Nose Ring vs Nose Pin: Difference and Comparison

Nowadays, Beauty is like an organ for us human beings. Everyone in this world wants to look beautiful especially women.

The ideals of beauty for any female are in her body shape, face, clothing style, etc. The females can do anything to make their faces look attractive.

They use different face products like creams, facials, etc., and also wear different ornaments. In India, the rituals of nose piercing are very old and traditional like wearing bangles or “mangalsutra”.

Nose rings and Nose pins are two such ornaments or jewelry items that she can wear on her nose to look much more attractive.

Key Takeaways

  1. Nose rings are circular or semi-circular, while nose pins have a straight or L-shaped post.
  2. Nose pins are smaller and more discreet than nose rings.
  3. Nose rings may require a professional for proper fitting, whereas nose pins can be easily inserted and removed by the wearer.

Nose Ring vs Nose Pin

The difference between a Nose Ring and a Nose Pin is that a nose ring already comes with a curved circular shape that any female just has to wear on her nose. On the other hand, a nose pin comes as a simple straight pin and the piercer develops the pin in such a shape that the user can wear it. Wearing any nose jewel-like either a nose ring or nose pin demonstrates a woman’s marital status as well. Both nose jewels become more and more popular after the 20th century.

Nose Ring vs Nose Pin

A nose ring which is also known as “nath” is a hoop ring. A nose is worn by the women during marriage occasions.

Many ornaments like pearl, flowers, long chains are attached with a nose ring which provides it more value and look pretty on any woman.

A nose ring symbolizes the culture and religion of any woman.

A nose pin also comes under the category of nose jewels and it is a straight pin that has to be customized before wearing.

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A nose pin adds a significant change in the whole attire of a woman.

Nowadays a nose pin becomes India’s one of the most used and demanded fashion accessories.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonNose RingNose Pin
DefinitionIt is a simple ring that passed through the nose which an woman can wear as an ornament.It simply comes in a shape of straight pin which has to be customize by the piercer before wear.
ShapeThese rings are mostly in a hook shaped which need to be fit at the piercinc area.These are in the form of straight pins which are being bend to form a shape before use.
MaterialThese are made of Titanium, Stainless Steel, Silver, Gold, etc.Nose pins are also made up of silver, gold, platinum, steel, etc.
OccasionsNose rings are worn on occasions like marriage ceremonies, cultural or devotional functions.Nose pins are worn on functions as well as in normal days.

What is a Nose Ring?

The nose ring comes in the category of nose-jewel and it is a very traditional ornament that women wear.

Though it is old enough still any female wearing a nose-ring looks cool and it makes the overall beauty of women more pretty. There are many types of nose rings available in the market according to their shapes and styles.

Some popular shapes of nose rings are stud nose rings, barbell nose rings, hoops nose rings, fishtail nose rings, etc.

In various Indian languages, the nose rings are known by different names. Some called it “Nath” around the 9th and 10th centuries.

In earlier times, nose rings also describe the social and economical status of the woman belonging to a wealthy family-like wife of any king or minister.

nose ring

What is a Nose Pin?

A nose pin comes in a straight pin shape but this pin is not to be worn so.

At first, the customer has to bring it to the nose piercer so that he or she can customize it according to the user’s need and nose size.

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A piercer bends the straight pin into an L-shape which is easier for any woman to wear.

There are various stylish designs of a nose pin available like a flower-shaped stud nose pin, diamond nose pin, oxidized nose pin, Kundan nose pins, etc.

The nose pins are best for those females who have not fit in the regular barbell lengths.

Nose pins are made up of materials like sterling silver, titanium, white or yellow gold, etc and these are very attractive and long-lasting metals having shining luster.

nose pin

Main Differences Between Nose Ring and Nose Pin

The main differences between a nose ring and a nose pin are as follows:-

  1. A nose ring is specially worn at any function or a marriage ceremony by women while a nose pin can be worn regularly without any issues.
  2. Any female can simply buy and wear a nose ring but in case of a nose pin, she has to take it to the piercer or jeweler shop so that the person can give the pin a stud shape for wearing it.
  3. Nose rings come with attachments like single or double chains especially for marriage occasions while nose pins are more simple and sleek.
  4. Nose rings can be worn on any type of face whether it is round or oval. But nose pins look great in round shape faces of the females.
  5. A nose ring can be preferred by a female having a broad nose and a nose pin is for those who have a slim and narrow nose.
Difference Between Nose Ring and Nose Pin

Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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