Difference Between Nissan Frontier and Titan (With Table)

Nissan, a Japanese multinational organization that manufactures automobiles, is popular globally. They sell their manufactured vehicles under the three brands of Nissan, Infiniti, and Datsun brands. From being the sixth largest automobile manufacturer in 2013, it went to the first position in the year of 2014. In 2014 it was ranked the largest in North America, and in 2018, it was ranked the top most automobile manufacturer..

Nissan Frontier vs Titan

The difference between Nissan Frontier and Titan is the space inside the truck. Before choosing between these two trucks, the necessities of the users should be well realized. Japanese organization provides two options in pickup trucks, namely the Nissan Frontier and Titan. Its trucks have the above two variants.

Nissan Frontier is one of the most popular and high-selling pickup trucks. The nameplate is used for another model as an alternate for Navara. It is well known for its high-end and high-quality features despite being affordable. With its excellent wear and tear feature, it is the highest-selling pickup truck.

Titan uses premium fuel, and it is an excellent optimum pickup truck. It is capable and reliable with its developed features and technological parts. It is equipped with the greatest engine capacity. Off-road technology is such a game-changer. Carrying heavy loads is comfortable and convenient with this well-built truck.

Comparison Table Between Nissan Frontier and Titan

Parameters of ComparisonNissan FrontierTitan
Truck Size and seat capacityIt is a mid-size truck that can hold five passengers.     It is a full-size truck that can hold six passengers.
CostIt is less expensive and affordable.It is comparatively expensive.
HorsepowerFrontier has a low horsepower of 310.Titan has a higher horsepower of 400.
Interior spaceIt offers lesser interior space.  It offers more room and interior space.
Towing and steering Towing is difficult when compared with Titan. Steering is easier than in Titan.  Towing is a child’s play for Titan, but a few people found that the steering experience is not seamless and easy.

What is Nissan Frontier?

Frontier is a standard rear-wheel drive. The four-wheel-drive option is also readily available. It has a towing capacity of up to 6,500 lbs for the crew cab models and 6,270 lbs for the king cab. Both these cab models have a maximum payload of 1460 pounds.

With its transfer case and hill descent control features, the 4WD frontier models are the best-suited off-roaders’ options. It is a solid model, but the towing capacity is much lesser than its competing models. The cabin, interior, and exterior need major updates and redesigning. It is a five-seater.

It isn’t a luxury vehicle, whereas it is best suited and discharges its duties perfectly. The user, if needed, can also opt for an extended cab. It hasn’t undergone major updates or changes which has made it an old model.
The reason why the truck sells so fast and still is able to withstand in the industry is due to its high quality and affordable cost. It is a classic model. It is good for hauling heavy loads.

It lasts for a long time despite its lower cost, and it has an excellent value for money. Its high torque permits good acceleration and maintains a smooth driving experience.

What is Titan?

It is a capable, reliable, efficient, and high-quality full-sized pickup truck. It excels in its innovative technological features, safety measures and outperforms most of its competitors. It is mainly designed for optimum work.

With a torque of 413 lb-ft and 400 horsepower, it uses premium fuel to run. One of the advanced technological features it has is the rear automatic braking system. It has the best eight-inch infotainment touch screen and standard apple card play.

It also has a bumper-to-bumper warranty of five years or 100,000 miles. The design is made up of simple principles, which have resulted in the formation of this dependable and powerful truck which is best known for its standard capacity.

The built-in engineering techniques make the towing feature convenient and easy, apart from making it possible. It has the largest screen when compared with its competitive models. The Nissan mobility features take necessary precautions and shield you from danger.

It also provides a safe and excellent off-road experience. It is built of heavy-duty breaks that make the driving experience smooth and safe, and you need not struggle much with heavy cargo during transportation. The disadvantage of the truck is that it has a very low gas mileage. The interior is fancy and good-looking, and its style has improved a lot over the years.

Main Differences Between Nissan Frontier and Titan

  1.   Nissan Frontier is a mid-size truck that has room for five passengers. In contrast, Titan is a full-size truck that accommodates six passengers.
  2.  Nissan Frontier is an affordable option, whereas Titan is on the pricey side. Titan has a low gas mileage when compared with Frontier.
  3. Nissan Frontier has a lesser horsepower than Titan.
  4. The interior space of Nissan Frontier is lesser than that of Titan.
  5. Towing capacity is lesser, but the steering experience is smooth and hassle-free in Nissan Frontier, but in Titan, towing capacity is higher, and the steering experience is bad and uncomfortable for the driver.


Comparatively, Frontier is best known for its simplicity and design. Admirable power capacity and quietness are the unique and appreciated features of the Frontier model. The engine has a nine-speed automatic transmission. Though it is a mid-sized pickup truck, it contains all the facilities of a large size pickup truck. It has a payload of about 1460 pounds.

Titan is the successor of Frontier, and it satisfies all the facilities and features that the Frontier lacked. Titan is a smooth operator and has excellent power capacities. It is a full-sized truck, unlike the Frontier. The answer to the question, ‘Which is the best truck ?’ lies in the hands of the user. The necessities and needs of the user are the major factors that determine the best-suited truck.


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