Difference Between Oil-Based and Latex Paint

There are several differences between oil-based and latex paint. Oil-based paint is less expensive than latex paint, but it also takes longer to dry.


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Latex paint is better suited to painting large surfaces, while oil-based paint is better for painting smaller surfaces. Some latex paints are water-based, which creates toxicity issues.

Oil-Based vs Latex Paint

The differences between oil-based and latex paint are that they differ in consistency and drying time. Oil-based paints dry faster and are more durable than latex paints. Latex-based paints dry slower and are more flexible than oil paints. Latex paints require the use of a primer to cover the porous surfaces properly.

Oil Based vs Latex Paint

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Oil-based paint is one of the most common types of paint around. You can find them in most art supplies, hardware stores, and even some supermarkets.

What’s best about oil-based paints is that they are very durable. They can stay on your walls for years without chipping or cracking.

Oil-based paints are also water-resistant.

Latex paint is a kind of paint that is popular among homeowners and painters alike. It is water-based and comes in an array of colours with a variety of finishes.

It is easy to apply and relatively fast drying. It has a slightly glossy finish and is odourless, and comes in a variety of odourless and low-odour options.

Latex paint can be applied to walls, wood, and metal and withstands weather and abrasion and can adhere to a wide variety of surfaces.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonOil-Based PaintLatex Paint
BaseOil-based paint as the name suggests have an oil base for colour.Latex paint on the other hand has a water base.
BrightnessOil-based paint tend to be dull than latex paint.Latex paint tends to be brighter than oil-based paint.
DurabilityOil-based paint is more durable than latex paint.Latex paint also has a good shelf life.
PriceOil-based paint is more expensive than latex paint.Latex paint is less expensive than oil-based paint.
VersatilityOil-based paint can be painted over more varied surfaces than latex paint.Latex paint is less versatile than oil-based paint.

What is Oil-Based Paint?

Oil-based paints are made from dried pigments mixed with linseed oil and other solvents. Its texture is a bit chunky and a little bit runny, which makes it a bit more challenging to work with.

The paint is toxic and very flammable, which means you have to keep it in a cool, dark place and never store it in a large container.

Oil-based paint is the most popular type, especially for the interior decoration of homes, offices and shops. Oil-based paints are of greater durability than water-based paints due to their ability to bond with the surface more.

Since they are thick, they are very easy to apply using a roller or brush. They are water-resistant and are easier to clean.

Since they are made of oil, they release very low or no fumes. Its viscosity is greater than water-based paints.

It is easy to clean brushes and equipment after use since it dries quickly. The paint is made from a variety of colours, but the most popular colours are bright and dark green.

Oil-based paints dry faster than latex paints and often covers better. Oil-based paints tend to make the surface smooth and glossy.

Oil-based paint has many advantages over other types of paint. It’s more durable since latex paint can dry out after time. It’s also far more versatile.

Latex paint can have problems being applied over certain surfaces, while oil paint has no problems with this issue. You can also clean up oil-based paint much easier.

You can clean up latex paint with water, which can be dangerous if the paint spills on your skin. It can also ruin your clothing.

The biggest advantage, however, is the smell. When oil paint dries, it has a rich, enjoyable smell to it.

When latex paint dries, it leaves an unpleasant, overpowering odour.

What is Latex Paint?

Latex paint is a type of paint that has a lot of different names in different countries. In the UK, it is called emulsion paint.

In the United States, it is called acrylic paint. And in Australia, it is called paint. Latex paint has a lot of great features, such as its ability to be washed off whatever it is you painted and its fast-drying ability.

However, it does get damaged if it is exposed to water, and its colours won’t be as vibrant when it starts to get older.

Latex paint also looks best on walls that aren’t painted with water-based paints, and it is a better option than oil-based paints. It is more environmentally friendly than oil paint, and it is easier to clean up than oil paint.

Latex paint is more durable than other forms of paint! That’s because of its unique chemical makeup.

After the paint dries, it becomes flexible but sturdy. It’s great for application on almost any surface, like on windows, floors, or even walls!

One of the main features of latex is that it’s easy to clean.

For example, you can take a sponge on a paintbrush and wipe it off on some newspaper if you make a mistake!

Latex paint is made of the same chemical makeup as rubber, so it’s easy to clean up! Its ability to be rolled, brushed or sprayed also makes it ideal for painting large or small projects.

Main Differences Between Oil-Based and Latex Paint

  1. Oil-based paint has a stronger scent, which may be an issue for people who are sensitive to odours.
  2. Oil-based paints are derived from petroleum and tend to offer better quality and coverage than latex. They will last longer and tend to be significantly more expensive. Latex paints, on the other hand, tend to be more affordable and come in a variety of bright and bold colours.
  3. Latex paint is also better for the environment and produces less harmful fumes than oil paint.
  4. Oil paints use linseed oil, which is a renewable resource, while latex paints use non-renewable petrochemicals.
  5. Oil paints are easily cleaned, while latex paints are difficult to clean.
Difference Between Oil Based and Latex Paint
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