Office Mac vs iWork: Difference and Comparison

The office suites Office and iWork allow you to generate files and slideshows. Because they perform the same function, the only difference between these two software applications is who created them.

The office is a Microsoft result that was previously only available for Windows customers, but now it is accessible for Mac users as well.

Apple created iWorks to offer Mac users an office suite.

Key Takeaways

  1. Office Mac is a suite of productivity applications developed by Microsoft, while Apple created iWork.
  2. Office Mac is compatible with various platforms, while iWork is designed exclusively for macOS and iOS devices.
  3. Office Mac is more feature-rich and widely adopted in professional settings, while iWork offers a more simplified user experience and better integration with Apple devices.

Office Mac vs iWork

The difference between office mac and iWork is that Office Mac is a product of Microsoft’s holding company, whereas iWork is a product of Apple’s holding company. Because iWork is developed by Apple, it is anticipated to outperform Office, which is developed by a competitor. Because Office is so closely linked to the Windows operating framework, the overwhelming majority of Windows customers are also acquainted with it.


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Office Mac vs iWork

Microsoft’s Office MAC is a productivity suite. Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, as well as Excel, are among the applications included in this suite.

Although it has fewer applications than Microsoft Office for Windows, it still contains all of the most widely used ones. This office software also includes a sash functionality that is shared by all of the suite’s apps.

Users who are acquainted with the ribbon interaction save a huge amount of time.

iWork is a productivity suite for the Mac OS X operating system. It was created by Apple and contains many of the same office software as Microsoft Office.

Keynote is a program for creating graphical presentations, Numbers is for excel spreadsheets, and Pages is for word processors.

This office suite was created specifically for the Macintosh operating system and takes advantage of Mac’s characteristics.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonOffice MaciWork
Parent companyMicrosoftApple
SpeedComparatively slowerComparatively faster
PopularityLarge user baseSmall user base
CostMore expensiveLess expensive
FeaturesFewer featuresMore features

What is Office Mac?

The use of templates is a major update that has been introduced to Office 2011 Mac. Consumers can now utilize the built-in layout exhibitions for Excel, PowerPoint, as well as Word to create documents without having to start from scratch.

Calendar design and layout, picture catalogs, alluring newsletters, and resumes are among the options available to users. 

Users only need to enter data without worrying about any type of editing.

Users can search iMovie initiatives, clips, photos, iTunes songs, and iPhoto library resources from a centralized location, from which they can copy and paste anything else into Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, as well as Word.

Customers no longer have to browse through color schemes or delve through ribbons when using the ribbon tab; instead, browsers have been used in ribbons to show data. 

The conversation view is another major update in the Office 2011 Outlook implementation.

By imploding email strands, users can see the full email or text. People who would like to involve media in exhibitions and records can use new editing features in other application areas such as Excel, Word, as well as PowerPoint.

This eradicates the requirements for a third-party formatting implementation. 

Instead of simple headings and subheadings, users can use a variety of other characteristics to generate more engrossing speeches.

Although there is no complimentary edition of Microsoft Office for Mac, there may be a few alternative solutions that demonstrate how to utilize it for free on macOS.

Apple’s iWork, which contains Pages, Numbers, as well as Keynote, is the nearest approximation to a free edition of Microsoft Office for Mac.

What is iWork?

Keynote, iWork’s text processing implementation, contains the most basic features like drag & drop, overview mode, transformation monitoring, and font selection.

The page layout characteristic of this implementation contains many editing techniques and visuals, including the possibility of adding tables, 3D charts, visuals, and photographs. 

The pictures can be rotated, resized, backgrounds removed, and picture frames added.

Pages also allow consumers to access Microsoft Word records and save them as RTF, text, or Word docs.

Users can quickly message Word, PDF, or Pages documents directly from Mac OS X Mail. 

Users can transfer charts, sideboards, text, and graphic elements everywhere on the page using the templates app’s built-in adaptable and free-form painting.

Each table has its layout, and users are free to create as many columns as they would like.

Numbers include a media browser that enables people to access photos and movies with a single click. As of 2013, iWork has indeed been available for free. 

The entire software suite can be downloaded and used by anyone with a Mac, iPad, as well as iPhone, and the internet version can be accessed by anyone with an iCloud profile.

It could be implanted on as many devices as you want. Users can use iWork to create word processor files, spreadsheets, and conferences.


Main Differences Between Office Mac and iWork

  1. Office Mac has originated from the parent company of Microsoft whereas iWork has originated from the parent company of Apple.
  2. The performance level of Office Mac is a bit slower while the performance level of iWork is much faster and superior.
  3. Office Mac has a huge user base and is the preference of many users but iWork does not have many people attempting to use its facilities.
  4. The price of Office Mac is considered to be quite high whereas the price of iWork can be considered less cheap.
  5. iWork has numerous features but office Mac has a limited number of features. 
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