Difference Between Node.js and Angular.js (With Table)

In popular programming languages, JavaScript is one of them. JavaScript is a web programming language to create web pages. It provides features like adding special effects to the web pages. The primary reason for using JavaScript is for validation. The Node.js and Angular.js are open-source platforms in JavaScript technologies.

Node.js vs Angular.js

The difference between Node Js and Angular Js is that Node Js is cross-platform, and Angular Js is a javascript framework. The Node Js can be written in multiple languages, and the Angular Js can be written by only javascript language. Unlike Angular Js, the Node Js can follow the javascript syntax rules. The Node Js assists on the server-side role to create the web pages. The Angular Js helps with client-side functions for better performance. They both differ in architecture and functionality.

Node js is an open-source platform that runs in a JavaScript environment. It develops by the Open JS Foundation. The Node.js runs on the V8 engine and executes outside the browser. The Node.js is a platform for developers to create dynamic web pages. Node.js is an event name architecture, and it is not the file name. The files are stores as a (.js) file. The Node.js provide the throughput and scalability in real-time applications. It presents JavaScript everywhere by unifying the concepts.

Angular.js is an open-source backend platform. It develops by Google. The main aim of Angular.js is to provide aids to the developer to give better performance on the client side works. It offers the client-side frameworks using the model view controller(MVC) and Model View model(MVM). Angular.js is the frontend for MEAN stack and express.js web framework. The HTML is the template language in Angular.js. The Angular.js first released in October 2010.

Comparison Table Between Node.js and Angular.js

Parameters of ComparisonNode.jsAngular.js
TypeNode.js is a run time environmentAngular.js is a web framework.
Written inNode.js wrote in C, C++, JavaScript.Angular.js wrote in JavaScript.
DeveloperNode.js developed by Open JS FoundationAngular.js developed by Google.
Language supportNode.js supports Ruby, Coffee ScriptAngular.js supports Coffee Script, Dart
FeaturesNode.js allows the developer to use acronyms APIsAngular.js allows the developer to use HTML as templates.
Working with dataNode.js allows querying with the database by JavaScriptAngular.js provides no facility like that.

What is Node.js?

The Node.js is an open-source backend JavaScript platform. Ryan Dhal is the creator of Node.js. BSD license makes the Node.js an open-source platform. It allows creating web pages using JavaScript. In the early days, it used to produce network programs like web servers. The Node.js need to be installed in the computer to create a runtime environment. It supports various operating systems like Windows, Linux, macOS. It provides the MVC pattern for development.

The node.js has numerous features like server-side networking applications, Single page websites, acronym API, single-threaded event mechanism. It can improve code efficiency and provide better performance. The Node.js allow programmers to query the database. That makes it easy to connect with databases like MongoDB, cloud DB by syntactically clear the differences. The Node.js supports Coffee Script, TypeScript, and Ruby.

The Node.js uses for scalable performance. It provides a faster range to construct web pages. It can make an actual run time environment and create collaborative functions for developers. By using the UNIX of networking, Node.js can easily connect with the scripting languages. The Node.js also supports cloud-based platforms like Google cloud platform and AWS. It takes the income request in the loop. The loop is called an event loop.

What is Angular.js?

The Angular Js is a frontend open-source javascript platform. It is a web application framework developed by Google. Since it is a web framework, the developers can directly automate the function and create websites, web applications, and web frameworks. The Angular Js wrote only in the javascript language. It supports many languages like CoffeeScript, TypeScript, and Dart.

The Angular.js can not require to install on the computer. They can use it by embedding the code in the files. It supports the MVC pattern. The Angular.js allows the developers to use the HTML as the template and use it by extending it as syntax. The Angular.js surprise us with its features like data binding and deep linking. These features make complex pages into single web pages and dynamic pages. It has no feature for the connection of the database.

The Angular.js are mainly using in client-side applications. The web framework helps to make interactive web applications.
It de-emphasizes the document-oriented model and increases testability and performance. The dependency injection in Angular.js helps to work on client-side functions and reduces the responsibilities on the server-side for developers. The Bootstrap in Angular.js can do three phases. They are creating the new injector, compile and link to the directives.

Main Differences Between Node.js and Angular.js

  1. Node.js can write in C, C++, JavaScript, and Angular.js can be written only in JavaScript.
  2. Node.js is developed by Open JS Foundation, and Angular.js is developed by Google.
  3. Node.js supports Ruby, Coffee Script, and Angular.js supports Coffee Script, Dart.
  4. Node.js permits the developer to use acronyms APIs, and Angular.js allows the developer to use HTML as templates.
  5. Node.js is a run-time environment. Angular.js is a web framework.


The Node.js and Angular.js are open-source platforms. The Node.js work on server-side functions, and the Angular.js work on client-side functions. Combined, they provide numerous features to develop websites and web applications. These two are the primary components in work with MongoDB and MEAN stack. The Node.js take control on the server-side for developers, and the Angular.js reduce the burden on client-side work. The Angular.js makes the developers use HTML as a template and provide features like data mining and deep linking. On the whole, they make single web pages with various features.


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