Nitro vs Cold Brew: Difference and Comparison

Coffee is produced from roasted coffee beans. It is a brewed drink. Coffee is extracted from the seed of coffee fruit to make a stable product.

Seeds are roasted and then ground to make a fine powder. Then, hot water is filtered out, making a nice cup of Coffee.

Coffee is considered a stimulating product because of its caffeine product. It is acidic, dark in colour and bitter in taste.

Coffee is one of the most famous drinks globally. It can be made into different forms like caffè latte, French press, espresso, and already-brewed canned Coffee.


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It can be served either hot or made into an iced coffee. Nitro and Cold Brew are two types of Coffee.

Key Takeaways

  1. Nitro coffee is a cold brew infused with nitrogen, resulting in a creamy texture and a distinctive cascading effect.
  2. Cold brew has a smoother, less acidic taste than traditional hot coffee due to its brewing process.
  3. Nitro coffee offers a unique sensory experience, while the cold brew is known for its bold flavor and reduced bitterness.

Nitro vs Cold Brew

Nitro coffee is Coffee infused with nitrogen gas to create a smooth and creamy texture. Nitro coffee steeps coffee grounds in cold water for 12-24 hours. Steeping coffee grounds in cold water brew coffee for an extended period, 12-24 hours. The Coffee is then strained to remove the settings.

Nitro vs Cold Brew

Nitro Coffee is a cold coffee that is served chilled. To make a smooth texture, nitrogen gas is added.

It is the new recipe of Coffee that has grown popular. To make a nitro cold brew, first has to make cold Coffee that is brewed.

This process can take up to 24 hours. When the cold Brew is poured, nitrogen gas is released into it.

That gives Niro Coffee a rich, foamy and creamy texture that is very similar to a beer. Just like cold and soft drinks, carbon dioxide is infused sometimes in them.

Cold Brew Coffee has become a very common name in every household. In the past five years, cold brew coffee has found its way into every department and groceries store.

As the name suggests, cold brew coffee doesn’t mean it is served cold. But in the process, cool water is used at room temperature.

Then it is slowly brewed for almost 12 to 24 hours. Cold Brew turns out to be the most aromatic and intense Coffee. Its tastes don’t change with time like hot Coffee.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonNitroCold Brew
TextureSmooth, foam head, creamyThick, rich and syrupy
TasteSweeter and less acidicChocolaty
AvailabilityNot available easilyEasily available
Caffeine contentMore caffeineLess caffeine
ProcessNitrogen and CO2 are infused like beer.Grounded at room temperature.

What is Nitro?

The existence of Nitro Coffee is disputed. But it became popular in 2010 during third-wave Coffee.

The technique for brewing nitro Coffee is different from regular Coffee. Because it takes very long times.

Sometimes the brewing process can take days. Nitro is more acidic than the regular one.

It is called non-deprotonated. Because of it, Coffee has higher antioxidants.

The nutritional c0ontent of Nitro is very much similar to brewed Coffee. It contains more caffeine content than the regular one.

Nitro is served chilled because of the foam head formed by nitrogen. Nitro is sweeter and bitter.

But when nitrogen is infused, it becomes less bitter. It contains a lot of bubbles, and when Starbucks rolled out Nitro. It became popular.

The process involves making the cold brew coffee, then poured into a keg.

Then it is pressurized to infuse the tiny bubbles of nitrogen and carbon dioxide. Then it is poured from a tap and served chilled just like beer.

Nitro has good taste, and it is considered one of the best Coffee. Because of its frothiness, creamy and smoother texture. It has become costlier than the regular one.

nitro coffee

What is Cold Brew?

Cold Brew Coffee contains more caffeine than regular Coffee because of its water content.

However, it can be changed using different techniques of brewing methods depending upon the preferences made by the customers.

Cold Brew coffee has become so popular that it can now be found everywhere in the world and in every store. Making cold brew coffee is not something new that was invented.

Just the brewing style was different. Due to its health benefits and great taste, it has become popular.

Concentrated cold Brew Coffee is powerful. So it needs to be diluted first before drinking. Cold Brew coffee can be called the older sibling of iced Coffee.

It is very much smoother, rich in flavour, and less bitter. It is always prepared and chilled.

It is not heated like the regular one. If we compare cold Brew to other Coffee or nitro, it contains less caffeine.

Because all the sugar and oil are extracted from it during the steeping process.

The best part of preparing it is that there is no need for fancy equipment for coffee pots like Nitro or a regular one. It is straightforward to make.

The ratio of water in the Coffee should be perfect. It is considered the best choice for summer.

cold brew

Main Differences Between Nitro and Cold Brew

  1. Nitro has a smooth foam head and creamy texture. Cold Coffee has a thick, rich and syrupy texture.
  2. The taste of Nitro is sweeter and less acidic. The taste of Cold Brew is chocolaty and less bitter.
  3. Nitro is not available easily everywhere because it requires a fancy piece of equipment to prepare. Cold Brew Coffee is available easily because it doesn’t require any machine.
  4. Nitro Coffee contains more caffeine than Cold Brew.
  5. The process of making Nitro coffee is that it is made like a cold brew, and then nitrogen and CO2 are infused like beer. Making Cold Brew coffee is grounded at room temperature for 12 to 48 hours.
Difference Between Nitro and Cold Brew
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