Difference Between NY Strip and KC Strip

There are different ways of naming food types. Among those, the place of origin and prevalence are the most common. In addition to cultural aspects, many other factors like taste and recipes lead to the formation of a name. On the same lines, steak is known to be used in two types, that is, NY strip and KC strip. Their worldwide popularity has led to crystal clear demarcation.


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NY Strip vs KC Strip

The difference between NY Strip and KC Strip is that the former has no bone attached while the latter has a T-shaped bone remaining on one side. Both have a common feature too – they come from the same place on the cow, that is, the short loin (found right behind the cow’s ribs). Thus, these are two styles of slicing the parts of the same cut of beef.

NY Strip vs KC Strip

NY Strip has its roots connected with the city of New York. It is less preferred for presentable dishes owing to its thick edges and less marbling. This strip is high in juiciness and tenderness.

KC Strip originated from Kansas City. It is cut out near the flank area of the cow and a bone protruding out in the shape of the English alphabet ‘T’ is also attached to the steak.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonNY StripKC Strip
Full-FormIt is known as the New York strip.KC strip can be expanded as the Kansas City strip.
Style of Attached BoneNo bone attached. Bone attached perpendicularly to the corner and left hanging out loosely.
ShapeThis might be curvy at the center and thick at the edges but not flat at all.It is flat in comparison to other types.
ThicknessThicker than KC strip but thinner than tenderloin cut. It is sleek enough to be used in presentable dishes.
LengthA long stretch of steak, enough to use as a base for presentation. These are short strips combined at times, by joining consecutively at the flat edges on two sides or all four sides (using cooking flour paste or butter).

What is NY Strip?

NY Strip is mostly used in cooking comfort foods, without laying much emphasis on other presentable specifications like marbling and texture. It is a best-selling food item in most of the non-vegetarian eateries across the city of New York. NY Strip is much preferred by diet-conscious people as it is low in fat content.

The flavors are intensified beyond the recipe’s expectations as there is no risk of the marinate’s taste dripping out. Since there is no bone, numerous dishes can be prepared in gravy style too, without worrying about the removal of bones. Combining this strip with Worcestershire sauce, black pepper, and flavored butter is sure to enhance the taste.

NY Strip is known for its inherent tenderness. This nature can be attributed to the origin of this strip, that is, the muscle named longissimus. Due to the absence of bones, the cooking time is reduced and it makes a good lunchbox recipe for kids as well.

The length helps chefs create platters above the steam strip so that the whole part can be consumed. This variant cannot be used for crispy recipes as the surface is not smooth at all and might lead to extra retention of oil.

What is KC Strip?

KC Strip is highly popular among people who feel that the essence of consuming steak is much enhanced when it is cooked along with the bone. One of the best ways to cook this strip is to fry it. Broiling and grilling might also be implemented at later stages. As per the most revered menus, the KC strip blends well with lots of garlic butter and rosemary.

KC Strip is so thin that frying it might give it the appearance and crispiness of regular chips. Though this is one of the local uses, the best way to check whether the strip is perfectly cooked is to poke it with a fork. It will cut through thanks to the flat surface and high tenderness. The smooth surface helps the tastes seep in easily.

KC Strip can be easily twisted and turned using bone inclusion. At times, chefs have even hung it over the barbeque using the same attachment. This possibility of creating new sizzling dishes using it increases.

On the other hand, the short length does not allow the cook or chef to roll a filling inside this steak. Thus, it is mostly used for creating independent dishes instead of creating wholesome preparations.

Main Differences Between NY Strip And KC Strip

  1. NY Strip stands for New York strip while KC stands for Kansas City strip.
  2. The bone attachment is absent in NY strip but the KC strip is a bone-in variant of steak.
  3. As far as the shape is concerned, NY strip has an undulating surface with protruding edges. On the contrary, KC strip is flat and has a smooth surface.
  4. The thickness of NY strip lies between KC strip and tenderloin. On the other hand, KC strip is as thin as a slice of chips.
  5. NY strip is longer than KC strip. This leads to a variation in usage and presentation but this is subjective.
Difference Between NY Strip and KC Strip


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