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Difference Between Novotel and Holiday Inn

Several popular hotel choices are available to people today. While one hotel excels in customer services, another hotel may serve as an economical choice for many.


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Novotel and Holiday Inn are two well-known hotel brands offering staycation services to the general public. Although Novotel and Holiday Inn offer some identical services, they have several comparable features. 

Novotel vs Holiday Inn

The difference between Novotel and Holiday Inn is that Novotel enjoys superior management and work culture as compared to Holiday Inn. On the other hand, the management and work culture of Holiday Inn is generally less established and organized. 

Novotel vs Holiday Inn

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Novotel is a hotel brand that runs several hotels in different countries worldwide. Every room in Novotel hotels offers features like an iPad docking station, WiFi connectivity, and comfortable mattresses.

The Novotel rooms offer natural light, unique wall art, and space to their stayers. Novotel often advertises itself as a relaxed, lively, comforted, and energized place for the stayers. 

Holiday Inn is a hotel brand owned and operated by InterContinental Hotels Group. It is one of the most well-known lodging brands worldwide.

In addition, it was Holiday Inn that first established its presence in China as an international brand. Various facilities offered by Holiday Inn include swimming pools, comfortable lounges, and restaurants and room services.  

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonNovotelHoliday Inn
Customer Satisfaction Novotel enjoys superior customer satisfaction as compared to Holiday Inn. Holiday Inn has a lower customer satisfaction as compared to Novotel. 
Job Security The job security and advancement at Novotel is higher than that at Holiday Inn. The job security and advancement at Holiday Inn is lower than that at Novotel. 
Origin Novotel is a French Hotel Brand.Holiday Inn is an American Hotel Brand. 
Launch Year Novotel was launched in 1967.Holiday Inn was launched in 1952. 
Owner The owner of Novotel is Accor. The owner of Holiday Inn is InterContinental Hotels Group. 

What is Novotel?

Novotel is a chain of hotels owned and operated by Accor. The Novotel hotels came into existence in 1967 in France.

Novotel has hundreds of different destinations in different countries across the world. The headquarters of Novotel is situated in Evry, France.

As of 2018, Novotel had 492 hotels in 59 countries across the globe. 

The first Novotel dates back to 1967. The place where it was set up was Lille, France.

The inspiration behind this Novotel was the American motels which were generally equipped with comfortable rooms, parking, and restaurants. With the opening of a hotel in Singapore, Novotel entered the Asian market in 1981.

Interestingly, Novotel launched a competition to acknowledge and award their best chefs in 1995. 

The most immediate function served by Novotel is to cater to business and leisure travellers. The hotels owned and operated by Novotel are usually located in major international cities, tourist destinations, and business districts.

Novotel also acquired Novotel Suites, an apartment hotel brand, from 2010 onwards which has 34 hotels across the globe as of 2018. 

Facilities like online check-in and fast check out are the most lucrative ones offered by Novotel. Upon arrival, individuals will already have their key ready and upon leaving, individuals only need to deposit the key.

Novotel then sends the invoice via email. Room facilities offered by Novotel include WiFi and flat-screen with connectivity.

Therefore, Novotel serves its clients with top facilities.  

What is Holiday Inn?

Holiday Inn is a chain of hotels that originated in America. Holiday Inn hotels are owned and operated by InterContinental Hotels Group.

The first Holiday Inn hotel was launched on 1 August 1952. As of 2018, there are more than 1100 hotels worldwide.

The services offered by Holiday Inn include food services, lodgings, conventions, meetings, and timeshares. 

The initial intention of Holiday Inn was to serve as a motel chain in the United States of America. However, Holiday Inn has grown into one of the largest and most well-known hotel brands worldwide.

The founder of Holiday Inn is Kemmons Wilson. The areas served by Holiday Inn include America, the Middle East, Europe, Africa, and Asia-Pacific. 

Additional information about Holiday Inn can be sought at The two popular types of hotels under Holiday Inn are high-rise, full-service plaza hotels and low-rise full-service hotels.

The common services offered by both these categories include swimming pools, restaurants, exercise rooms, and room service. 

Holiday Inn hotels are relatively spread out. Facilities like Deluxe pool and & spa with indoor water park, 24/7 fitness centre, free parking, guest laundry facilities,

Free Holiday Inn fresh express start breakfast, sundry shop, event meeting space, and 100% non-smoking zone.

To conclude, Holiday Inn hotels offer several interesting services.  

Main Differences Between Novotel and Holiday Inn

  1. Novotel currently has 492 operational hotels in 59 countries across the globe. On the other hand, Holiday Inn has 1173 operational hotels worldwide. 
  2. While Novotel is a hotel chain of French origin, Holiday Inn is a hotel chain of American origin. 
  3. Novotel is known for its lively, comforted, and energized experience. On the other hand, Holiday Inn is known for its comfort, value, and dependability. 
  4. The headquarters of Novotel is situated in Evry, France. On the other hand, the headquarters of Holiday Inn is situated in Atlanta, United States. 
  5. The founders of Novotel are Paul Dubrule and Gérard Pélisson. In contrast, the founder of Holiday Inn is Kemmons Wilson.  
Difference Between Novotel and Holiday Inn
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