Wii U is the main electronic game comfort in Nintendo to help HD designs. They are in reverse viable with the entirety of Wii’s adornments and programming, and it also comprises a remote network to handle the function of the control much easier.

The Nintendo Wii U had an excellent regulator called the Wii U GamePad and has an inbuilt 15.7 cm contact show, additional 2 USB ports, two simple sticks, a forward-looking camera, and sound system speakers. The Wii U allows the Nintendo network stage to download games or applications and permits video visits.

Main Differences Between Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Wii U

  1. The Nintendo Switch is considered to have more capacity when it comes to battery life, having a 4210 mAh battery than Nintendo Wii U. Even though it depends on how the device is used overall.
  2. The Nintendo Switch has 32 GB. Whereas the regular Wii U has only 8 GB of memory. Also, the Nintendo Switch is a recently launched console, which ensures it has more high-tech chips to function with.
  3. The Nintendo Switch likewise has an enormous game library contrasted to the Wii U, and there’s a ton of value games in that library.
  4. The Switch hardware, which is dissimilar to the Wii U engineering, is explicitly intended to proceed to the future in reverse viable, all the more impressive consoles. For instance, Nvidia, as of now, has the X2 prepared now and has the future Volta and Xavier structures coming, which will all be viable, however significantly more impressive, Tegra chips sometime in the not-so-distant future.
  5. The Nintendo Switch doesn’t spend their game for a second screen. On the other hand, the Nintendo Wii U has a second screen.


Even though it is quite doubtful that the Nintendo Switch is totally different than that of Wii U in every respect of features it provides. On the other hand, one can easily strike the huge changes in the pricing of both consoles for gaming while the Nintendo Switch costs about just $299.99, which is significantly equal to the adaptation of the Wii U in the market. You can easily get yourself regulators and Switches at this price as well.

The Nintendo Switch may be considered quite commendable in the creation of its base structure, and we can also see Nintendo has highly emphasized on the gaming platform created online. Soon enough, big companies like Sony or Microsoft can also be seen charging for both the Xbox as well as the PlayStation networks of providing games online.

When it comes to the creativity of the designs of these gaming consoles, The Nintendo Switch can be considered as the successful redesign on the Wii U, which is visible to the users though not totally, which may be expected by some of the gamers.

Whatever may the questions arise, it can be said that the quality has been kept highly exceptional by none other than Nintendo itself. Nintendo also has proven that no other organizations could have launched this type of advanced gaming consoles for the gamers out there and still remains the highest in its selling services.


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